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Saturday, December 29, 2012

12.29.12 - Dayquil & Nyquil have been my best friends

It wasn't as busy as we thought it was going to be on Christmas Eve. I had the closing shift and it was deathly slow. All the managers were working and they practically kicked us out even when we didn't really finish our closing duties. They just wanted to get home to their families. I tried getting some of the cashiers to pull out earlier but the other closing supervisor (he's an IDIOT and lazy as hell!) said NO. :/ Well, because of him we were late! I ended up going outside (for some of our closing duties) and that's probably why my flu is still here!

My family doesn't celebrate Christmas. I woke up at my usual time (on days off) and my parents said that we were going to eat dim sum with my aunt. We were going to invite their whole family, but my uncle already went out to go fishing and my cousin had to work (he works at the airport). So it was just my parents, me, and my aunt.

We went to Hong Kong Islander which is the newest dim sum place. My neighbors work there and the owners are friends of my parents. The owners own 2 other dim sum places in the city, but for some reason my dad really likes this place. (It's not that much closer to where we live :P) OMG it was busy! We had a 45 minute wait! My mom told my dad we should go to one of the other places but my dad said no and he really wanted to eat there.

I couldn't taste anything >__>; which is quite sad because we tried new things and I have no idea if they were good or bad. After dim sum, we headed home. Mostly because I was dying (not really) and needed to go pass out. Which is what I did, before I did, I helped them set up the TV and laptop (my parents stream Chinese shows and I had to hook up the TV and their laptop so they could watch). 

Yep, that was what my Christmas was like.

Wednesday morning, the parents left and I was feeling like crap again. Went to work and I could not think straight. It wasn't slow and it wasn't busy but it was steady. Plus, we had almost everyone working. All the supervisors were working. And I was in charge of the department. Not good. My brain was foggy and I couldn't think straight. I couldn't hear well -_-; My manager took one look at me and said "Omg, go home! You're sick!" Lol! When it was my lunch time, I went home -_-; and passed out.

Thursday, I had opening shift. I was still pretty meh -_-; I took some Nyquil the night before and I really don't like taking it because I don't like feeling groggy. (Why I normally take Dayquil) For some reason I felt a lot better Thursday. So I stayed the whole day. 

Yesterday (Friday), omg -_-; I don't know what happened. It was like I got a round of the whole thing all over again! Because I felt like shit :( I called in and let my manager know. He understood, so that's good. I spent most of the day in bed. X_x; Yay me! 

Today, I have to go to work (closing shift). I'm still hacking up a lung -_-; and still congested like a mofo! It's been over a week since I got sick. :( This thing needs to go away as next week, I'll be on vacation. (Not much of one, just trying to use up my days) I'm so tired...I just want to sleep :(

Sunday, December 23, 2012

12.23.12 - How am I sick?

Well, feeling worse today. I don't think I really noticed yesterday because I was busy running around. 

My brother and non-crazy grandma are also sick (in San Francisco). My dad is always saying things like "You're so young, why are you sick all the time? You must've eaten something!" I thought i was the only one they said that to but when my brother got sick, they said the same thing to him.

No, it's nothing I ate >_>; It's because we work in the public. I see over 100 customers a day. My brother, I think he sees less than how many customers I see, but he still works in the public too. 

So, RAWR on them! RAWR!

I'm thinking of starting up my journal (paper) again. I miss writing things out. 

12.23.12 - Could it be..?! o_O;

This week, work has been BUSY! No surprise at all! 

One of the cashiers needed to be counted out, so I counted her out. She had been out sick for the last couple of days and apparently she was still sick. How do I know? She coughed in my face 5 times, while I was counting her out. Would you be surprised to find out that I'm sick now too!!? Me, with my low immune system! I was feeling it on Wednesday AND Thursday but it came about yesterday.

I couldn't speak, I had a really bad sore throat, bad sinus congestion, fever, etc. You name it! So, I had to call into work. I didn't want to. Whenever I call in, I feel like they never believe me. Luckily, the one who answered was Rida. And she's super nice. I croaked into the phone that I was sick and couldn't come in. Then, I went back to bed. Lol! -_-; I called 4 hours in advance! Mostly cuz I couldn't sleep, then I totally passed out after I called in >_>;

Unfortunately, I couldn't call in today because I have a closing shift and closing by yourself is NO FUN AT ALL! ESPECIALLY now that we have less people working than we used to. I remember I used to close by myself all the time -_-; Anyway! My voice is still gone, I have some sort of weird cough thinger, still congested, and I had a fever in the morning.

