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Monday, March 26, 2012

03.26.12 - Make it go away :(

This is a very whiny/complain-y post :D Don't read ;D~

I'm some sort of sick, though, I think it's the flu. *sigh* You hate me don't you? You have to let me get sick RIGHT before my vacation (not like I'm going anywhere but I'd like to be free and NOT SICK!). 

I thought it would go away by now but it actually got worse. I didn't have any sinus congestion or sinus problems before, just dry sore throat with non-stop coughing. Nope, now it's everything you can think of! X_x; All the sinus stuff started yesterday when I was at work.

I was feeling pretty shitty and everyone was saying how bad I looked and sounded. You know how when you cough so much that you can barely speak? Yeah, that's how I am now. It's hilarious hearing me answer the phones at work. 

Anyway, I kept saying I'll stick it out, cuz after my vacation, I'd like to have a regular sized check instead of one where it's smaller because I decided to go home early.

But I kept getting worse. The last straw was when one of the department managers came over and said "OMG you need to go home!" X__x; So I went to the top supervisor (he's only 2 positions higher than me) and asked if I could go early. He said "It's your choice..." blah blah blah <-- like he didn't care. I went on a break and told another sup who was having lunch at that time that I was gonna go home during my lunch break.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

03.24.12 - New Camera and BR ♥

*dances* I got a new camera!! Before you say anything... yes, I did get that Sony one recently BUT I didn't like how my photos turned out. AND I only said I'd buy this camera if someone bought the Sony one first! 

Lucky me! Someone bought my Sony one! <--Sandy, btw. 

Though... It was a last minute purchase. Oh,... I couldn't think of the word but it's "impulse buy". Like I said, I wanted to wait until the Sony sold first. Also, I was having kind of a bad day :(

I've been sick for the last few days. On Monday, I started feeling it but I was like "meh! Whatever!". On Tuesday, I started to cough :/ and from Wednesday until now...I've been having dry non-stop coughing with sore throat and am very light headed.

Next week, I've got vacation (paid!) but I wanted to work all my days this week so I could get a full pay check. But I was feeling really crappy. My cough is getting worse as the days go by :( So, I was planning on working for just half a day or something. 

All the cashiers and one of the other supervisors tried kicking me out ;P [in a nice way] But I told them I'll try and leave during my lunch break. But the supervisor in charge [we take turns to be the supervisor in charge. I'm the Sup in Charge most of the days I work EXCEPT on Friday] REFUSED to let me go. I think it's because the other supervisors are the lazy ones and he wanted me to work. 

BUT! I wouldn't. I mean, I was still there and did things minimally...I spent a lot of the time in the corner ...away from everyone! Sanitizing everything I've touched. <--That was fun LOL! At least I got my full day of work :P 

Anyway, I was feeling miserable and the purchase of the new camera perked me up. :) YAY! And I love it, btw. Better than the SONY by a billion times!

Everyone kept trying to talk me out of getting a Samsung but I told them that I didn't like Canon (unless it's an SLR) and I love my Sony SLR but it's a pain to lug around. I've tried most brands (it helps that I work at an Electronics store ;P): Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Samsung, Olympus and out of all of them...and the way I want my photos to turn out... the Samsung was the best choice.

 Taken with the former camera, the Sony
 Taken with the former camera, the Sony.  

Yes, it's purple! :D In the ad...I thought it was blue. But it's okay. Better than boring silver and black. I don't like the red ones either.

 Anyway! I did a pre-order on the Battle Royale Complete Collection on and I received this yesterday. I must say I LOVE the packaging! It's shaped as a book. When I opened my package, I was like "did I order the wrong thing? I ordered a DVD!" :P 

Ahh, Battle Royale is my absolute fave movie! (and novel!) This is what the packaging looks like (it's sideways, sorry!). It includes TWO versions of the movie: Director's Cut and the Theatrical version, Behind the Scenes DVD, and Battle Royale II <--what? They made a BRII?! Yeah, but it sucks sooo bad!

Unlike in the first BR, you didn't get to know the students. In BR, most of the students made an impression on you. But in BRII, HALF the students die within 15 minutes of the movie!!! X_x; I'm not even joking! The story is bland and the acting is HORRID. *sigh* Well, at least I've got my BR! :)

Okay, I'm having crazy coughing fits right now. I shall go! I hope I'll survive tomorrow since I have a closing shift X_x; AND I get to be sup in charge for the LONGEST duration! (2-630pm!)

Monday, March 12, 2012

03.12.12 - My day and BB Cream talk

Why the heck am I still up? O_o; 

After work last night, I PROMISED myself that I would make a new shade for my regular line. While I did that, I watched Sixteen Candles...
On MeepMoo, they were talking about a Sixteen Candles collection. I really loved this movie. I mean, I have it on VHS. Unfortunately, none of our TVs (recently) have a VCR... :/ So at work today, I got the dvd. Yay for employee discounts ;D

While I was looking for Sixteen Candles, I wandered off to the very neglected MUSICALS section. I didn't think I'd find this there...since the last time I checked our store was sold out and I didn't really want to order it online to pay for shipping. I mean, if I could get a discount on it at my store...I'm going to! Cuz this isn't cheap :P It's $30 (I believe) at regular price. It's not even 2 discs! X_x; Anyway, I was surprised to see that we actually had it in stock. It was the last one so I grabbed it quickstyle!

