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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

11.29.11 - Tragic Tuesday sale...

I'm listening to Sonata Arctica right now. I haven't listened to them in like two years. They were the first concert I ever went to.

Anyway! Yesterday, I had a closing shift and I completely forgot that we were now on Holiday hours which meant we closed an hour later! Which would mean that I might be home AT midnight! Which really sucks for my Tragic Tuesday sale! Because I wanted to be on time! I'm one of those people that HAS to be punctual. :/ 

So when it was closing time, I was getting irritated and pissed that we were closing with mostly new hires. I pulled them out at 9pm (again) and still, they couldn't finish in two hours X_x; 

I think I also went over 5 hours (by ONE minute). But that was an accident and my manager even said so. Hopefully, I won't get in trouble for that... 

Anyway, once I got home it was 11:50pm! The first thing I did after I dropped all my stuff on my bed was turn on my laptop. But I forgot how long it takes to load up (and if you're impatient, it takes even LONGER ;D). So I decided to just post up a message saying how sorry I was that I was late ;(

I had dinner, relaxed my feet for a bit before I went back to the laptop and posted up the sale. Unfortunately, my ETSY site wanted to be a butthole! So I linked that only the Storenvy site was selling. (Etsy deleted everything after I took off the vacation mode!) I definitely don't mind that because Storenvy has LESS fees than Etsy.

In 30 minutes, I got 6 sales! O_o; I was surprised. I honestly thought that I was only going to get 5 sales ;P 

 This is how many sales I got. These are my invoices. I'm known for my hand-written ones. I spent all day on these. When I did take a break, I was figuring out how to organize myself so I could do this easily. I decided:
-1 day filling full sized jars
-1 day filling clamshells
-1 day filling baggie samples
- 1 day filling LUCKY PACKS
- 1 day printing flyers/ingredient listings that I usually put in my "packaging"

Monday, November 28, 2011

11.28.11 - Black Friday & weekend

I've already prepared for my Tragic Tuesday sale. I think it's funny how people think Tragic Tuesday is an actual "day" (like Cyber Monday). I say that because on Facebook, there were a few people that have discussed Tragic Tuesday "Are there any other sales on Tragic Tuesday?", when in fact, I made it up myself ;)

Anyway! After work on Wednesday (opening shift), I tried staying up as much as possible. When I told people to do the same, they couldn't understand why. I was up for 24 hours (woke up at 5am and slept at 5am; cuz I started getting headaches)... but woke up again. 

To force myself to stay awake (again) on Thanksgiving Day, I decided to prep for my Tragic Tuesday sale and packaged up some jars and baggies. By then, it was 4pm and I decided it was time for me to sleep. Like I said, people couldn't understand why I did that. I told them it was because if you try to sleep in the afternoon it's impossible to sleep. So you force yourself to be super tired...And that's what I did. It helped. According to everyone, I was the only one that slept (yay me?). 

It was a light sleep though because my neighbors were having a big party and kept banging on things X_x;

Thursday, November 24, 2011

11.23.11 - Lame


You get to spend it with your family... spend it at home... etc.

As for me, every family knows that I work on Black Friday (since I've worked there) so they plan trips and go without me. Once, it was to China. The past few's been to L.A. I've only been there ONCE and that was when I was a toddler (do you really think I would remember that?)

Not like it would matter if they were home anyway since this year they decided to make us work at 11pm ON Thanksgiving! :/

My plan had been to stay up (since I got home from work yesterday) until today 2pm. Umm... I don't know if this blog will post the time but it's past that. I could only stay up until 4am. I was really suffering it at around 2am. So, I found some of my favorite 80's shows on youtube and watched them until my head (it was pounding) couldn't take it any more. So, I went to sleep. 

It's almost 4pm and I HAVE TO FORCE MYSELF to sleep otherwise I'd be dead tired by tomorrow 11pm. :/ Because that's when I'm supposed to go home! UGhhh!!!!

Anyway, when I woke up today, I was trying to figure out what to do to kill some time. So, I packed up an order I got (yay!) and decided to pack up some jars in case I have a high volume of orders for my Tragic Tuesday sale. I packed up some jars and some sample baggies (for some reason, baggies are super hard to pack up X_x; ).

I'm kind of sad that the sample baggies I ordered were completely different from my previous ones. I had ordered them some place else (since they were cheaper. It stated it was the same size... :/ but it really wasn't *sigh*. It can still hold my product but... I don't think people will be happy about it. The sad thing is... I ordered 1000!!!! X_x; AND they sent me an extra 100!!!! So I have 1100!!!!!!

