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Monday, October 31, 2011

10.30.11 - Indie comics and zines

I spent most of my day working on my Halloween drawing. I woke up earlier than usual because I wanted to go to the Farmer's Market. I went with mom and my aunt. Somehow, they didn't want to go home and they kept trying to make me not go home :(

Once I finally DID get home...I colored like a mad woman! So much that I spilled my markers X__x; *sigh* Well, the case is kind of broken anyway. I have to tape up the bottom so they don't fall.

After I finished coloring (2 hours!), I spent the next hour editting it, another hour saving it, and another hour uploading it. @__@; At last, it's up!

Anyway... Just now I don't know what or how I got it in my head that I wanted to look at zines or indie comics on etsy and store envy. But I started looking. Now I'm itching to make my own. I really want to read some too! Ahhh! I love those things :P 

It makes me think about how much I used to make my own print comics ;__; and zines and etc. Those were so much fun! Maybe I should again...? I dunno. I think I've got too many projects on my hands right now. PLUS, some idiot's trying to commission me for a drawing. I've told him a MILLION times "NO! I don't want to do it!" But he's not taking the hint. I want to bash it into his skull XD But then again, I still don't think he'd take the hint ;)

If I were to make a zine, I'd do it by hand. No typing or whatever. I love how zines look in peoples' writing and etc. The only TYPE (as in...fonts and stuff) I like in zines are typewriter fonts because know what? I have no idea why ;P 

I'm thinking I should whip out my Destination:Fabrication comics and see if anyone will buy them on etsy or store envy.

I seriously loved Destination:Fabrication until we quit and other reasons. :( I did try to start it up again (by myself), but... it's just not happening. 

The best part of it was...we finished it in a week! Yah, A WEEK! Colored pages and everything! I believe it was 22 pages!

Maybe when I'm not feeling lazy and am taking a hiatus from all my other projects (THANKFULLY HALLOWEEN DRAWING IS DONE!!!), I will do something about it? XD I dunno

Saturday, October 29, 2011

10.30.11 - PTO

I don't know why I requested today off. O_o;;; Luckily, it was a paid day. I didn't tell the parents either...otherwise, I would've had to be subjected to their assholely-ness ;D So I pretended to go to work... I wore my work pants and wore a t-shirt, and a zip up hoodie. So she wouldn't notice I wasn't wearing a boring white shirt @__@;

I had no idea what I was going to do. I knew for sure that I was going to go to the post office and mail off some orders I had received recently. 

I went to the post office near the mall since I decided I'd go there to kill some time. There was a Barnes & Noble over there that's bigger than the one near my house. 

I'll spare you the MORTIFYING THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME!!! *turns bright red* OMG X_x;!!! Let's just say this involved my breakfast. I had cereal with some lactose-free milk. All I can say is... I don't think it's lactose-free! In fact, once I came home... I went straight to the fridge and checked it out. Lo and Behold... "LACTOSE FREE" <--my asss!!!!

Well, I think you can pretty well guess what happened. Actually, I'm not even going to mention it ;D You can guess all you want XD~~

Anyway! Before THE INCIDENT happened, I went to Nordstrom Rack just to walk around. Nordstrom Rack is located in this shopping center with ULTA. Where I had planned on going because I had a 20% off coupon. Yay for coupons! At Nordstrom Rack, I ended up with a set of bangles and some earrings. Spent like $12. Yay! I should take a pic tomorrow. I don't feel like it now ;)

I had wanted to go to Nordstrom Rack to see if I could use my rewards coupon-thingy. It was a $20 coupon. But I couldn't use it at Nordstrom Rack. Only at the actual Nordstrom

Then, I went off to ULTA. Didn't really buy anything...though I did get some CUPCAKE WET WIPES for $1.67! mwahahahaha! Hey! It's called the impulse bins for a reason ;)

THEN THE INCIDENT HAPPENED! X_x; It happened while I was driving back towards the mall. ;__; *sigh* You might as well know what happened to me! @__@; 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10.26.11 - The what? O_o;

Mom and I were hanging out my laundry to dry [the wind was our obstacle! It was crazy windy!!!!] and my Mom started telling me something that surprised all of us!

