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Saturday, February 25, 2012

02.24.12 - What's in my bag?

The wind has been going a little crazy these past few days ... Right now it sounds like it's blowing houses down. Okay, not really. But there are things that are right next to my room that are knocking over and over into each other 

A few days ago, I decided that I was going to do another "what's in my bag" post. Just cuz somehow there was a TON of junk in my bag and I thought it'd be funny to do a post. LOL! 

What you see is what's REALLY inside my bag on that day. I've since taken out a lot of it. LOL!
Starring this bag I got on about 3 years ago. [But I got it on sale for $20]. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

02.23.12 - Stressing out...

My skin is not good. It's not getting any better. Okay... I mean... my ECZEMA is getting worse! I showed my mom today and she kind of freaked out. Usually my mom will say something like "Quit your bitchin and deal with it" <--in a much nicer way ;) lol

But she was like umm... let's take you to see a dermatologist. But I'm kinda scared. :P So I don't want to. *runs away* I've been using my "for eczema" lotions and it helps a bit... but then the itchiness starts up all over again (if I'm "lucky!")

Other things to stress about... it was SUDDENLY announced last week that our corporate office was coming in for a "visit". When I say "visit", I mean "inspection". The funny thing is...last year we didn't really get any. We usually get one once every 3 weeks. But last year, it was only once because there was always some sort of emergency. Honestly though, I think they're scared of our ghetto store ;)

Anyway, so this week we've been stressing about getting everything done (mostly cleaning and re-organizing our department and storage rooms [we're in charge of MOST of the store]). But, then tragedy hits. Two of our supervisor's family members died. So they had to rush off, which kind of stresses us out too because we don't know what they've done and we're all assigned certain duties.

They were supposed to show up today...but I hadn't seen them at all. Well, that's not true. I didn't see MY department's district manager. I saw a few other departments'... but... yeah. I'm hoping and PRAYING he doesn't come in. -_-; He makes me nervous >__>

One good thing did happen. I received one of my new phone cases that I ordered on eBay. Trust me, you'll be seeing 4 more. Lol. I thought this was really neat-looking and it's very 3D looking....I can't explain it unless you look at it in person.

 Isn't it pretty? I'm not one for pink, but some things look better in pink. I bet if this was a blue & purple one...I wouldn't like it as much.

I tried taking a pic of the 3-dness of it. But it just came out weird. Lol XD

This week and last week I got an influx of orders O_o; I was quite surprised. I was happy but surprised. I think I was stressing about it too. I was trying to find the TIME to package them up. Every time I tried to, I had to help dad :/ 

Anyway, that's what I ended up doing for 3 hours today. Just packing up orders... I'm going to send off most of them except for one. I was really tired by the time I had that ONE left over. >__> I'm lame, I know!

It's getting quite warm...

Anyway, I really shouldn't be online since I have an opening shift... but *shrugs*.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

02.18.12 - Umm? I dunno?

Yesterday, I called in sick. Honestly though, I wasn't. Well, actually, that's not true. I had some stomach issues but >__> let's not go into detail. I called in because I don't know what's wrong with me. I feel like (and this is lately) I don't belong anywhere. I don't want to do anything. I don't ...I don't know. I think it's from depression.

Anyway, onto some good stuff? I've been looking for a clasp-type clutch/coin purse thingy to hold my small crap in my bag (including coins, lip balm and such). So I looked on etsy... Um...why is everything $25+!?!?!? I wanted a SMALL ONE! I found this one...
 It's gorgeous, and not that much money. Though it IS bigger than I wanted...but I chose the size... I didn't want the smaller one (I don't know why). Anyway, it arrived yesterday. You can purchase them HERE

 It's very well-made and stiff. I wanted it to be stiff and not...floppy (get it?) It's quite roomy. That's why I plan on putting more than just change in here lol.

 Rida (co-worker) asked me awhile ago to make two custom pressed eyeshadow palettes. She helped me with some of my financial crisis recently. She told me that she's not lending me the money but she's BUYING from me. So I didn't have to pay back. Anyway, she wanted two custom palettes. I finished one of them... the other one is half done. 
Here's the finished one. She wanted me to put a label on the palette but none of my sticker paper would work..., so I used one of my prints and glued it on with crafter's glue.

Here's what the finished palette (inside) looks like. The inside of the lid is super shiny from the condensation [I didn't let it dry before I closed the lid on it -_-; I smart ] so I tried to wipe it down/clean it up... umm... the color came off. I don't know if you can see in the I switched out the colors to a different palette and glued on another print. It looks better now. Lol -_-; 

That's what's been going on (okay, not much at all!)

Monday, February 13, 2012

02.12.12 - I've joined the herd!!!!