Also, took a photo of my jars because I was bored. It kept coming out ugly. This was the best one I had so... I editted it (added my logo and text).

I can't wait for my orders to arrive. I wanted to order some more things but then I decided, "dude, I just got paid. I can't spend it ALL already!" :P

Okay, I really really and TRULY have to try and fall asleep now. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

11.23.11 - You don't have enough people?

Today was a really crap day (at work)!

I'm scheduled to open which is no problem. It's been the same for the past 3 weeks. Anyway, right away, I knew it was going to be a hectic day!

Once I came in and started setting up, the opening cashier came in and she did HER setting up. Once I logged into the IN-STORE PICKUP computer the whole thing FLASHED GREEN! Literally, the WHOLE screen. Whenever we get an in store pickup, only ONE line flashes green (one line = one order). The whole screen = 20 orders!!!! 

In-store pickups are what they sound like. The customer reserves the item online and they come into the store to pick it up. We have a 20 minute time-limit to send their confirmation email to let them know that their item is available. Of course, they were all different things in different departments. Yep, the person doing the in-store pickup ALSO has to go GET THE ITEM and put it in the in-store pickup area!

How the heck were we going to set up the department when we had to do ALLL of those in-store pickups. Luckily, one of the merchandisers/back-up cashiers showed up. My cashier and the merchandiser ran around the whole store doing the orders.

Usually, we have a morning meeting. Thankfully, we didn't! If we did,, that would've taken 15 minutes of our time (everyone has to attend the meeting)

Once all the ISPU's were done, the Audit dept needed someone to sit in there while the Manager went to a meeting. They needed someone to sit in Audit because they're not allowed to leave only ONE person in audit when there's money out. Since there was another audit associate in there... they needed another person. :/ 

To make a super long story short. Customers are stupid and mean! They were super cranky today. We had lines all day because my manager didn't schedule people properly.

He scheduled ONLY 4 people from opening until 2pm (two people came in at 2pm) and the rest came in at 6pm! The merchandisers (they stock items AND they're backup cashiers) came in at 3pm. :/ 

I got screamed at 2 times. One made me cry. <--This one... I was by myself since none of the other supervisors were there yet. Everyone that was supposed to be in our dept ringing up was there. Then, the phone calls (two lines at once!), ISPU's popped up, 2 cashiers needed passwording, and there was a problem with another cashier.

I was rushing around the department and I admit, I wasn't paying attention to the line. But even if I did, I couldn't call up our backups because THERE WERE NONE!!!! X_x; They were ringing up already!

The problem with one of the cashiers was... and this had been happening since yesterday with different items... there was a "street date" problem. Basically what that is... the system will NOT allow you to sell an item if it has a "street date" [It's supposed to released on a certain date]. The customers were getting PISSED about it. It was a computer they were trying to buy. I did what I could... 

Right after, I had a cashier ask me to help them with something. As I was helping them with that, a customer screamed "I need to talk to your supervisor" <--screamed at the cashier. So, she called me over and the customer screamed at me that I wasn't doing my job and not paying attention to the line and I'm just standing there chit-chatting with my friend! Etc etc. <--this is my NICE paraphrasing. 

She was extremely mean about it. Like I said, she made me cry. So after she screamed at me, I literally ran into a corner and tried to calm my ass down.

But the customer that had that "street date" problem was calling me over. And I could tell from his tone of voice that he wanted to yell at me. :/ But I was still crying X_x; So I tried wiping my eyes and such and I went over to them... I guess the tears and etc calmed him down because he decided not to complain or anything.

The rest of the day, even when we had the other supervisors and a few more people come in... it was still extremely hectic. I got screamed at again! I don't really remember this one either because I was on the phone with 2 people and helping a customer at the same time, while they screamed at me X_x; Yay!

People were just extremely short-tempered today. 

It didn't help that the credit card system went down and most of the people that were there were new. Luckily, we had more supervisors than usual and they helped them out. 

After that, I seriously BOOKED it out of there! It was time for me to leave anyway X_x; I had had enough of it!

The only good thing about today, we got paid! Lol! X_x; I needed some retail therapy (or I should call it INDIE therapy). I ordered some perfume samples from a well-known indie company. ^_^; I hope I get them soon! mwahahaha!!!