My Dad JUST received a call from his uncle saying that my grandparents were moving out of our SF house. They already rented a place in Chinatown for $750. He was surprised that my Dad didn't know, as they are his parents. 

My parents believe that they're moving out cuz they're miserable living in our SF house. MY Dad had run them out. [I'm sorry to say but that's no surprise because my Dad's an ass] And they wanted to take control of their lives. I don't know how it is for the crazy grandma but I believe that's how my grandpa felt.

They were tired of being blamed for "running off our tenants". So, they decided to just leave and not tell us. They're supposed to move in on Halloween.

About 20 minutes later (after all laundry was hung out), I texted my bro and asked him if he knew anything. He did NOT. 

A few hours later...Mom, my aunt, and I went to go grocery shopping. We were in the checkout when my Dad called saying "I've returned." I assumed he meant he had come back home. So I asked him "Did you come home?" He said "yes". @__@; So I was like WTF? My Mom was like "O_O; Why are you home!? You should be in SF."

I guess my Dad wanted to come home. He was bored in SF and irritated at the grandparents. My Mom told him to stay in SF. My Dad was trying to get my Mom to go there (I think he was lonely, truthfully) but my Mom said "So you could waste gas!? You don't need me there!"

Anyway! A few hours ago, my bro texted me telling me what I had said was true. I guess the grandparents and Dad got in an argument about it. So now, my bro's going to live in the SF house by himself. I'm sure he's extremely happy about it. BUT!!! Dad is pressuring him EVEN MORE to get married. He'd already been pressuring him for the past 3 years (esp these past 2 years). I don't understand why they won't let us get married on our own. They've been trying to fix up my brother for the past 3 years and my brother ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY HATES IT!

It's another thing my Dad wants to control. 

My Dad is trying to get me to work in another place. He's tried for so long. He's tried MAKING me be: a nurse, real estate agent, highway patrol officer, nurse, real estate agent, loan officer, real estate, contractor. nurse, real estate, etc. But I refuse! 

He tried controlling my brother with careers also. He did the same thing to him. He forced my brother to quit 3 of his jobs because they weren't good enough and forced him to take real estate classes which he LOATHED. He made my brother move to Chico for a few months and my brother HATED it too! 

Then we moved here and he did the same. Now he's pressuring him to get married. My parents will be like "Meet this girl and be her FRIEND." Apparently, their meaning of "friend" is "GET MARRIED TO HER NOW!". 

Apparently all our friends of the opposite sex are our marriage candidates. I had a really good male friend (FRIEND DAMNIT) in Chico and they asked about him and why we aren't married. O_o; Umm.. WTF!??!!?

*sigh* I would love to get married. Just to get the fuck away from them. I would love to move out...if I had the money! I'd probably do the same as the grandparents. Find a place and leave. 

10.26.11 - I never know what to title these things

I've spent the whole day whining and complaining about T-Mobile. Guess what!? I'm STILL whining and complaining about them! I've been with them for 10 years and they treat me like crap! -_-; Ugh! 

Spent the day wondering which cellphone provider to go with. I think my choice is going to be with Sprint. My bro has it. He gets a discount on it. If we do a family plan it'll be about $65 (must add tax to that and I have no idea how much that'll be ;P). 

I know I don't need a smartphone and etc. Sadly, I do need it. I check my dad's email every 10 minutes. My dad loves clicking on every little thing! That's how we ended up with viruses on our desktop and spyware and etc. Also, since I've opened up my store(s)... I've been getting a lot of email! And it helps to know if I've received any orders, so I won't slack off once I get home from work. 

Text messages are a must also. I barely call anyone anymore XD For work, I have to text my manager and store managers ALL THE TIME! X_x; (Unfortunately, they don't pay for them! Which is quite unfortunate!)

