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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

02.26.13 - Alternate to Filofax paper...

I'm finally going to post a (quick?) review on the Kiddy Qualia paper I purchased on Etsy. 

 Most of her refills are colorful. I have come across plain white ones...but I ordered the colorful ones. 

If you've read my previous Filofax posts, you'll know that I really don't like the Filofax papers. Most of the pens I use show through on the other side. The only ones that don't are when I use ballpoint pens. 

 I like my pages to be full of color and etc. Using ballpoint pens won't cut it. I like my inks to be bold and bright. So I searched on Etsy and came across KiddyQualia's store. She makes bright, rainbow colored refills. (For Pocket, Personal, and A5 sizes). 

At that time, I only had my Pocket Finsbury.... 

It didn't take long for my order. The owner of the shop is very nice and convo'd me for some information that I left out. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

02.20.13 - Setting up Personal Metropol

 I admit, I was putting off setting up my Metropol. >_>; I had only 3 categories (big tabs), but I wanted to use all the ones that were included (6) otherwise, it would annoy me. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of anything after the 3 categories, those were the most important to me... 

I, also, didn't want to set it up yet for a few reasons:
#1) I ordered more paper from KiddyQualia and wanted to use it for the sub-sections in the big tabs (I think I just confused myself Lol)
#2) I couldn't figure out how to do my dividers. I didn't want to leave them plain :(

Thursday, February 14, 2013

02.14.13 - Well that's nice >_>;

I did's a stupid. -_-;

Yesterday, I took a million (not really) photos. Luckily, some of it was already posted (in my previous entry).  Unfortunately, most of the photos (60+) were for my other blog and hadn't been posted yet since the previous post took longer [Thanks to a wonky internet connection!!!] than planned. 

While this new laptop has an SD card slot, for some reason I couldn't get it to go in and I was too frustrated and decided to use my external card reader. The external one is located in the back of my laptop (USB port is back there). I left the SD card in there overnight.

After work today, I had to check my messages (for my store) and when I flipped open the laptop, there was a loud CRUNCH sound. X_____x; Yep! My SD card was in between the hinge, so now it's broken completely in half. *sigh* 

The thing is, I don't even mind that the photos I took yesterday are gone. Those I can easily re-do (kind of....) But that SD card housed my favorite photography-type photos. Like my cactus photos and my little troll thing... ;___; Luckily I did save MOST of them on my external hard drive but there were a few I didn't get to save. Luckily, I had posted them on this blog already so it's saved somewhere in cyberspace :P

But now, I have to buy a new SD card -_-; I'll have to learn to be careful with my SD card too. Anyway, that was my awesome moment! Lol!

While it was slow, I decided to re-plan my Metropol. I was trying to see if I had any more ideas on what to use the Metropol for. I did end up having a few new ideas (compared to the previous plan for it) for it... I can't wait to use it. If I wasn't so tired and had the paper... I'd start setting it up.

I've lost my train of thought... but it's because I'm super tired. I'm going to pass out. I was up since 530AM. Oh, I need to remember to keep my phone on (sound) because my alarm clock broke, so I have to use my phone to wake me up (I don't like using the alarm on my phone). Luckily, it's a later day... so I might not even need my alarm.

02.13.13 - Yum Yum Sushi! Metropol has arrived!

Yesterday, when I was supposed to do chores (which I ended up doing later :P); I went to lunch with my friend, April. We wanted some Japanese food and headed off to our usual place, Arigato Sushi which is about 30 minutes away (for both of us but coming from different directions). It's, also, directly next to an art supply store: Utrecht

We agreed to meet at Noon. I was the first to arrive. She arrived a few minutes later, we decided to go to Utrecht first. We spent about 30 minutes in there just browsing. Then, we declared that we were starving and headed off to eat.

 It was my first time there in the day time/afternoon. We usually go after work which is usually 10pm and later. So it's quite interesting to see how much light is in the restaurant (it's usually very dark and dim).

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

02.12.13 - FILOFAX: Pocket Finsbury Set-Up

I've had my Filofax for about a month already. I think it's time to finally show the setup of my Finsbury. I've also decided to purchase another one (according to the tracking number, it should be here tomorrow!). I'll do a post once I've received it. 

Taa daa! My Pocket Finsbury in Antique Rose
You can kind of see my new laptop (YAY!) in the background. I love the leather to the Finsbury. It's soft and squishy (lol). I'm still not too keen on the color but, I can deal with it ^_^ I, also, love the Pocket size. Though, I wanted a Personal size too. Mostly because it seems you can find more things for a Personal size than a Pocket size.

I've tried using this as a wallet for a week like I've seen some people do but I can't seem to do it. I kind of find it an annoying way (no offence to those that like it as a wallet!!! *runs away and hides*) to hold your cards and money and such.

Monday, February 11, 2013

02.11.13 - Happy New Year! (and work rants ;P)

As the title says, Happy New Year! It's the year of the Snake and I still don't know much about it ^_^; What kind of Chinese person am I!? Lol. >_>; 

On Lunar New Year EVE, I had to work. My brother came up from San Francisco to visit (not like it's far away :P). My "crazy" grandma was brought up here a few days before. I guess my Dad wanted a good start for his Dad. Speaking of good starts, last week my parents paid of half of my credit cards. I went a little crazy the first few years I got it and was stupid and was taking my time to pay them off. But now that they've been cutting our hours and *sigh*... I just can't pay them any more. So, they paid COMPLETELY half of them. Though, I have to pay them back so from every single paycheck I get, I have to pay them $250. (I get paid weekly). 

