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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

01.31.12 - R.I.P. scanner ;___;

After 5 years of service... my scanner has died. It died a violent death. The last few times I used it, it made weird noises and hardly scanned. I'd have to re-scan 5 times to get a decent image out. :/ 

Now, I can't use it at all. Which really sucks because I needed it for my dad's stuff. I'm hoping I can buy another one soon... The one I had was a Canon CanoScan LIDE 90. I got it for $99. Plus my discount, I think it was about... $80? *sigh* I think I'll have to wait to get it once this month is over... since I still have the house bill to pay :/ 

I'm wondering how I'm going to do dad's stuff now...Plus, how am I going to make my labels and packaging and such? X_x; *falls over*

Supplies needed for i+t stuff:
-external hard drive (all the high quality photos, drawings, and packaging designs are slowing down my laptop)
-ingredients (this is kind of obvious lol)

*sigh* ... I dunno what else to do now... :/ 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

01.24.12 - Day off blues...

Right when I woke up and logged onto Facebook there was drama. I was like "I can't handle this any more". It seems as if every time I have a day off, something huge comes around! After I did my laundry I rushed off to the nearby shopping centers and did some shopping. 

Oh, Happy Lunar New Year! 
 My mom usually likes to decorate our house, but this year we haven't had the time. Usually, there will be a bunch of tangerines (with leaves!) around the house attached to red envelopes. But the only decorating she did was to our front gate. Lol, the flash blinded me when I took this pic ;D It reflected back onto our gate @__@;

01.23.12 - awkward part 2...

...continued from previous post [since my lunchbreak was over; I'm at home now]

The dude that was trying to buy the phone called me RIGHT when I came back from lunch. And when I said called me, I meant called the store number and asked for "Linda". We have two "Linda"'s in the store and MOST of the time, they're calling for Linda Crawford. I told him (in a bored voice :P) that she wasn't there and went home already, she would be back early tomorrow. He said "no no, the ASIAN one!!!" LOL

Anyway, he says that his sister took one of the phones that they were trying to buy (but failed!) and was going to come in to pay for it....

Of course I had to call the department (find the salesperson <--he went home!) and call LP (Loss Prevention; who told MY manager and etc)... And what do you know? They never returned. *shrugs* We all knew he wasn't going to return....

There's a mosquito flying about in my room and just sucked out my blood in my thumb. OMFG it hurts and it's swollen like a MOFO X_x;;;; Whenever I get mosquito bites I put on some TIGER BALM! Yep! It makes it feel better...though it's still burning :/ ugh

LOL! I'm reading my old LIVEJOURNAL entries. OMG! I'm such an idiot ;D

Monday, January 23, 2012

01.23.12 - awkward...

Oh customers... How you surprise me.

I had JUST clocked in to start my shift when some old guy came up to me... 'um... Do you have American pornography? I like the ones where they line the girls up and spanks them all.'

O_O;;;;; there were some software salespeople behind me so I was going to ask them, but he stopped me and said that he wanted ME to help him. Ummm... A little freaked here.

He kept describing the types of 'pornography' that he liked and I said that I had to shove him over to the software department since I didn't know where it would be. I hurriedly found someone and ran for the hills! :P

This was a few minutes ago. I was the only supervisor and everyone needed my help. One of them was a new hire. His customers were paying with a check. So after checking info and stuff, I found that they wrote bad checks to us and I had to think of excuses on why we couldn't take their check. It helped that our security department was watching them too.

Now onto the rest of my work shift

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

01.22.12 - Stop staring...

I can't sleep...

It's almost Lunar New Year. My brother came up for a visit. He was supposed to bring the non-crazy grandma up here too, but she didn't want to. Lol! She hates it up here :P But every now and then, she'll come up here. Another reason why he's here is because my dad got a package from someone from China (still don't know what it is; from the looks of came in a tube... it might be a poster or photos or something).

Whenever my brother visits, he'll usually come in the late afternoon. I decided to start making my eyeshadow colors for the latest Hell Wonderland trio... I didn't even finish the first one when he arrived X_x; I know I won't be able to finish them this weekend (I did finish two shades; so I have one more to do) since I know my brother will be distracting me. Unfortunately, I'll have to finish it on my next day off (probably). It's going to drive me absolutely crazy since I didn't finish. I'm the type of person that has to finish my task or else, it'll bug me FOREVER

Anyway, since I had a closing shift......I left the house late. I kept feeling bad for leaving him home alone. We have no entertainment in the house and I didn't know what time the parents were going to be home and I didn't think my cousin was home. 

Anyway, it was interesting at work today. I had a giant sinus headache. One of our former cashiers (she moved to Audit but I can see them from our department) had another seizure. She had one the previous week... and she had one again. It was kinda scary :(

What made me MAD was, once people found out that she had a seizure again... everyone in my department stopped what they were doing and rushed over to the cafe and GAWKED at her like she was an animal at the zoo! :/ I thought it was so rude and I kept yelling at people to get back to work. But no one likes listening to me. 