They should just have a phone plan that's just text messaging and data @__@; That's it! No phone calls! XD I think a LOT of people would go for it! Though, I admit I use about 100 minutes a month. 

Anyway! During my lunchbreak, I called T-Mobile's customer service line and the lady, Joanna, told me that "the representative you talked to last month didn't do anything to your account. It DOES say they talked to you about the over-charges, but they didn't do anything about it. I'll go ahead and credit that for you." I'm thinking, "That's what they said before! What makes you think I'll believe you again!?!"

I'm so fed up with them! :(

Lol! It's the next day from above :) My dad went to SF and stayed over (maybe even for a few days). I wish Mom had gone too. Then I would have the freedom to do whatever. Now, Mom's just going to nag and nag. Isn't that what they do? ;)

Anyway, the reason Dad went back was because the crazy grandma was a little crazy (again). The parents were away for a month to re-do our SF house so they could rent it out. The last few tenants that we rented out to left because of the crazy grandma. The last one too.

So they've re-done it and they've put ads in the paper (Chinese paper, of course ;P) and people have been calling to take a look at it. When they arrive, the crazy grandma would NOT let them in!!!! :/

Which made the parents quite mad. Renting out downstairs is my parents only income! Another thing she had done in the past was lower the rent without telling us! X__x; WTF!?!

Anyway...that's why my Dad went back.

At work yesterday, all the supervisors (including me) were in a panic. Supposedly today until Friday...we're having our corporate office visit (inspection). So we've been busy getting our things in order. I've finished most of my stuff (I didn't say I was completely finished). The sad thing is...throughout working on these items... the day was SUPER SLOWWWWWWW!!!! Usually if I keep busy, the day goes by really fast. @_@;

I want to buy a tabletop grill. I want some grilled chicken. I don't really like the sauteed/stir-fry chicken we always make. I don't know why I love grilled chicken, but I do. ^_^; I'll probably get one soon. They're not that expensive. (at least the cheap ones)

According to my tracking number from USPS, my supply order for my eyeshadows are in. I ordered some new ingredients for some upcoming holiday collections and some for my regular colors ;P

Lalalala! I want some cute pens XD Totally random! Ooh, I'm going to check out atseoul and shopkawaii for some. Oh no...I have a feeling money will be spent ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10.25.11 - WTF T-mobile!?!

Last month you charged me for my texts. I HAVE UNLIMITED! HOW THE HECK AM I CHARGED!? So I spoke to a representative -_-; She said "yeah you don't have to pay it, it won't show up in your next bill." 

Yesterday, I was seriously thinking about switching to a different company so I checked my bill and what do I see? I WAS STILL CHARGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!?

I've been with T-Mobile for a LOOONG time. I believe in 2001! Unfortunately for me, I JUST renewed my plans! Unfortunately for me, that's when everything went downhill! 

Ughhh!!!!! I can't afford the cancellation fee and those over-charges!!! The charges are $60+!!!!! I want to just cancel it. Shouldn't it make any difference that I've been with them for so long?! :/

Monday, October 24, 2011

10.24.11 - Bah!

 Today would be the perfect day for ice cream. That is...if I could eat it! Damn you lactose intolerance! DAMN YOU!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hated working on Saturdays? Now you know. Saturdays are the days where all the supervisors (except me) decide to be extremely lazy because OUR manager has a day off. I've complained to him about it and he says "thank you for letting me know"; but he doesn't do anything about it. *sigh*

Saturday, for some unknown reason it was crazy busy! It didn't help that the usual happened --> supervisors being lazy. Usually, it wouldn't be so bad because I could just yell at them and they would ignore me. No, they ALL LEFT THE DEPARTMENT AND LEFT ME BY MYSELF!!!! We have 46 registers. 4 new hires, 10 merchandisers (backup cashiers; but they usually don't ring up so they're almost the same as new hires), and 20 cashiers... I was in charge of the safe (giving out change) and the department. If I had known they were leaving, I would've told them HELL NO! But no, they just disappeared!