Anyway, I rambled on. Back to New Year's talk :P!

I had a closing shift on Feb 9th and my brother was stuck in traffic. Mom made some New Year's Eve food for us and we had to pray to our ancestors and Gods and thank them for the year. 

Today, I woke up to the sound of my brother and my Dad watching Mission Impossible 3. I think they did it on purpose to wake us up. ^_^; Once we were all "awake" and ready, we prayed to our ancestors and Gods again and ate a traditional Vegetarian dish. We finished watching Mission Impossible 3 (via Netflix) and received a few calls from relatives wishing us a happy and prosperous new year. Once we were done with the movie, we went out to Hong Kong Islander for some Dim Sum

As we were headed out, we saw my Aunt walking around and we all felt bad for her. Our car couldn't hold any more people (we were already packed in like sardines!) because if we had room, we'd take her too. My cousin was stuck at work and my Uncle went fishing or something (as usual). So, she was by herself. She did stop by to chat once we got home, though.

At Hong Kong Islander, it was super packed which really wasn't a surprise. My neighbor works there and she was running around. We waited in line for 45 minutes and were ushered into one of their banquet rooms. Unfortunately for us, the people pushing the carts kept missing our table. Which made our stay very short. It also was very annoying that I was sitting directly under the speaker and they were blasting a New Year song  which ones one song over and over and over again.

I thought it was cute that they got the owner to dress up as....>_>; who I believe to be the Kitchen God (?) and was passing around red envelopes to every single table or customer that asked for it. The red envelopes contained a chocolate coin and a coupon for a future visit. We ended up getting four of these red envelopes since my Dad knew the owner. It was cute watching the families run off to take pictures with him. ^_^

After Dim Sum, we just ended up watching TV (uh... Netflix, I mean) until around 9pm. We watched: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, The Untouchables, and K-19. ^_^; We had leftovers for dinner and my brother "left" at around 7 PM. I say "left" because after he went to get gas, he saw that there was heavy traffic and decided to come back and wait it out. We can see the freeway from my house.... He, eventually, left at 9 PM. He probably returned at around 11pm (if there was no traffic).

Well, that was how my day was spent. I wanted to do a blog post but I didn't know what to write. I wanted to do one on my Filofax setup, but for some reason I just didn't feel like it. Maybe I'll do it on my next day off? I don't know....

I'm, also, seriously looking for a new job. I've applied to 8 places in the last 2 days. There are many rumors about my workplace shutting down. The store in Roseville fired all of their Returns Department...Our store might be headed that way and there's a rumor that my store has "too many supervisors" in my department. :/ Well, if that's true, then I hope they get rid of the new supervisor that jipped (sp????) me of my position.. Yes, I'm still bitter about it. ESPECIALLY since she doesn't do anything and she gets paid more and she's getting on everyone's nerves including all the managers in the store.

Speaking of her >___>; All of the supervisors in my department have at least one closing day. I have two (Mondays and Saturdays). All of us are mad about her not having a single one. Everyone's complained about it. Now that the Holiday season is over and people are going back to school, we've received a new schedule. 

Her new schedule has her closing on one day. When she saw that, she was pissed. So, she called up our District Manager (because they're friends and that's how she got this position. Did I mention that before? Oh, well there! This is why I'm bitter about it!) and whined to him about it. So he calls up my manager and asks him about it:
DistMgr: Why is she closing?
Mgr: All the supervisors close except for her. It's not fair to the others...
DistMgr: Well, she has school, so she can't close
Mgr: She only goes to school on Tuesday and Thursdays. She has plenty of time...
DistMgr: Oh, okay...carry on!


Oh, but she's still pissed about it. How do I know? I have a mid-shift on Friday (the day she closes [with Sandy]). So far...these first two weeks of her closing are not going well. She has her lunch earlier than Sandy... and on both times, she's come back late from lunch. Not just late...but EXTREMELY LATE! One hour and 50 minutes!!!! NO! It made me go home late and Sandy go to lunch late. Who cares about me going home late. Because of her, Sandy has to take a SHORT lunch because of her! 

Uhh... Wow, this isn't turning out to be an uplifting post. Lol! Oh! I know!

I've received my Tax Return/Tax Refund (whatever) and the two things I wanted the most I have purchased. I'm still waiting on the other to arrive (in the mail). The first thing I purchased was the new Urban Decay Glinda palette. Is it sad that I really wanted that palette for the case and one of the colors? :P

The other thing I purchased and am waiting impatiently for is another Filofax. What?! Another one!? Yeap! The one I'm getting is also on sale. It's a Personal Metropol in Lavender. It's beautiful. As much as I still love my Pocket Finsbury, it's a little too small for me to write certain things.

I decided that the Metropol will be used for the "serious/business/financial"-part of my life and will be a stay-at-home planner. (I was going to type stay-at-home-mom. Lol). I've already planned what I'll be using it for. The thing I haven't decided is if I should just keep with the Filofax crap paper or order ones off of Etsy, like I did for my Finsbury (the paper, I need to do a review on). 

Anyway, I'm finally getting sleepy...