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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

05.28.13 - Decorated pages...and Malden

I haven't blogged in awhile. >_<; I think I mentioned in my previous post that it's mostly due to the fact that my internet connection has been a piece of crap. It used to be really good but now...not so much. My dad got frustrated too and we just upgraded our service. We had the lowest one and now have the next one up (in speeds). It took a few days for it to get back to not kicking me off...

While my internet was dead, I watched a lot of DVD's. I watched Season 2 of Drop Dead Diva, Season 9 and 10 of Friends, all the SAW movies (yep, again), a few other DVD's that I have.  I really should've studied but the truth is I would have to look up some things while I was studying and I couldn't because of crappy internet connection. [Yeah, my excuse LOL!]

Okay, onto Filofax news. I've been drooling over the Gillio Firenze planners. I decided to bite the bullet and SPLURGE on one as a birthday gift to myself. My family doesn't celebrate birthdays so to make myself feel good [is that dumb?], I decided to get one. I wanted the Croco-Grey but decided to get the Croco-Aubergine. I changed my mind and emailed them to see if I could get the Grey one, but they were out of stock. Oh well. It was marked as shipped yesterday, so I have about a week to go before it gets here. 

Before I got the Gillio, I decided to get a Personal Malden in Grey. But, before I did that, I sold my Personal Osterley in Grey. As beautiful as it was, I couldn't bond with it the way I did with the Metropol and the Finsbury. I had it for about a month... Oh well. I ordered (on impulse) the Personal Malden in Grey. I think it was because people kept posting about their Maldens in the Philofaxy group on Facebook.

Honestly, I'm not very keen on the Malden but I loved the pockets on the inside and the fact that you can stuff it like mad! Well, I ordered on Amazon and was extremely happy to see that I got it a week later. 

Here it is! Isn't he handsome? Though, I do like the Malden the color isn't speaking to me. One of my favorite colors is grey. But the grey Filofaxes have disappointed me (first the Osterley and now the Malden). I love how the color looks in the above photo. That's taken with a flash (actually, all the photos in this blog post was taken with a flash) and it appears beautiful! I love that shade of grey. But in person, it's darker... and I don't like that. 

Someone in the group wants to swap for a grey Malden for their vintage pink one. I'm totally up for the challenge! I hope! Lol. 

Anyway, I've babbled enough! I'm going to show you how I've been decorating my pages. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

05.18.13 - This May, I became obsessed with many things -_-;

My internet has been really crappy lately. When I say crappy, I mean DIAL-UP is better than what I have. My parents didn't notice it much, but I noticed it. I thought it was just because of how far my room is compared to where our router is located. Nope, even the desktop which is connected to the router is going stupidly slow too. 

So, I've been thinking and looking around for different internet providers. Our area doesn't allow for regular DSL or cable internet (stupid, right?) We have fiberoptics. Unfortunately for us, only one company is able to do it in our area. Another unfortunate thing's quite expensive.

Lately, I've been thinking of trying out Clearwire. Supposedly, they have it in our area. We have representatives at our store everyday so it makes me wonder if employees will get a discount and if the internet will be faster. It's a little more expensive (by $5) but it should work for us. I'll have to talk to some of our sales people about it first. See what happens or whatever...

All the things I need to do, [real estate license studying, my online store, and basic...internet thingers :P] just aren't cutting it. This is also why I haven't been blogging. 

Anyway, onto things I'm obsessing over. And yes, the Clearwire thing was one of the obsessions. I've been thinking about it for the last few months.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

05.02.13 - Omg! New range on Filofax USA's site!!!

Omg! When I first saw their new range, I was drooling over a few. Which ones? As an artist of course I'd want the Doodle and the Back to School one just looks darn cute!

Other sites are coming out with the and I can't wait! ahh! obsessed!

Please excuse any typoes. Im on my phone :)

05.02.13 - Windows 8, I don't like you.

When I got this laptop, I was excited because this would be my second computer EVER that I had ever purchased with my own money. The laptops that I had before this one were used and gifted to me by my brother [his work place changes computers often and sells them/gives it to people for free/cheap]. The first one I purchased by myself was a custom built one that my brother made for me. In fact, we still have it (sitting in the garage collecting dust. It was only replaced about a year ago by my Dad. I don't use that computer)

Anyway, when I got my tax return (yep, that's what I used to purchase the laptop), I saw that they had this laptop on sale. I didn't look at what OS it was or anything but checked out the memory and the ram. I don't know much about computers but it seemed pretty decent. Then again, most things are better than my DEAD laptop ^_^;

So I got home and charged it and turned it on once it was fully charged. Um... what? Windows 8!? I've never heard anyone say anything about it. The next day when people were asking about it, I was like "Oh, it's Windows 8". They all gave me a look. One said "What's wrong with you? Is it a touch-screen laptop?" O_O; I was confused. Why would it be a touch-screen? Apparently, that's what Windows 8 is good for. Tablets and touch screen computers. X__x;

So, I got used to it.... then I started to have to do things. I need certain software to do my art things with. What?! Not compatible! The thing I needed the most and it's not compatible with: DELETER's COMICWORKS

:/ Not happy. Fine! I'll try and figure it out... I don't have to finish my comic for awhile (since I'll only work on it when I have time). Then, I decided I needed to use my drawing tablet. So I downloaded the driver that's supposed to be for Windows 8. :/ Something's wrong with it. Umm... what? I even downloaded it from the actual site. It works but not very well. It makes extra marks when it doesn't need to, which means more erasing. I just kept it.

Suddenly, my scanner decides to die. ;___; Dude, this scanner is NEW! I think I got it in October 2012. :/ The light doesn't come on which makes it...NOT SCAN. :/ I need it for scanning my art to make labels for my i+t items, especially since I have some new collections I plan on releasing soon. 

I decided I'm going to TRY and draw digitally. I tried downloading Paint Tool Sai and it said it's compatible with Windows 8. :/ LIES! It kept saying there was an error and I downloaded it from the site. :/ Windows 8, I was tolerating you... but now I want to chuck my laptop out the window. :(

As of right now, I'm trying to draw in Photoshop and it's going OKAY. The extra erasing/deleting is a pain in the butt, but I can't do anything about it :( Oh well, I'll have to figure this out. I don't have the funds to buy a new scanner either. *sigh*