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Saturday, December 31, 2011

12.31.11 - Last of 2011

You would think that since the Holiday season is over that there would be no more holiday music playing in the store, that there would be no more mean cranky customers! Nope! Not true X_x;

Had a pretty bad day...Supervisors being deathly lazy! I was so mad...they even left me on the floor by myself for the longest time. And we had every cashier working today. So how the heck am I going to supervisor 50+ cashiers by myself!??! Ugh! 

Have been seriously contemplating switching departments. The A/V department is extremely short staffed (in supervisors and salespeople)... one of our former supervisors has gone to that department and he's making 3 times how much I'm making! :( So jealous!

When I was in SF, I purchased a Japanese drama called "Size Does Matter" / Yama Onna Kabe Onna . I, literally, just started watching this and I love it. It's hilarious! It's kinda pervy (I think???) because it's about boobs too lol! But it's just so funny!

Though watching this is making me want to buy a new bag XD That's pretty bad lol! 

Friday, December 30, 2011

12.30.11 - What's in my bag!?

Don't you hate when you have a zit growing on your face but you don't feel it and when you get home and then you look in the mirror, you see it there and you're like "OMG! is that what people were staring at all day!?!?" X_x; Yeah, I hate it when that happens! Cuz it happened today X_x;

I was at Walgreens and found my fave chocolate of ALL time! I forgot that this is the only time it comes out ;__; I came across these when I was a kid and my cousin was selling them (fundraiser). Seriously love them. Last year, I bought like 3 of them lol! This year, I forgot and was looking around Walgreens for some hand-lotion and wandered around...and saw the last box *cries*. WHY!?!? 
Yummy goodnessessssss

Anyway! I was bored, so I decided to do a "what's in my bag" post ;P

12.29.11 - Photo dump

On my day off, there were some awesome looking clouds... so I took some pix! :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12.27.11 - Stupid Ol' Me ^_^;

Yesterday, I was extremely out of it. I had three moments which I was an extreme idiot ;D Lol! 

Scenario 1 - I went to take a shower, got in the shower and shirt was still on ;D~ 

Scenario 2 - I usually spray my room with air freshener (from Bath & Body Works! ♥) so when I come home, my room smells loverly ;P and I pressed the button and I'm like "why doesn't it smell yummy?" ;__; I looked down and I sprayed a lotion LOL!!! ahh... I'm so smart

Scenario 3 - At work. There was a problem with the cash pull log (messed up by Pao) and Colin (another sup) and I were figuring it out when one of the cashiers was calling for a supervisor for help. So I went over there. Turns out he needed to do a void. Once I did the void, I went to log it in... IN THE CASH PULL LOG!!! I was wondering why Colin and Pao were there going over the [what I thought was the VOID log] log X___x;;;; and then I realized and I ran away shame-faced, while they stared at me like I was nuts


I know USPS is screwing up but this is ridiculous. My bills came in... and they're due next week. Umm.. what? I usually have a 3 week lee-way (is that how you spell that word?) but I will have to blame it on the holiday season. *nods* Luckily, I haven't spent that much this month :D I was surprised about the SF trip. I HONESTLY thought I would spend so much that I'd be broke. But I think the truth is...when I went to Japantown by myself that Monday and was choosing the surprise bags... I was tired of shopping by then and my arms were killing me cuz those things are pretty heavy :D <--aka I'm a puny weakling. ^__^;

I think I'm doing well with my "Journal your December". I wanted to write more but I got busy and sleepy lol so I couldn't write in it every day ;_; and it's kind of boring. No awesome decorations or anything. But the swap said it's okay because it's just a journal. But I want my journals to be fanciful!

Maybe I'll join up the January one too? I dunno ;D Nah, it kinda takes up a lot of time.

When I had my "Tragic Tuesday" sale, I spoiled myself with a Nintendo 3ds. I told myself that once a Mario game comes out... I'll get it!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


What are your plans for today? My family doesn't really celebrate Christmas, so... :P

The only thing we DO do (lol sounds like "doodoo") is if we have the days off, we'll visit my brother or he'll visit us. This year, my brother came up with my grandma (mom's mom). She wanted to visit my aunt and uncle [she's staying at their place]. 

Apparently, they're having a Christmas Dinner party. [in a few hours]

Friday, December 23, 2011

12.23.11 - SF, yo

The trip to SF was a last minute dealio. I didn't finalize any plans with anyone. I mean, I told the parents, literally, 2 minutes before I left for work. I didn't even pack yet!

After work (my closing shift), I was surprised that Dad didn't get mad or whatever. In fact he said something that shocked me! It shocked me so much that I was VERY suspicious!!!! He said: "Have fun!"


If you know my dad,... he NEVER says that! After he approved of me going... I was wondering if he was going to make me bring stuff up for him :/ I was waiting for the LONG lecture about money that I usually get before I leave somewhere. I was waiting for him to yell at me because somehow that always leads to that. But, nothing. O_O;;; EXTREMELY suspicious and paranoid!

Though, nothing really happened when it came to my parents.

12.23.11 - ...

Not sleeping well this whole week...