Basically, I fucked up twice. I found out the next morning (today). And I've been stressing since. Even though I hate that job... I've been there for years... but I still haven't found a new job [have been trying to leave for awhile]. And I'm the only one in this house with an income. That's what terrifies me. 

Anyway... I'm trying desperately to cheer myself up... so....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

10.23.11 - Swap-Bot

Why didn't I discover this before!?!? O_o; It looks so freakin awesome! I really want to do a journal swap XD It looks like so much fune <--ROTFLHAO I'm so tired, I can't type correctly!

Anyway! I'm in an indie makeup swap (started by some people in an FB group I'm in). I don't really know how it works but I've been looking through some swaps and I want to join. But I don't really get it. 

Anyway, another random post. :) I really need to sleep! My eyes are starting to shut by themselves :D lol

Saturday, October 22, 2011

10.21.11 - I wanna spoil myself!!!

I haven't been in the gothic-lolita craze in a few years. I think it really died down when we moved into this house. Sure, I would still get the Gothic Lolita mooks every now and then; but I really haven't been very into it in a long time.

Anyway! Today, Strawberry Milk mentioned Black Peace Now in one of my comments and it brought me back to it. ^_^;

I remembered this one site and I had wanted to order some stuff from them. Here are the some of the things I MAINLY wanted from them!

All images belong to them, not me :D
This BAG is SO DAMNED CUTE XD!!! I want one! But not really XD If you read on, you'll see the thing I really really REALLY want :D

Friday, October 21, 2011

10.21.11 - Gawd my parents are awesome

"You HAVE to lose weight or you won't have any friends" - said by my Dad.

They finally came home on Wednesday. Why must they come home on my days off? ALWAYS! People say that it's because they want to spend time with me. My brother and I say it's because they want to make sure I won't have any "fun". 

They've been away for over a month fixing our SF house. But they would come back for "supplies". They always came back on my days off. I had only ONE day off (from them and work) because I called in sick. 

When they came home, they didn't ask how I was. They didn't worry about me. No, they demanded things. They were mad at me. They criticized me. They were mean to me! W.T.F!? 

Since they've been back, I feel that dread coming back and anger.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10.17.11 - What's in my bag?

 What the heck is in here? Lol!
I don't know what brand this is... @_@; I believe I purchased this at Nordstrom's

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10.17.11 - Applebee's, new camera, moo cards!?

Last Friday (10.14.11), I looked in the ad in our store and saw that they had a digital camera on sale. (I think it's over now) And I was debating if I should get it or not.

My cousin decided he really wanted my camera (the one that's about to die :P)... so... I was like, Ah! What the heck! ^_^; The camera I got : Sony DSC-W570

They had 4 different color choices: Silver, Black, Purple, and Pink. I didn't want silver or black because those are quite boring and most people have a silver/black camera. I'm not much of a pink fan but it was my second choice. My number one choice....
 Ding ding ding dinnnng! The purple one! I'm also not much of a purple fan but this was so pretty, I couldn't resist! It's more of a lavender color (a lot lighter than the image shows). UNFORTUNATELY, they were out of stock! The sales person [lol! I'm talking about him like I don't know who it is, but I know who he is [since I know everyone in the store ;P] even went to the warehouse to check. There was one in stock...BUT it was returned because it was defective, so they were shipping it back to the manufacturer. 

I was quite bummed...But, I remembered my second choice!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10.12.11 - One day...

One day, my eyeshadows will be as awesome as Fyrinnae's!!!! 

I received my order today and was so deeply jealous and in awe of how they formulated their eyeshadows ;__; I mean, look how gorgeous these are!

 w/o flash L-R: Fire Opal, Conjuror, Ashes, and Purgatory.