Anyway, when I got home that night...Mom told me she wanted to go to the farmer's market. So that meant I had to wake up earlier than I usually do on my day's off. I wake up at 10 am on my days off [Don't judge me ;P~] and since we had the "wonderful" time change... it was even less hours for me to sleep. I usually stay up really late anyway so... >__>

Saturday, March 10, 2012

03.10.12 - I need to blog again XD

I've been lazy or not? LOL! 

When I had my Leap Year sale, I had enough jars. After my sale, the first thing I did was write out all my invoices and counted up how many full sized jars I needed, how many clamshells, and etc. After that I started labelling them. STUPID ME forgot that a LOT of them were special labels and stuck on my regular glitter labels X__x; So I was like "oh, okay... Let me see if I have enough jars to account for all the special labelled ones"... :/ NOPE! 

So I found a site that sold them for cheaper but they had black lids instead but they're $0.25 (each) cheaper than the ones I use. Another STUPID ME moment! I should've placed a RUSH on them. :/ I didn't and they're supposed to arrive today (I placed the order over a week ago). I was freaking out over my TAT (turnaround time) since I HATE to be late! 

A few days ago, I ordered a FEW jars from the place I usually order from :/ And I did a rush on them. I ordered from them because I know they'll get here fast since they're only a few hours away from me. I got them the next day. 

I filled and packed jars for 7 hours before I had to pass out (since I had an opening shift the next day). Most of it was done...I only had 4 more to do. That's what I did this morning. Now, they're all done. I just need to ship out the four packages.

Unfortunately, Paypal decides to be a butt and not update shipping statuses or let me add tracking numbers. So I had to email everyone individually and let them know their packages have been shipped and here's your tracking #. 


I was stupid and didn't handle this sale well :( It makes me really sad. 

But now that I've got this sale out of the way, I can work on new shades again and hopefully see if I can re-stock my other colors. I plan on reformulating my old shades from the regular line (#001-009). 

Onto other thingies...

Monday, March 5, 2012

03.05.12 - What's in my bag?

Damnit! Me and my new obsession. I was never a bag person...then I don't know what happened O_o; 

Anyway, I was on the Asos site last week and was just browsing and saw this bag was on sale (it's not on there any more O_o; Did I get the last one?) The color said it's a lilac. Umm... I'm looking at it in pix and in person... It is totally NOT a lilac color ;P It's more of a gray-taupe.

 Lilac my butt! ;P It's okay, I like this color anyway. It's a tote-sized leather (faux?) bag with two handles and a strap. I admit, I don't like the strap much because it feels awkward when you carry it.

It's got this clasp thing that goes over the bag and keeps it shut.

 I expanded the bag so you could see. There's actually 4 sections but the first one (right where the bow is) was hard to expand out. Two magnetic closures and one zippered section.

Nothing was in the pouch behind the bow. This is the first section. I just purchased a Battle Royale novel. I lost my other one :/ *cries* I liked that cover better. *sigh* Oh wells. My wallet and my work badge

 This is in the zippered section. My clutch thing I got from etsy [the insides are the same as before but  I added more change], a check stub, this week's work schedule, my "pharmacy", hand cream from ULTA, an itch defense-type lotion [for my eczema], a travel-sized perfume from Escada ♥, and my mini makeup pouch [same things are inside].

 This is in the last section. My NookColor [currently reading: the Hunger Games and The girl with the dragon tattoo] and my iPod Classic and the portable speaker. 

I read on my lunchbreak and that's why the cover has this grease stain on it. Eww... I plan on taking out the Battle Royale novel since it was only there cuz I just bought it.

Inside of the NookColor cover. I keep the "manual" in the little sleeve and I believe an old work schedule's in there ;P

Lol, the strap got in the way of my photo. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

03.04.12 - Stars R Us!

I got up this morning and I was like OMG! I must finish Jiasee's special gift! The special gift is... a pressed blush. Not just any pressed blush, but a multi-colored blush with designs! I plan to do them in the future for my store and I thought this would be a great first try...

It was a LOT harder than I thought. X_x; Plus, I was impatient LOL which is why all the colors ...merged into each other ;__; 

 Here's the one I made for Jiasee. It consists of a soft pink blush with a blue sheen (the heart), a peachy coral (the flower), and a very light pink (outer ring).

After I made the above... I made this one with the leftover ingredients (pink with a blue sheen) and a very light pink (the star).

See how messy they came out? I think it'd look better if I was patient and let it completely dry first -_-;