The worst part of the supervisors did the same. [Would it surprise you if I told you it was Sandy? <--because it was] She said she was going to the bathroom but she stopped in cafe and STARED O_O;;


I completely lost my train of thought. It doesn't help that I did that post at around 1am and it's now 8:44pm. ^_^;

Monday, January 16, 2012

01.16.12 - SacAnime (Winter 2012)

Hmm, I tried writing this out and Blogger went stupid. :/ I wrote a long post too...It didn't even save it.

Anyway! Recently (as recent as yesterday) I was at SacAnime selling art with a friend (from work!), April.  It wasn't my first time selling my art but it was April's. 

Last year (as in around August or something), I suggested that we share a table. I was surprised that she agreed. So... we made sure that there was a table for us before requesting the time off. At that time, it was October and we got a table for sure. We requested time off for those days. Like I said, this was in October. [October 29, 2011 to be exact]

I found out a few weeks ago that the days were rejected.

Um.... W. T. F ?! ?!

I turned it in early for a reason! To ensure I would get the time off! Usually if you don't hear anything within 2 weeks of turning in your form; it means it was approved. If it wasn't approved, the forms would be returned to use and it would say why. 

The reason my days were denied was because it was Inventory week. But... we don't do inventory on the weekends! It made absolutely NO sense! And none of the supervisors' schedules were changed!

Anyway, I decided that I needed a plan to get at least Friday and Saturday off. The only thing I could think of was to switch schedules with people since I didn't have those days off...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

01.10.11 - What's in my bag?

Oh, nostalgia (not really ;P). About 2 1/2 years ago, I saved like a MOFO to get my first Juicy Couture bag. It took me about 4 months (lol!), cuz I did it slowly. I really wanted this bag. I saw it at Nordstrom but by the time I went to purchase it, it wasn't in the Nordstrom store any more. *cries* 
But, I went across the way where there's a Juicy Couture stand alone store and TAA DAAA!!! There it was! I was soooooo excited and soooooooooo happy.

Monday, January 9, 2012

01.09.11 - *sneeze* X_x;

My "titles" for posts are awesome. I need to start "tagging" my posts now too... so it's easier to go through. I think...

I'm being lazy right now. I was filling out my planner, but I was like... I want to blog instead ;D I'll probably do it after this post. 

After work on Saturday, I wasn't tired at all. So I stayed up until ...3AM!!!!!!!!!! Watching a bunch of IMPROV EVERYWHERE's MP3 experiments! [<--Click for example] Those were awesome. I don't know why I never watched those. That's not true, I watched one (I think their first one) and I was deathly bored. But the most recent ones are pretty awesome. So awesome that I want to participate in one! Lol!. I love IMPROV EVERYWHERE btw. I follow their youtube and blog. Anyway, I woke up late (I always wake up late on my days off, but I meant that I woke up later than usual) yesterday... and after I showered and such, I was pumped to do what I planned on doing. 

Coloring April's drawing. April is a co-worker and her and I are sharing an art table at the local anime convention that's happening this coming weekend. [That is...if someone will switch with me! Ugh! I keep asking :/ But no one's replied]

I decided I wanted to use my NEOPIKO markers since DELETER [people who make NEOPIKO] were going to be there. I know, total product placement ;D~ April told me she used the same pens I use to ink [Sakura Microns]... and when I started to color... I was HORRIFIED to see that NEOPIKOs smudge like a mofo with Microns! At first I was like "nah! It's probably cuz it's a new formula or whatever" and I tried to give every excuse I could think of... but no. My beloved NEOPIKOs don't work with Microns. The COPICs do.... 

 Here's the full drawing. I was recording as I was coloring it (so I'd finally have a video to upload). I always start coloring the skin first. But then the inks started to bleed and I was horrified! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

01.03.12 - It's only been 2 hours!


It's only been 2 hours since I woke up and I'm already having a shit-tastic day! I had planned on doing many things but since all this has happened (it's not much but it just makes your day feel like crap)... I don't feel like doing them any more! 

My plans were: 
-film new youtube video [coloring April's drawing]
-do a 2011 drawing compilation for youtube
-draw for i+t

Yep, most of these are for drawing... I know this may sound like an excuse since I always give excuses when I draw ;) ... but I can only draw when I'm in the mood. It's not often either. And this makes it worse

So this is what happened! My family takes turns paying the house bill. I write it on my calender, so I know when it's my turn and etc. It's not my month, but I have to pay it this month ;/ which means next month also. Not only that, I have to pay for car insurance (usually it's like every 6 months but I think they changed companies cuz now I have to pay quite often)... X_x; AND my regular monthly bills.

