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Monday, October 24, 2011

10.24.11 - Bah!

 Today would be the perfect day for ice cream. That is...if I could eat it! Damn you lactose intolerance! DAMN YOU!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hated working on Saturdays? Now you know. Saturdays are the days where all the supervisors (except me) decide to be extremely lazy because OUR manager has a day off. I've complained to him about it and he says "thank you for letting me know"; but he doesn't do anything about it. *sigh*

Saturday, for some unknown reason it was crazy busy! It didn't help that the usual happened --> supervisors being lazy. Usually, it wouldn't be so bad because I could just yell at them and they would ignore me. No, they ALL LEFT THE DEPARTMENT AND LEFT ME BY MYSELF!!!! We have 46 registers. 4 new hires, 10 merchandisers (backup cashiers; but they usually don't ring up so they're almost the same as new hires), and 20 cashiers... I was in charge of the safe (giving out change) and the department. If I had known they were leaving, I would've told them HELL NO! But no, they just disappeared!

Basically, I fucked up twice. I found out the next morning (today). And I've been stressing since. Even though I hate that job... I've been there for years... but I still haven't found a new job [have been trying to leave for awhile]. And I'm the only one in this house with an income. That's what terrifies me. 

Anyway... I'm trying desperately to cheer myself up... so....


I was also working on my Halloween drawing... but after all that, I got sad and I just couldn't work on it any more (excuses, excuses...I know). *sigh* I dunno...



    .... *ahem* Why do you make suffering so FUNNY?!!! UGH!!! It makes me evil! xD

    I'm sorry, Lin-Lin. Let's make our shops successful & our dreams come true.

    WAIT. So you can't even eat FRO-YO?!!! PINK BERRY? !! That is terrible!! :(

    NTS: Next time I'm upset at you, I'll have to eat mango ice cream in front of you. "MMMMmmmmMMMMMMMMMM!!!" hahaha *runs away before you can whack me*

  2. I try and make it funny so when I look back on it... it'll be like it's no big deal :)

    Yeah I don't think I can have FRO-YO or Pinkberry or whatever ;__; So sad...

    What does NTS stand for? Note to self? XD You're so ebil

    And yes, our stores WILL be successful mwahahaha