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Monday, January 28, 2013

01.28.13 - What's in my Bag (and review)?

It's time for another 'What's in my Bag?' post. Though, this will be kind of a review also. 

Let's go with some background information. In late September 2012, I was browsing through YesStyle's site and was looking through all of their bags. I came across this bag, the Push Locket Satchel and waited another month before I purchased it. I bought it on October 13, 2012. I received it on November 1, 2012. I know it took awhile but they are shipping from Hong Kong which I know takes awhile.

When it got here, I was supremely excited. I was playing with it (not really, I was trying to figure out how to shape it into a bag since it arrived flat) and my friend wanted to see a picture of it. As I took a photo for her, the top handle broke O_O;;; Imagine my shock! I was quite sad about that because I was super excited about this bag. It's the perfect size, it's made out of a sturdy material; but the studs/screws/whatever that held the top handle together was not! It made me really sad because I waited so long and the top-handle was what I planned to use the most.

Anyway, I emailed them back and they told me to ship it back to them. 

I was in a huge rush and forgot to get a delivery confirmation number, but I was like "Oh! They told me to return it some place in California. I'm in California, it won't take long!" About a month later, I emailed them asking about my return, why wasn't I notified that they received it yet. According to them, they said they hadn't received it. O_O;; Umm... what?!

So, I was out $25. (It was on sale at the time) I gave up all hope. But near the end of December, I suddenly got a $7.99 credit to my YesStyle account. No explanations why. So I just shrugged it off. A week ago (yes ONE WEEK ago), I received an email from YesStyle saying my order was shipped. Umm.. what? I didn't order anything. There was no tracking number so I didn't know when it was going to arrive. But I also thought maybe they were just updating their system clicking on "I've shipped this item" when they did it months ago. 

It arrived a few days later. I was like "WHAT!?" I tested it out and banged it around (lol) and it feels more sturdy than the previous one I received. 

So, TAA DAA! Here it is in all it's glory! Please excuse the crap lighting. I was using my SLR and the flash is super strong so I decided to just keep it off. 

 Doesn't it remind you of the old time doctor bags? It's a medium sized bag made of thick faux-leather. It's very stiff and sturdy. But it's not heavy. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

01.27.13 - Indecisions and temporary setup

Last week, I received my Pocket Finsbury. I spent two hours trying to set it up the way I wanted. Because I wanted to use it right away, I didn't decorate it at all. I still haven't decorated it. Just added a sticker or two. 

Today, I was deathly bored. Finished all the things I had to do and had nothing else to do. So I was reading some Philofaxy posts. It made me really want a Personal sized Filofax instead. But the truth is, I think the Pocket is good enough for me. I just need to add a billion (not really ;) ) more tabs and dividers. I mean if Sachiko can have NINETEEN tabs/dividers in her [supremely awesome!] Pocket Malden, why can't I!?!?! ^_^ Right? Right! :P

As many people know, the quality of the Filofax paper is quite... well... to put it simply... it sucks! >_>; So, I went googling and found some on Etsy. I'll be receiving them soon (I hope! :D). I picked this Etsy store because I love bright colors. The white paper, cotton cream, or the light pastel colors aren't really my thing. I like BOLD and bright! (Well, most of the time ^_- ). I ended up purchasing the Pocket Monthly Pages, the Pocket Weekly on 2 Pages, and the Lined Double Rainbow paper. I'll probably do a review/post on them when I've received them. I can't wait to make my planner a crazy rainbow. Lol.

After I've got the paper settled, I decided I had to do something about my tabs and dividers. I don't like my things to be plain >_>; They have to be decorated or colorful or... umm... yeah. Then, I remembered I had some old planners that are the same size as the Pocket. So, I whipped them out. 
 This is what happens when you're a stationery addict. Basically, you can't bear to use the super pretty/special items. 

The one on the left I got about 4 years ago (?). It's some sort of Korean planner I got at a local stationery store that closed down. -_-; I've been looking for refills but I can't find any. I wanted to use the innards (:P) in my Finsbury but like I said, I couldn't bear to because it's just so beautiful. If I could find the refills or whatever, I'd definitely use it.

The one on the right is from a manga called Full Moon wo Sagashite. It came out in around late 2002 (?). I was a huge anime/manga fan a long time ago. Around this time though, it was starting to wane. But my love for stationery was growing. I got this planner in late 2002. This came from one of the serialized monthly manga anthologies. You had to send out for this and I believe you had to pay money. I don't really know because my friend got this for me because she knew I really wanted it. It, also, came with adorable paper, stickers, and dividers. And of course, I couldn't bear to use any of the paper. I did use it as a wallet for a year. :P

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

01.22.13 - Filofax and Dim Sum

You know you want it! ^_^;
Today, I went with my friend, April, to eat some Dim Sum. She's never had it before and I was craving for awhile. The last time we went, I was sick with the flu and couldn't taste ANYTHING ;__; 

We ended up going to Asian Pearl 2009 (why is there a 2009 at the end of it?) because it's closer to April.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

01.20.13 - Stationery obsessions...

*sigh* This cough is never leaving. >_>; 

Anyway! I was bored one day and finally decided to go on YouTube and watch my subscriptions. Lol. One of the people I subscribed to just got a Filofax. And I had been wanting a Filofax for awhile. This was before I got my stupidly cute planner. Anyway, the person in the video said that Filofax was having a sale of up to 60% off!!! *dies* So I whipped myself over to their site and looked around and found a few I really wanted. [BAD LINDA!!!!!] I ended up ordering one >_>; [No worries! It was on sale!!!!] I'm, impatiently, waiting for it's arrival. 