I had planned on staying up today/night? (whatever) until 2pm tomorrow (Thursday). By 2pm, I'll go to bed and sleep until 9pm and then run off to work to start the HORRIFIC 23 hour shift!!!! (yeah they were "NICE" enough to let us work 23 hours instead of 24 *snorts*)

Monday, November 21, 2011

11.21.11 - First Swap-Bot!

Whomever invented swap-bot is a genius! I'm still trying to find some swaps to do (when I have the time). There are a few I'd LOVE to be able to do but because THIS was my first swap... they only wanted people who had like 10 or more swaps :/ boo!

Anyway, one of the groups I follow on Facebook had an indie eyeshadow swap. I joined it. Of course I did!

This is what I received :P 

My swap partner was the one and only Kimmie Karma. ^_^
She sent me this awesome card with a cute little note inside.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

11.17.11 - Makeup VS Art (snuh!?)

Taking a break from working on my shop... Worked on it since I got home.

It was super slow at work today. A few of the cashiers and I started talking about makeup. I don't know why, but we did. Lol! I had fun talking about it. The weird thing is, when I used to talk about art supplies... I didn't have as much fun. I dunno... it's just a strange thing?

I've been having some extreme sinus pains lately. So much that it's been wrecking havoc on my concentration. I can usually multi-task but for some reason, these last few days I've had the hardest time concentrating on ONE task. Like right now, I want to write this but my dad's on the phone with my bro talking really loud X_x; And it's really distracting me... I've already lost my train of thought x___X;; WTF was I saying? :P

Anyway, I'll post up my mail that I've gotten recently. I signed up for Jewelmint 6 months ago and have only purchased ONE of their items since. Anyway, every now and then, they give out credits to "purchase" items. Two months ago, I got a credit and I got this awesome zipper bracelet (for free because of the credit! I didn't even have to pay for shipping). [OMG I wish he wouldn't talk so loudly on the phone!]

Anyway, recently, I got another credit ♥. I wasn't interested in a lot of the items, and then I saw this bracelet! I hurriedly ordered it. Is it ordering if it doesn't cost anything? O_o; 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11.16.11 - Black Friday

WTF?! I just found out our store is opened at midnight!!!!! Omg :(( They probably wanted to compete with Best Buy
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Monday, November 14, 2011

11.14.11 - Mail day!

Since Im at work, I can't particularly show you what I received. But it was a lot of items! Orders from: eBay, etsy, and an indie makeup company. Also, received this month's Birchbox.

On eBay, I purchased a few face powders. I don't use much makeup... the things I use the most are: face powder/powder foundation and blush. I play with eyeshadows every now and then, but Im a face person :P

Anyway, the ones I purchase were from some Korean brands cuz I love Asian cosmetics. Plus, they fit my skin tone more :P those were from eBay

On etsy, I purchased a few indie comics and a few came in. Yay!

And the indie cosmetics company...I designed their label and the owner was having a fundraiser to help her friend's daughter who needed a complicated surgery done. And they didn't have the money. So the owner created a special shade for her and I purchased two of those and they came in today. Ill probably give away one of them.

On Saturday, when I called in sick... I spent some of it outdoors. I went to Barnes & Noble to look for CSI season 10. Every store I went to (including the one I work at) didn't have it. But Barnes & Noble did. I also checked out some of their books...then went home.

Yesterday, I spent it finishing up my Holiday collection (made the last three shades and finished the holiday drawing).

Don't know what else to talk about and I have to go back to work soon... boo!
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

11.10.11 - Oh noes!

I'm sick!

I knew it too! 

I get sick sooo easily, since I moved up here. :/ 

Stefanie had been fighting a cold for days. She works in the Audit Dept. Unfortunately for me, I had to be in close quarters with her because I had opening shift yesterday AND today. After my lunch break was when I started to feel it. My throat started to hurt...pretty badly. It still hurts really bad. I'm hoping it's not strep throat :/ I've only had that ONCE and that was quite horrific. But it hurts pretty badly now...

I'm also feeling the fever. Even Mom was like O_o; damn woman! You've got a fever (of course she didn't say it THAT way ;P). Then she shoved some soup and meds down my throat.

The meds are really kicking in right now. I'm falling asleep and I really don't want to. It's still quite early.

I've lost my voice already too -_-; WTF!? 

I'm wondering if I should call in tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe I'll be better tomorrow? I doubt it, but I'm just saying ;D

Yay! Got paid today. I needed the money to get some labels for my eyeshadows. Unfortunately, because I'm sick, I can't work on the eyeshadows. Cuz that's just of gross, working on them when sick? EWWWW!