All this, while it was CRAZY BUSY AT WORK!!!!! It was BUSIER THAN BLACK FRIDAY!!! WHAT!?!?!? You heard me! BUSIER THAN BLACK FRIDAY!!!! That's kind of sad (I think). But I think it goes to show that people don't want to shop on Black Friday any more. We had lines all day and I was running around the universe doing in-store pickups, passwords, and cash pulls. All the other supervisors were on the registers ringing up! 

My manager was working too (Actually, I think all the department managers worked today). He stayed in our department to help out cuz he saw that I was sick and had a hard time breathing and talking -_-;;; Lol! He had to answer all phone calls when I was DSC and no one else was around. That was kind of funny. :P

Anyway, we got out late today... I, literally, clocked out at 1158pm. -_-; I almost hit the 5-hour mark, which isn't good! Thank goodness I have a day off tomorrow. Also got my schedule for next week [unless someone plans on switching]

Monday 12/24: 1130 - 8pm
Tuesday 12/25: OFF
Wednesday 12/26: 1230 - 9pm (boo! I hate this schedule!)
Thursday 12/27: 7 - 3pm
Friday 12/28: 11 - 7pm
Saturday 12/29: 230 - 1030pm (yay! No more Holiday hours!!!)

Anyway, there's a mosquito in my room that's madly in love with me. X_x; It's desperately trying to suck out my blood! LEAVE ME ALONE! >_>;

Saturday, December 15, 2012

12.15.12 - Chocolate & Zines ♥

 I was in Walgreens (the store not the site),  looking for a quick Christmas gift for Sandy. I found some lipglosses in a set. Anyway, I was wandering around their holiday section HOPING and PRAYING to see if my favorite chocolate has been stocked yet. It only comes out during the holiday seasons ;__; I don't even know why. It's only a mint chocolate, but these are so good! I should buy them all! LOL! Alas, I bought 2. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

12.07.12 - Nom Nom...

It's that time again... the time to whip out the hot apple cider and Hot Cocoa/Hot Chocolate! ♥ 

This is my favorite Hot Chocolate brand. Land O Lakes. My favorite flavor is French Vanilla and the Irish Cream one... I couldn't find the Irish Cream one but I did find a Caramel one. O_o;

 This was a random purchase when I was at Target (where I got the hot chocolate). And it's quite delicious :P I love fruit punch flavored things... 

Would you like some? :P

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12.05.12 - What's in my Bag? IIIBeCa Bag

This is my tentative Black Friday-reward purchase. 

What the heck do I mean? Tentative because I'm still unsure about this bag. It's beautiful and I do like it a lot but.... I'm unsure about it.

When I say Black Friday-reward purchase, I mean it. After all the crazy hours and etc of the week of Black Friday I wanted to get something as a treat for myself. And of course, it had to be a bag >_<; Mostly because the one I was using for awhile... decided to break ;__; (the black Ted Baker bag I loved and used until it's death <--one of the straps got caught  and tore X_x; )

Don't get mad at me for saying this... I really wanted to a Louis Vuitton Berkeley bag in the Damier Ebene print. But because it's ginormously spendy, I found some *cough* *cough* >__>;;; knockoffs on a site and tried purchasing it... Yeah I said TRIED. Let's just say the seller took my money and ran. Good thing I used paypal and filed a claim. So, yeah... that's what I get for doing that. Lol! So... I'm still waiting on that... It was $39 (shipping included)

So, I had been looking at this bag on Nordstrom's site and wanted to see it in person. My local Nordstrom's is a bit of a ways (30 minutes away) and I find that most of the time whenever I want to check something out from their site in person, they usually don't have it ;( 

But, I saw it!!! And I was like RAWR! The problem was... which color!? I, originally, planned on getting the black one but the Aqua Sky one caught my eye. Though, honestly, it doesn't look blue at all. It looks more of a mint green color. 

Since my point and shoot camera is being charged, I decided to use my SONY NEX-3 for these photos. I didn't edit any of these pix, so none of the coloring/brightness has been changed. I should've -_-; It's been a dreary day... :P

 IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson 'North Moore' Satchel in Aqua Sky

It's a very stiff and structured bag...