Because of me, being a stupid impulsive shopper... I started looking up more YouTube videos on the Filofax. There's a BIG community on it! Not just on YouTube, but in the blogosphere! In fact, here are two of the main ones I've found: 

Through these blogs, I've found other bloggers who are majorly loving their planners and stationery. Which has re-kindled my love affair for stationery. BAD!!! Lol! But, I'll try and not buy any more stationery (hey! try is the key word!!!). Right now, I'm reading Paper Lovestory's blog. Her blog is making me feel my planner is super inadequate. :P 

After I started reading the blogs and watching the videos, I started using my planner again. So, I thought I'd show the trainwreck that is my planner and my favorite pens:
My ADORABLE MoMoi Diary I got off of Yes Style.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

01.13.13 - What's in my bag?

Bored today, so I decided to do another "what's in my bag" post. 

Because of what happened with my shoulder/arm last week, I couldn't use my regular bags. This is the only cross-body-type bag that I have. Most of the time, I like a ton of stuff in my bags, but I had to take them out and leave my essentials in, so it wouldn't bother my shoulder as much.

This is what I was using last week. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

01.10.13 - I'm lonely... so I blog

Lately, all I've been doing here is whine and complain. Of course, that's what this blog here is for ^_-; Unfortunately for whoever's reading this, I'll be whining/complaining for a bit more. Lol. 

Since I couldn't get anyone to switch schedules with me today (which is shocking because everyone's always trying to get my opening shift; but they couldn't because they had plans or something), I had to set my alarm clock (a new one since my other one died!) to wake myself up even EARLIER than I normally do on opening shifts. I set my alarm at 5am (I usually wake up at 530am). I also went to bed earlier. The only other time I go to bed that is on Thanksgiving night so I could wake up early for Black Friday. I did it because I wasn't sure if I could sleep (haven't slept in 2 days because of the arm pain). It was a good thing I did because though I could sleep, things kept waking me up. (I'm a very light sleeper) -_-;

A few reasons why I woke up earlier:
#1) It takes me longer to shower and get ready for work
#2) It's freezing in the morning and my car is parked in the driveway so it gets iced over and I have to melt off the ice before I can leave
#3) Driving very very carefully because I still couldn't really use my arm.

I admit that when I woke up, I was happy to feel (lol) that I could move my arm upwards and downards more than the last few days. Yay!

Once I got to work, I had trouble getting out of my coat. Lol! -_-; 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

01.09.13 - patches, ointments, oh my!

couldn't sleep all night on the night i did the previous post. i spent all night trying to get comfortable. but it didnt work, so i stayed up and read all night. all throughout the day, i napped on my desk. 

i put a new patch on my arm and shoulder.  i had to go to my local walgreens which meant i had to drive. before i went, i texted all the supervisors that worked tomorrow if anyone could switch with mre so i could find someone to drive me. unfortunately, everyone said no. i had to find a way to put on my seatbelt (it's the law in california). i straightened out a wire hanger (well... cept the hook part). 

so when i had to go to walgreens, i used the hanger and drove for practice. it worked... yay! but the prob is... actually working tomorrow. 

btw, bras are torture devices! it took me 40 very painful minutes to put it on. 

tomorrow, i'm gonna have to wake up even earlier so i could get ready. (have an opening shift) anyway... i'm super tired

Monday, January 7, 2013

01.07.13 - So much pain!!!!

One thing after another.... :(

I'm typing this with one hand. forget capitalization! A few days ago, i did this drawing for my art group on facebook and used makeup to color it. it came out quite awesome. literally, right after i finished it... i had this strange pain in my shoulder. i didnt think anything of it. 

the next day, i felt extreme pain in my shoulder. it was bearable... 
the day after... hardly any pain.
yesterday, staring to feel pain again...
today, cant move my arm or i'll feel excruciating pain.

my dad got mad at me for crying cuz i hurt every time we moved my arm, mom put ointment on my arm so she touched all the pained areas. my aunt was here and went home and brought back some patches and oils and ointments. we had tried a 'shaolin' patch first but it didnt work. now, ive got a 'monk' one and it feels weird and kinda feels like its working a bit. its like icy hot? 

anyway, i cant really do anything so i guess ill be watching tv or something... ugh! i hate not being able to do anything

Sunday, January 6, 2013

01.06.13 - Vacation time... some vacation

I was super excited when my vacation started. I had some money saved up and the parents were away. That meant I could stay home if I wanted. Usually, I'd have to pretend to go to work [or I'll be stuck in a screamfest] and just go around and do whatever. 

The first day I was on vacation, I woke up with a sore shoulder. I couldn't move it without it being in pain. I had planned on seeing Les Miserables and right as I was going home, my brother texted me that the parents had come back :/ *sigh* Which meant I had to stay out for another 2 1/2 hours. I was also sad because I wasn't planning on doing anything on Saturday except staying home and watching dvds or catching up on my blogs. Instead I had to go out. I went and saw The Hobbit, which was awesome.

They're still here. 

The parents coming back isn't the worst part of the vacation. The worst part was the parents made me pay for insurance which took all my vacation money and I can't pay for 2 of my upcoming bills!!! The vacation money I had planned on using just a little bit; but now... *sigh*

I had plans on going somewhere with a friend tomorrow, but it kind of looks like I won't be able to do that. With no money and the evil ones being here... *sigh* I could try and ask my brother to borrow some money but he'll react the same way as my parents. Basically, not a good thing. I'm just hoping the evil ones go back to San Francisco so I can spend it at home.

Anyway, last night, I must've slept weird because my shoulder's hurting and throbbing again. 

I was going to write about something else, but I completely forgot -_-;