Do you know how awesome they are? Fire Opal was swatched on my bare hand! I ran out of room when I swatched the other three ;P (Stupid brush is too big) The other three were swatched over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy which for most mineral makeup a must!

w/ flash; L-R: Fire Opal, Conjuror, Ashes, and Purgatory.

SO PRETTY! I didn't want to take them off ;D~

You have no idea HOW happy I was when KimmieKarmaLove said that my formula was like Fyrinnae's and Aromaleigh's (another popular indie makeup brand; but they've just switched owners and are starting all over again)

One day... I'll be as popular as them! One day, I'll be able to quit my job because of my eyeshadows! *nods* I'm determined!!!

If not, we can still work on our stationery, right Strawberry Milk? :D


Gawds I felt like such an idiot when I was looking for my sticker flake post and couldn't find it. That's because I DIDN'T DO IT!!!! I already deleted it off the computer too -_-;

I was too lazy to switch cameras, so I used my SONY NEX-3 for these photos XD Maybe they'll be better quality? I didn't use the macro lens though, so they might not be that awesome ;) Also, I didn't put on the flash on this camera because honestly, I hate using the flash on this camera.

 I made the pix ginormous, so they'd be easier to see ;) As with my letter sets and such, I only like certain things: kawaii girlies/friends, skulls, cellphones (WHO KNOWS WHY!?), cutesy food items. I think I only like certain things for certain types of stationery. For letter sets, I'm more open, but for stickers...I'm quite picky ;P

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10.11.11 - Ahh! I forgot!

I forgot to post my sticker flake collection! The worst part is, I thought I I deleted all the photos from my folder -_-; That just means I have to do it all over again. I'll have to do it in a bit though...

The parents are back *grumbles*. They've been here for 2 days *grumbles more*. They were gone for a month with occasional visits, but my bro would always warn me ahead of time. They were supposed to leave yesterday but the weather *sigh*, oh, the weather!

Because of this WONDERFUL weather we've been having... I've been getting crazy headaches and a ton of people are getting sick. It would be: super warm, super cold and rainy, super warm, rainy, warm, rainy, HOT, rainy, HOT, STORM!!!!! X_x; Today, it's warm! Yesterday it was storming like crazy!!!

I was seriously hoping they wouldn't be here on my day off. Truthfully, I think they decided to stay today because they found out it was my day off. And yes, my schedule this week is different...AGAIN! :/ I don't think I've had a normal work schedule in a year! -_-;

My etsy store seems to be getitng a TON of views. I really have NO idea why/how. I haven't really advertised it. I don't think I've been featured anywhere, and if I was...WHY ISN'T ANYONE TELLING ME!? :P I've sent my stuff to a few people to review and that upped my views a TEENY TINY BIT. 

I used to get 1-5 views a day. Now, I get 50 a day X_x; I'm like WOAH! What happened? I really want to know O_o;

I blame this on Strawberry Milk! I want to make my own stationery again! It used to be so much fun. Stationery things I've always wanted to make:
-Letter sets (duhhh!)
-Stickers (duhh! ;P)
-Planners (uh, what?)
-Calenders (O_O; for real?)
-Cash book (wtf is that? lol)

I think it'd be fun.

My friend told me that she referred me to one of her friends. They wanted help on their Halloween/Birthday theme party. Their party is going to be a dark Alice in Wonderland theme (awesome!). Totally up my alley. She wanted to commission me to draw a ...thingy for her cupcakes (I don't even know what it is) and if I had any ideas for her decorations and such. ^_^; Since I had to work yesterday, I couldn't really work on it but gave her some ideas for decorations... it's such an awesome idea! :D I wish I knew enough people [okay, I wish I LIKED enough people] to do one too.

