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Sunday, June 9, 2013

06.09.13 - Moving to a different blog...

X-posting to all my other ones...

As you can read above, I've started up a new blog and decided to just maintain that one blog. Instead of having 3, I'll just have one. Of course I'll label them and case you don't want to read about... whatever lol. I just thought this would be easier to do. Please don't mind the blog template, I still haven't decided what I wanted yet. 

click me! --> HERE'S THE NEW BLOG LINK <--click me!

06.09.13 - RIP Former Filofax Dividers...

As the title says, I'm retiring my Filofax dividers that were currently in my Filofax. Why? I decided that I'd like to be able to use one planner. Sure, I have a few other Filofaxes but I'll be using them for other things.

The new planner I'm using is the Gillio and as it's said above, I'd like to have most of my stuff in this one. If I spent that much money on it, heck yeah! Lol! Because of that, I had to make new dividers. (Will do a future post on this). But this post is about me retiring my former dividers!

When I first made these dividers, this was a week after I got my first Personal sized Filofax. All I did was use the included Filofax dividers and my label maker and that was it.  
As you can see, it's not just the divider and the label. About two months ago (?), I received my stationery order and apparently the notepads I bought (a LOT!) were of the same designs. So I decided to use them for my dividers. All I did was cut them to size and glued them on. Some, I added washi tape. But most of the time they were just glued on. 

It's also because I knew they would be my temporary ones. 

Anyway, here's the first divider... 

Friday, June 7, 2013

06.07.13 - Filofax wishlist

I was thinking about wanting to blog more often but I didn't know what to blog about. I thought I'd post my Filofax wishlist.

Wishing that Filofax USA would come out with the new range as quickly as it does for other countries. In fact, I wish all the different Filofax websites would have the same colors/models just in different languages (obviously) so you don't have to go through the hassle of shipping rates, currency conversions and etc.

The #1 thing on my wishlist is an A5 The Original in Fluorescent Pink! (the above photo doesn't show the pink it's true color!)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

06.06.13 - Gillio Firezne Agenda (Medium Compagna in Aubergine) [Image Heavy!]

As you know, the Filofax was my latest obsession. I'm in the Filofax group on FB and follow the Philofaxy blog extensively. One day, one of the members of the group posted a video about the Gillio Firenze planners... and made a lot of us fall madly in love with it. One of those people was me! ^_^ [Obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be posting about it. Hehehe]

After debating for awhile and watching more videos from Mella (the one who posted about the Gillio), I really had to hold myself back from buying one. Why?! They're about 3 times more expensive than some Filofaxes! 

Then, Mella tempted us even more when Gillio gave her a promotion code for the Philofaxy group; 25% off until her birthday! [June 16th, I believe] Oh, you have no idea how long I debated about this....

But as you can see from the above photo, I lost my battle and bought one. I said it'll be my splurge item for my birthday. 

[Boring background information about me] My family doesn't celebrate my birthdays so most of the time, I try and do it myself. Most of the time, it's splurging on an item I've been wanting for awhile. Unfortunately, last year because of some personal issues; I wasn't able to do that. So! I thought that this would make up for it! And, truthfully, it's still not as expensive as the SLR I got a few years ago ;)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

06.05.13 - Vacation/Birthday haul (Image Heavy)

OMG! I'm posting again! What's wrong with me?!? No, truth is I should be sleeping but I just can't. I just got home and it was a stressful day and I thought I'd blog a bit to feel better. 

Today was my first day back from vacation. I had a closing shift. It wouldn't be a problem if: #1) I wasn't the only one closing #2) I haven't had a closing shift in almost two months and forgot how to close *nods* <--so much fun! #3) We didn't have enough associates!

I thought it was quite funny that once I got to work, M.L. was like "OMG!!! Thank goodness you're here!!!!" O_O;; Apparently, me and her were the only scheduled supervisors to work that day! WHAT!? She opened and I had closing... My former manager [he finally got promoted to Assistant Store Manager!!!! YAY!!!] took over when M.L. and I were scheduled for lunches. 

Anyway, after M.L.'s exclamation, I was summoned by a customer for a "chat" which turned out to be a wonderfully long screamfest IN MY FACE!!!! -_-; Awesome. 

ANYWAY! Let's get on with happy stuff! :P MOST of the stuff I got for my birthday and my shopping trip with Bex.

Monday, June 3, 2013

06.03.13 - 32nd Birthday in San Francisco! (Picture Heavy) and Saturday too :P

Today's my last day of vacation. Quite sad. Most of the time, I didn't do anything. This is how my vacation went:
Tuesday: Watched: Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into the Darkness
Wednesday: San Francisco (MY BDAY!: read on about it)
Thursday: Watched: Iron Man 3 and went to the mall and had a flat tire -_-;
Friday: Watched: Now You See Me and Star Trek: Into the Darkness
Saturday: Hung out with Bex

Yep, I watched many movies. ^_^;;;
But this post is going to be about Wednesday and Saturday