I finally FINALLY got my tax return. I was kind of freaking out because I had just mailed the house bill and I was short $100. But it came in late that same night. Anyway, I also told myself that I would use that money to get rid of T-Mobile and get an iPhone and get Sprint. I know I know...I didn't want an iPhone but...for some reason I've been craving for it for the last few months!

Anyway... yesterday, Dad went to SF to talk to the guy that owes us money and cuz he was freaked about about us taking him to court, he gave us MOST of the money back. It made Dad quite happy too since right after, he went and bought a used car. I think Mom was happy about it too cuz she didn't bitch about it...AT ALL!

Because of Dad buying the car (they did it in SF), my bro had to drive up here in my Dad's other car (truck). My bro stayed overnight and they left here at 7:00pm. 

I told myself that once I got my tax return, I would get the iPhone. And when my brother came up here, I was like "OMG perfect timing! We'll upgrade/downgrade (??) his plan so we could have a family plan". Since he's with Sprint too. Then I realized that he wanted to upgrade his phone and it'll be in awhile before he could. So if he changed his plan, I don't think he'd be able to get a new phone. So I said forget it because it was only $4 cheaper if we went on a family plan.

This morning, it seemed as if they were going to go back to SF early (Dad was to drive my bro back) but they didn't. My Dad wanted to go out and "show off" in the new car *snorts*. He wanted to take us to the Vacaville Outlets but none of us really wanted to go. He wanted to take us to eat dim sum, but none of us wanted to go. It made me feel kinda bad. But then he got a call to check out someone's house to get an estimate on (to fix it). 

My bro and I headed out. The first place we went to was Best Buy. I decided to go there cuz I thought my bro would be bored if he was going to wait for me to get my stuff activated. Unfortunately, they didn't have the one I wanted. :/ After wandering a bit, we headed off to the Sprint store which was directly across the street (Lol). 

According to the sales-dude, there was an error when porting (lol) my # to Sprint. He said that it should work tomorrow... 

My bro and I went to my workplace and I got a cheap-o case and a screen protector...then went grocery shopping. Then, went home. I was getting a KILLER HEADACHE. We watched some movies on the computer, had lunch and the parents tried going to SF but there was traffic and they ended up staying longer.

Once we got home from our expedition (above), I charged my phone. I was sad to see that it wasn't activated but it was okay. Once the parents and my bro left, I started inputting contacts. A few minutes after I started, I had service. 
 After I input all my contacts, I put on the screen protector (there are still widdle air bubbles! I'm not talented enough!) and put on the case.
The flash made it blinding. I wanted to get a different case but I liked it cuz it was sleek. Little did I know how SLEEK and SLIPPERY iPhones are! The case makes it not as slippery but it's still slippery. 

Went on eBay and purchased some Little Twin Stars' iPhone cases. I can't wait for them to arrive! Yay I get to have my slew of cutesy cases. Mwahahahah!

Monday, February 6, 2012

02.06.12 - Blush fiend

Lancome's newest blush is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PRETTY!!! I mean, look at it! But it's like a bazillion dollars X_x; One thing I love to wear is BLUSH mwahah!

Stila's Love at First Blush is also super duper pretty! :) And really cute! It's $14 (compared to Lancome's $42 or was it $40?)

I haven't been sleeping well so my days go by in a blur. I don't remember them. I think I didn't do anything yesterday. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN installing my new scanner but I don't know why I didn't. I know I went grocery shopping and typed up my recipes for my latest i+t shades. And I know I watched the latest dvd set I have of CSI (season 10; the first 3 eps). But that's all. When I went grocery shopping, it took like an hour. 

I'm kind of excited today (KIND OF) because our new supervisor from work is closing with me! *dances* Which means.... I'LL BE TRAINING HER!!! ANNNND!!! She'll be opening with me on Wednesday!!! Which means,... I'LL BE TRAINING HER!!!! Take that you useless supervisors! <--I think I mentioned that we were all vying to train her. But her first week (last week), I think was used to get her used to being a supervisor and learning SOME of the things. 

This week, she'll be learning the IMPORTANT things like taking the safe and being the supervisor in charge, closing duties, opening duties. I kinda feel important that Robert (mgr) chose me to train her. *dances* Cuz I always feel like I'm doing things wrong. 

But there's also a downside and it's an EXTREME downside. It's another thing of high-school-like drama. One of the cashiers who also applied to be a sup got denied from the store manager because of a DUMB mistake that SHE did. Though, she blames other people. 

When she applied to be a supervisor, I immediately thought OH NO -_-; She's going to be a shitty ass supervisor. 