So, I need to be working on that and my Halloween drawing which I keep putting off :P

Gawds, this headache needs to GO AWAY ;__;

Sunday, October 9, 2011


How sad, this is the last of my collection ;__; Here are ALLL of my stickers! It's kind of scary how much I have -_-;

 One of the sticker flake sacks I forgot to post in the sticker flake post ;P

10.09.11 - STATIONERY COLLECTION: Korean Stickers

All of these stickers were going to be used for journalling (lol! I think I've stopped that) and for my planner. They've all got daily activities or whatnot on them and they're so cute XD


OMG! It's going to be the Letter Set entry!!! When I took these pictures, I was like...Didn't I used to have more? Yeah, USED to! I just remembered I sold/gave some away! X_x; Here we go!!! :P

As usual, if you want to see bigger pix, click on the image :)
The box I keep them in. It used to be FILLLLLEDDDDD until it was overflowing. Now it's just... almost full. Lol! On the left is my anime stationery AND BISEN. I wanted to take a pic of the regular letter sets and they got in the picture! tsk tsk! I think they wanted some attention too ;P 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

10.08.11 - I don't want to go to work today! -_-;

Too bad since I missed yesterday and today I have a closing shift with another supervisor. I can't leave him by himself (though I wish I could). Right now, I've got a headache but it's not ginormous enough for me to call in. 

I texted Sandy to see what days I had off next week and she said Tuesday and Wednesday. *sigh* That means my schedule was changed....AGAIN!!! :/ We'll see how horrible it'll be. X_x; I know next week is inventory week, which is also why I'm not surprised my schedule has changed. 

I can't believe I spent MOST of yesterday taking pictures <--mostly of my stationery collection ;D~ 

I took a break from taking pictures and went to see "REAL STEEL" (lame title). It was cool. When I came back the sun was starting to set and that made me sad. I raced home and whipped out my SONY NEX-3 and drove to the nearby park (a few blocks away) and started taking pix. I wanted to take pix by the man-made lake with the sunset, but by then the sun was mostly down. :( So I just stayed in the park/playground.

The pix are out of order, you'll see the difference because of the color of the sky :)

 This was my fave one. It's by the man-made lake...


Deco tape is a recent love. Recent, meaning, about two years ago. All of the deco tape you see here were purchased about two years ago. I'm using them for packaging up items for my shop ^__^; So it's not just for decoration *cough* excuses... lol

This will be a very short entry as I don't have "a lot" and if I did, I can stack them up and take a picture so I don't need to take a billion photos...

 I don't know if this counts as deco tape. It's just regular cellophane tape in an adorable-as-hell dispenser. These dispensers are MINIATURE!

 My deco tape. I actually had more but I must've used it all up. I used to have a set of mini green designs [on the left, you see a set of pink designs), that's why I think I must've used them all up. I don't know if you can tell, but my fave deco tape themes are: SKULLS, cutesy food, and fancy designs ^_^; 

Some more MINIATURE deco tape in dispensers.

I'm falling asleep. I've already taken pictures of all my stationery, so I will post tomorrow my letter sets and stationery sheets.


This time, I'm going to be posting my anime stationery and the stationery I'm using NOW. First, I'll post the latter ^_^

Right now, I'm using these letter sets and stickers. I still have a few people to write to (like 4?) and thought it would be better to switch off my stationery than use the same one. 

Friday, October 7, 2011


Okay, I'm not a big Sanrio fan. Especially since I discovered San-X, Kamio Japan, CRUX, Q-Lia, and etc. But something about Sanrio brings out nostalgia.

My favorite Sanrio characters were Little Twin Stars and My Melody. If I had to choose, Little Twin Stars would definitely win over My Melody. You'll see in this collection, that it's MOSTLY Little Twin Stars.

All of these were purchased the most recent (from 4 years to a few months ago) because there's a store 20 minutes away. It's not a big store...but oh well :P
There was a set that included this tote bag, stickers, autograph book, sticker, pen, button, and a coin purse. 

10.07.11 - ♥ STATIONERY COLLECTION PART I: Memo pads & misc items ♥

I've been having some major female pains. I usually don't get them but for some reason they're pretty bad. So bad that I called in to work -_-; Bad, I know. But you must understand that on Fridays and Saturdays the other supervisors (I'm a supervisor) at work are EXTREMELY lazy because our department manager has his days off on these days. So, that means [I'M not lazy because I can't be!] I have to run around the whole department and our department is not small. :/ I didn't want to have to deal with that so... I called in.