I had been SO excited because I had a little extra money and I was going to purchase my supplies for my store and stuff... now I can't. Plus, tomorrow is my paid day off [despite what my manager wanted :/] and I planned on watching some movies. I DO have a free movie ticket, but the ones I want to see are "no passes" :/ Wahhh! And I have to find a way to kill time. [whenever I have my paid days off, I don't tell the parents so I can go wherever! and not kept in "prison" at home]

As I was trying to NOT stress about the $...

My doorbell rings...rapidly. Which means... my cousin is here. :/ Ugh! I didn't want to deal with him because he's so annoying and talks about things I didn't care about and somehow puts me down (without him knowing). I opened the door and there he was, he's DEMANDING I go eat with him. Then I look behind him and his parents are in the car and they're telling me to go too. I said no, thank you. The parents weren't home and they'd be pretty ticked if I went.

Then I hear another's my other cousin (his sister). I guess she's visiting from NY. Honestly, I absolutely POSITIVELY HATE IT when she's here. She makes me feel like a tiny ant and I know this isn't her fault it's more like my parents fault...but whenever she's here... it makes me think of all my failures in life (which is quite a lot). Because she's successful and I'm not. The parents will then compare and then start on how shitty my life is and how useless I am. <--awesome. But that's what always happens when she's here.

I started having a panic attack when she jumped out of the car and demanded that I go too. She demanded to hang out with me. Honestly, we were never close. NEVER EVER, even when we were kids. I was closer to her bro [the one that lives a few blocks away] than her. She's the type that always seems to get her way and everything always seems to happen for her (in a good way, I mean). 

I think I also have social anxiety. If I don't know the person very well and I'm forced to sit with them in... I get extremely stressed. I dunno...

They're going to come back soon, they promised to drag me out to see a movie [I don't want to go with them! :( ]. *sigh*

I wish this day were over already :(

Monday, January 2, 2012

01.02.11 - New Year's stuff?

The last post (not the one with the cactus :P) I did, I was being distracted from watching "Size Does Matter" (lol! This stupid show cracks me up!), so I didn't get to whine about what happened! It's also the reason I started to watch that show...cuz I needed a funny.

New Year's Eve, Linda C. was going through paperwork to file. She came across the vacation, paid time off, time off forms that people had filled out and were approved/denied, etc. 

WELL! Apparently, I had turned in a Holiday paid day off form (Holiday paid days can be used 7 days before or after the actual holiday) and it was approved. So, I wasn't supposed to work on January 4, 2012. But on my schedule,... it showed that I AM working! I was confused. Linda C. was too. 

Usually, I put in the days off I request [because I always do it MONTHS ahead of time] but because my phone's been acting up and switching phones... I forgot about it and it's not in my calender. But there it was, in my writing and approved by the store manager AND my dept manager.

I texted my manager and he said "Whoops, I must've accidentally let that go through. None of the supervisors are supposed to be approved for time off." O____O; Umm... WHAT!?!?!? :/

This place is pissing me more and more off. It was bad enough being left alone on one of the busiest days... but having these days you're supposed to use and having them NOT approve them just because? :/ Dude, January 4th is a NOTHING DAY! I was just trying to use up my days!! :/ WTF!?!?!


*sigh* Anyway, I think on that day I'm just going to have a movie day. There are two movies I want to see:
Mission-Impossible: Ghost Protocol (dumb name, if you ask me :P)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011). I have the book, but I haven't read it yet. 

Yesterday, I had all this stuff planned out. Okay, it wasn't a TON of stuff... But I ended up not doing it. Lol! Lazy much? No, actually...

Black Friday and beyond...there were a bunch of sales / new products out from all these indie companies and I was supporting them. *cough* Maybe a little too much. LOL! I was swatching like a mofo the whole day until the sun went down! X_x; I didn't think they would take THAT long! But they did! X_x;

Anyway, that's all for now. The parents are supposed to return today *cries*

01.02.11 - I love my cactus "FLOOBER"

I purchased this thing last year (I forget when.... July???) at Wal-Mart for $1.50. My mom was like NO don't buy it! But I was like But it's so cute! There was a fuchsia flower on top! 

After about 1 1/2 months, the flower changed color and became this ugly red... The spikes on the cactus looked like it was dying...but I took a photo of it,...and it has become one of my fave photos! Anyway! 

It looks like it's blooming again. Look at all the little fuchsia buds! ^_^; And the tips of the cactus have changed to red (again). It's so pretty :D I really thought it was dying,...but it's still alive! Mwahahahaha! Hopefully it won't poke my eye out. I remember when transferring it from the tiny little plastic pot it came in, into this other pot we had... it was poking the crap out of us (mom and me). We had to use some pretty heavy-duty gloves to handle it. 

I should name it ;D I'll name her Floober!