I tried to finish up my Holiday drawing/label for them but I got drowsy XD And here I am (excuses, I know).

Random thought: I want a Moleskine sketchbook XD I have one but I've found that I'm just taking notes in that thing and not really drawing in it.

But I want one to draw in... I know I should use the one I have (to draw) but...I just want one?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11.08.11 - The past few days...

 The past few days has been quite chilly. Perfect for some Hot Chocolate ♥ I don't put any milk in it, obviously. Unless I wanted to be in PAIN :P

Sunday, November 6, 2011

11.06.11 - I'm full of caffeine and I can't sleep!

It's right now, 3:36 AM. YAY! I'm full of caffeine (my own fault) <--had a coffee at around 7pm ;) It's a blended coffee drink from our cafe and I get it when I'm feeling down and out of it. And that's how I felt all day at work. 

It was incredibly busy today, but we actually had enough people to cover the line. EXCEPT, they didn't want to help out. We haven't hired cashiers in a long time, so we now have backup cashiers from all the other departments. ONE department doesn't ever send them. NEVER EVER! We've complained and complained, but no one seems to give a crap. 

It's really irritating when the store manager is yelling at you to get the line down but no one wants to help. 

The weather took on a DRASTIC turn. It had still been a little warm but suddenly, a few days ago, it's been getting quite chilly. It's even rained. 
 Today's weather. Taken at around 10am. 
 Also taken around that time... this may like all sunny and nice. Don't let it fool you because it was storming a few hours later!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11.02.11 - I lied

I said I was going to work on my new colors and such. I lied. When I got home, I passed out (nap). The next thing I knew I was chatting online with a co-worker. I was hyper so I was just rambling about nonsense like I'm  known for.

I jinxed myself today. 

It was deathly slow in the morning. I've never worked opening shifts on Wednesdays. If they did schedule me on Wednesday, it was always a mid-shift or a closing one. Anyway, it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOo dead!!!! So dead that we decided to start up on the Christmas decorations! X_x; I was whining about how slow it was (Yay for whining!). 


When I came back from lunch (after the previous post :P), it was soo hectic. It was sooo busy. I had to do interviews for future associates. I had to answer all the phones, I had to send off all the applications to our home office and FIND them too because three of the managers ran off with them. X_x; By the time it was time for me to leave...I literally just ran off. Mostly because I needed to get to the post office. It's like 4 blocks away, but they're ALWAYS super busy and they closed soon. 

The nearest post office (this one) isn't really a post office. It's a tiny station that consists of two registers/computers. That's it! And it's the only one for miles and miles! If I have to ship international, I have to go to that evil place. This time, I asked them for extra custom forms (had no idea where they had them) so I could fill out everything at home; and some Delivery Confirmation notices.

If I ship domestic,... I can ship them from Bel-Air (yeah, the supermarket) because they have a small TINY TINY mail station. [ONLY domestic mail though ;( ] LUCKILY, it's near my house! 

I've learned the hard way to NOT ship anything USPS via the UPS store (where my PO box is). They overcharge you by $6! <--no kidding! 

That's all I did. Lol! Now, I should go to bed, since I have another early shift. *sigh*

Oh yeah! I received my order from Fortune Cookie Soap, on October 30! I ordered three things. It took em awhile to get here O_o; But it's definitely worth it. I shall post about em tomorrow (if I don't pass out again) <--I know I didn't post the stuff I got on my PTO but they were quite boring... so I didn't. ^_^;;

Okay I really should go now! ;D BYEEEEEEeee

11.02.11 - It's quite chilly

I haven't typed a blog entry on my phone in awhile.

Its cold today and they decide to turn up the AC making me colder. Wahh!

After work, I have to rush off to the dinky little post office that takes forever and ship off someone's order. I wish there was a post office near my house. Shipping internationally is beginning to be quite difficult.

Tonight, im going to start working on my holiday colors. I don't particularly know how many I should do. I also need to order some blank labels...but that'll have to be next week because the house payment will wipe me out for awhile... :(

I need to find some containers to put them in also. Or... I should just jar them up and be like 'thats it! No more!' I usually make a big batch and then put it in a sealed container until someone orders, then I fill up jars of whatever they want.

I wonder if I should draw a holiday drawing too. If I do, I should do it now...(in day work on packaging/labels and work on eyeshadows at night)

Plus I definitely need to close up shop on the days that I have to work more hours (black friday and weekend/ week of christmas) cuz those days are going to kill me!

I need to figure out TAT also... ahhh... I don't know
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