Anyway, she's TICKED that this new one got it instead of her. And she's throwing hissy fits about it and constantly saying "i'm going to quit i hate this place!" The worst part is, she now opens with me on Thursdays (or Wednesdays) and she's been ranting to me about it UGHHHHH! AND she asks me if she thinks she can have another chance to be a supervisor. Dude, if the store manager denied you I highly doubt it ESPECIALLY since they were going to FIRE HER ASS! And stop bugging me! I'm getting HIGHLY irritated.

I'm excited that I'm closing with the new sup, and when I went to tell some of the Monday closers she made a face and said "I'm going to change my Mondays so I don't have to close." <--she used to be good friends with her too but because she got that position, she's being so damned spiteful it's just UGH!

Anyway, I think the new sup is doing good. She's not like Linda C and she won't be power-hungry like that cashier will OBVIOUSLY be. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

02.25.12 - youtube contest rant

A little over two months ago, I was asked to judge a youtube art contest. I agreed to do it and thought that she would post it right up since she had posted up the prizes. But she didn't... 

She posted up the video a month later... It was a themed contest. The theme, historical costumes. (or something to do with a historical theme and costumes) I messaged her telling her that because she posted the contest at that time, I would be quite busy because it was during the holiday season and I was stuck at work and was always too tired to do anything. Plus, I was working on my innocent+twisted stuff. 

In December, she sent me all the contestants' entries and 90% of them didn't even follow the theme. :/ So, I narrowed it down to the ones that DID follow the theme because I thought it wouldn't be fair. Most of the artists' were very amateur-ish but there was one that was almost a pro. I had a very sick feeling... The one that had the "pro" art didn't follow the theme either.

I emailed her telling her my decision and WHY I chose them. 

She emailed me a week ago asking who I decided on..if I had any DIFFERENT choices (from the ones I did). I told her no, because they followed the theme. She messages me back saying "I'm very lenient on the theme" O_o;;


Well, her words are "I'm really relaxed about the theme, and more interested in the actual quality of the artwork". 

Anyway, she just posted up the results and the people she chose... only ONE followed the theme :/ *sigh* And of course she chose the art that was "pro". Of course. 

I find that completely unfair :/ But it's true that it IS her contest...*sigh* RAWR

The most IRRITATING thing is she messaged me asking for the people I chose. I GAVE THEM TO YOUUUUU!!! Then she posted an announcement on her page saying that she's sorry for taking so long with the contest because she's having "problems" with a judge. X_x; Suddenly, I'm getting a bunch of RUDE messages from people DEMANDING that I, HURRY UP AND CHOOSE! :/ And are you asking the other judges that too? Did they give out my screenname so that they would SPAM me?! WTF!?


I need to do more videos X_x; 

02.05.12 - New Scanner & random sketchbook talk


It took me forever to decide if I should get a new scanner already. It was driving me crazy that I couldn't scan my latest label which would also delay the release of the first 5 shades of my newest collection. 

Since I'll be getting my tax return soon, I was like "WHO CARES! I'M GETTING IT!" This is what I got. Canon Canoscan LIDE 210

The one I had before (the one that died a violent death) was a Canon Canoscan LIDE 90. WAAAY off from a 210 lol! I like these scanners for their compact size. I've used HP, Epson, and Canon scanners. My brother has an HP scanner; when I was in school we had Epson ones... and my personal ones were Canon. I liked these because they're quite compact. I guess that's also a bad thing because you can't scan big things ;D~ But most of my drawings are on regular letter sized paper.

I'm wondering if I should lay it flat (like in the pic) or should I utilize the stand? If I use the stand, I'll have more room on my desk BUT it'll be harder to scan things! (I think)

Onto random things that have nothing to do with the scanner :P

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

02.01.12 - Yippee? It's Feb!

I'm sleepy! X_x; 

On my day off yesterday, I planned to work on innocent+twisted items. But I had to do some things for my dad first!

The first thing I had to do was find a process server in Sunnyvale so we could get someone to "serve" papers. Found some online...great! They accept attachments...great! Went to scan the documents....and my scanner made a horrific noise like it was going to explode.

Though, it's been making that noise the last few times I've used it. The last time I used it, it wouldn't scan properly and took SIX passes for it to scan a proper picture. Now, it doesn't even move :/ 

Anyway! I was panicking a bit about that too because I had planned on doing some label art for the other 3 of my latest collection. [If I'm not making sense, it's cuz I'm trying so hard to stay awake...] but since I can't scan anything...I don't know what to do... :P

Then I remembered my OLD I rushed off to try and use that one...NOPE! It's missing a cable! :/  WTF?!?! So I found the fax number and decided to fax them the documents. Everything's going perfectly fine until the LAST MINUTE of it screeching at me...basically, it wouldn't fax out the documents :/ 

So that's what happened most of the day. I was trying to fix my scanner (and my broken scanner and old scanner's cables don't fit... :/)