I was talking to my friend Strawberry Milk and I was thinking about doing a kawaii stationery collection. I don't know if she's going to do it but I thought I would ;) 

I have a lot of stationery. That's because when I was in high school, I started to penpal. I had over 100 penpals and I didn't like writing on regular boring paper. I found kawaii stationery and started collecting them! So my collection is 10+ years old. Most of them were purchased when I moved to Chico. Chico is 3 hours away from where I used to live (we still have a house there) and my kawaii stationery mecca. I had no entertainment in Chico. I didn't drink, we didn't have TV, no internet, nothing. So, I wrote letters. I used to get 5 letters a week :) It was so much fun. I swapped FB's too. etc.... 

Anyway, whenever we would go to SF (to visit family or whatnot), I would stock up on stationery. Soon, my penpals started dwindling down and I would have no one to write to. So, I still have all that stationery @__@; *cough* 

OKAY! Let me go on with the collection. I'm going to start off with my memo pad collection. I don't really like memo pads/notebooks because I get bored of them easily. :P These were purchased about 7 years ago

Box o' memos

Thursday, October 6, 2011

10.06.11 - Photography post! ^_^;

Little do people know, I love photography. I don't think I'm that good at it but that's because I don't have much experience...

I purchased this camera for myself as a birthday present TO myself :P Plus, I wanted an awesome quality camera for my eyeshadows. I really like this camera even if no one knows about it ;P The camera I got is a SONY NEX-3. All of the photos that I'll be posting (except for my eyeshadow product images) in this post (lol) were used with the NEX-3. (Click on the images to view them larger)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10.05.11 - Sleepy sleepy :P

It's quite late right now but that's because I just finished making my new eyeshadow shades. Each shade takes me about an hour or more to make because I need to perfect it. Whenever I make a new shade, I know what it looks like in my mind, so when I mix them... that's when I need to perfect them to be the way I want them to.

I had thought about releasing a Hell Wonderland collection but wondered how I would do it. I'm thinking I would do it in sets within the collection. This first one is going to be based on my drawing Broken Heart. I'll bet taking better photos tomorrow since it's super late right now and there's no awesome lighting lol.

Anyway, had a crap day today. I woke up with a really bad migraine that kept getting worse and worse. During the worst moments, I had tears in my eyes and almost threw up five times. Everyone at work thought I was going to die (okay not really, they just thought I was going to throw up on them. I was literally gagging) I had taken some MOTRIN but it took about 15 minutes for it to work. Those 15 minutes were the worst! :( I was tempted to go home early too but I decided not to...

Tomorrow's my day off. I need to ship off an order of e/s samples that someone purchased. I hope it won't be storming/raining tomorrow (like it is right now) since the post office is quite a ways...

I don't know what else to say...I'm falling asleep :P

Monday, October 3, 2011

10.03.11 - LIAR GAME

REMINDER TO SELF: Need to buy stamps...Don't have any more for bills @__@;

I finished watching CSI Season 9 on DVD and I had nothing else to watch. But the last time I had gone to SF I had gotten LIAR GAME so I chose to watch this and I must say I seriously love this show. I'm almost done watching it! I only started yesterday. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

10.02.11 - Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary! ♥

 A week ago, I had seen a trailer for the 25th Anniversary for the live show. I knew I HAD to see it. Luckily, October 2nd was my day off! ^_-

10.01.11 - My eyes hurt!

My eyes hurt only because they're tired. I seem to like blogging late into the night. Plus, I just came home an hour ago.... 

When I arrived at work, I noticed complete and utter CHAOS!!!! X_x;;; The line was HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE, it seemed as if there was only ONE supervisor (Noe) there. After I ran off to password some people, Noe threw the safe (not literally, of course) at me. Then he left. I was like O_O;; WTF!? I had no idea what was going on, I didn't know if they had called in more people to ring up... etc. 

Luckily, Sandy (another supervisor) came up and told me what was going on. Basically, our manager messed up (and the other managers too) our schedules! Apparently, from the time the store opened (which was directly after the awards' ceremony) until 10 am (2 hours?), the systems were down. So the line was backing up... then, they realized that NOBODY WAS SCHEDULED TO COME IN...until.... 6PM!!!!!!! WHAT?!

Lucky me, I came in at the most "PERFECT!" time! When the line was at it's longest and people were leaving to go home/lunch, etc. We, literally had 5 cashiers (the department can hold over 46 registers) and 1 merchandiser (they're backup cashiers). I was surprised that there were no pissed off customers. They were all quite patient. 

A bunch of the managers (including store manager) kept seeing the line in the security cameras and kept calling over the overhead speakers for all of our backup cashiers to help out. The thing was...we had NONE! So when the line was at it's longest, the store manager came over and demanded to know what was going and why there was no one around. I told him the truth, because nobody was scheduled. All the people that were in my department at that time were the only people that were scheduled at that time. Everybody else came in 3 hours later! 

I guess that didn't sit well with the store manager and he kept texting my department manager, who, lucky for him, did not work that day. My department manager called 20 minutes later and he asked what was going on and why the store manager kept texting him about the insanely long line. So I told him what happened and I told him that all the supervisors were ringing and all the backup cashiers (only 1 lol) were ringing too. There really was nothing I could do and he agreed. He said for me to do the best I could. 

Amazingly, we all got through it. 

Today was a completely energy draining day! X_x; Right now, I can barely keep my eyes opened. 

Anyway, it's time for me to go to sleep.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

10.1.11 - Song of the Week

Almost There by TrustCompany [no, it's not a Naruto song. It was the only video I could find ;P]

10.1.11 - 1st Post, WOOO?!?! :D

Yay! First post! favicon I decided I'm going to do a daily blog now, just cuz...well, I love writing. I have a traditional journal which I used to be so diligent in keeping; but because I've found myself on my laptop more and more and MORE... I thought this would be good too ^_^;  Hee hee...Especially since I can also post on the go (phone).

Today, our workplace had their annual award ceremony and breakfast. It means we have to get up SUPER early for lukewarm food that usually tastes bad. (From what I heard, the food was better this year) At least we got paid for it ;P Usually we have a talent show (if you could call it that *cough* :P) so the awards ceremony would last about 2 hours. This year it lasted for an hour and a half. Most of that time was spent trying to get everyone to eat the catered food.

A lot of us didn't eat the food because we had all planned a birthday breakfast for one of our co-workers, Rida. [or as I call her, Ridan] She had a birthday dinner tonight but most of the people that went to the breakfast (I think 16 of us?) couldn't make it to the dinner. [Like me! I wanted to go, but I have a closing shift tonight; I leave in an hour boo!] 

Once the awards ceremony was over, we clocked out and were about to leave when Pao gathered us up (all the people in our dept) to take a picture -_-; Luckily, I'm short and was standing behind some people that were taller than me ;D~ Heehee!
[Yoinked this photo from Pao's facebook ;D I would name everyone BUT X_x; that would be too hard to do. LOL. Aww...darn, you can see me -_-; I was hoping not. :D]

Then, we headed off to IHOP which was a block away(?). The people in IHOP looked like they wanted to kill us because of how many people we had :/ But they did well. They didn't mess up (except ONCE when they gave me a large orange juice when I wanted a small one). I was quite sad because no one wanted to sit near me... and after I whined "Wahh, no one wants to sit near me." They all scooted over. Gee...thanks. X_x; I'd like to not whine and have people sit near me.

 Irum saying PEACE ;P Marsha's Husband is next to her. They couldn't seat us all at one table, so the table in the back is also with us. These photos were taken with my phone ;P