Will write about the SF trip and haulage soon, just not now 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

12.15.11 - It's NOT the end of the world! OMG -__-;

When I found out that Deleter was having kind of an art show thinger in Japantown...I wanted to go! But... it's located in SF. If I go to SF, I'd like to go for more than a day. And of course, everything happens on the weekend. In this case 12/17-12/18 OR 12/23-12/24. I wouldn't be able to make the latter since I have to work those days (big sale days). So I decided to try and make the 12/17-12/18 one.

And try I did.... I needed to find someone to switch schedules with me for 12/17. I usually have Sundays off so that was no problem... but all the people that DID have Saturdays off couldn't switch because they were going out of town or had something important to do. *sigh* After debating with myself of my co-workers, Kevin, told me to just go on Sunday and stay over on Monday but to find someone to switch with me on Monday.

I wasn't able to do it. Monday = opening shift because Sandy called in and I had to open. My manager didn't show up until closing shift which is when I went home. Tuesday = day off. Yesterday and today: opening shifts. On Wednesday, my manager had a split shift. He would open and come in for the managers' meeting then leave  until 6pm and close for the rest of the night. Today was the last day I could get him to change it. Thursdays, he makes the schedules. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12.13.11 - Where did my day go!??! O_o;

I've never been allergic to seafood. But as of the past two years, I noticed that whenever I have something with seafood in it... I get rashes. It's led to some mild eczema! I've got this prescription ointment cream thinger that I use and it does help...

Yesterday, Dad was celebrating getting a big job offer (renovating a restaurant!) and got some crab. Btw, I don't even like seafood much... Anyway, he cooked it for dinner cuz he was overly excited. (lol) My parents don't believe I have an allergy to seafood (BUT I DOOOOOOOOOO DAMNIT!) and they kept bugging me to "try a little crab". Until they just put a teeny tiny amount on my rice. X_x; 

In two hours, I got soooooooo itchy and the rashes all appeared. X_x; So I used up (yes USED IT ALL UP. not like there was much left) my ointment and some medicated lotions... 

Today, I'm still itchy. My skin is raw and pink because I was scratching (so bad, I know). So,  I took some allergy meds and omg I passed out for 4 hours! 

It's sad because that was my day off! I spent it sleeping :( I really didn't want to sleep. I was planning on working on my "Journal Your December" journal... 

Next topic! I've been playing my 3ds (Mario 3ds) and I have come to the conclusion that this game is too hard on my poor widdle brain! X_x;;; :P Maybe I should've gotten Mario Kart for 3ds instead. LOL!

When we had dinner yesterday [wow this blog post is all over the place ;D But that's how my brain is], mom and I were making fun of my dad. My dad RARELY cooks at home. He'll only cook if he has to cook for our restaurant. But when it comes to "HOME" cooking, he RARELY does. 

Mom and I were making fun of him because he didn't know where anything was when he was cooking the crab. But the funny part was this conversation:
Dad: I know how to do EVERYTHING! What DON'T I know how to do?
Me (replying promptly): You can't understand English!
Mom nearly choked on her food and Dad started laughing and glaring at me :D~


Dad = 0 points!
Linda = 5 points!


I'm gonna try and talk my manager into letting me have Monday off of next week so I can go to SF for Sunday and Monday. Maybe he'll give me a closing shift on Tuesday too and I can stay on Tuesday too. Mwahahah! I want some Japanese fashion magazines and ... I just want some kawaii stuff! And OMG XD I want purikura and I want to meet up with StrawberryMilkMade and MOWIE!!! (she deserves exclamation marks :D)

Okay, I should probably work on my journal journal... lalalala

Sunday, December 11, 2011

12.11.11 - Silly gifts...

My cousin came over the other day and he gave me my early Christmas gift which is this silly water bottle (why am I so stupid as to not take a pic of it!?). 

My cousin is super hard to buy anything for! X_x; Anyway, he told me he wanted a lamp and thought it would be funny to get the "A Christmas Story" leg lamp. 

I went to Barnes & Noble just cuz... (I went to work too early XD) and near the front, I saw this! So I got it! I haven't given it to him yet. Lol! I thought it was just silly :) Had to post it

Saturday, December 10, 2011

12.10.11 - I'm aliveeeeee!

I haven't died! I'm here!!!! Just been busy and super tired from work! Holiday hours at work have arrived, which means our store is open an hour later, which means when I close...I'm there later and get home later ;__; so very sad! I get home a little after midnight.

I was also using up all my free time packing up my Tragic Tuesday orders and I've finally finished. I hit some snags along the way (mostly concerning shipping). What happened was... when I finally finished packing and packaging them all up, I went and shipped out the ones located in the U.S. first. I did that because I needed to get some customs forms for the international ones. Filling them out at home would be easier for my tiny little post office. (This is the closest one :/) When I went to ship them off, the lady at the counter who knows me (because I'm there often ;P) said "I hope you don't have any international orders to ship" O_O; Apparently, they were out of customs forms! WHAT!? X_x;

The other post office is about an hour away X_x; and since I go after work, by the time I get there... it'll be closed! x_X; The only other choice I had was to go to the UPS store (where my mail box is located) and ship from there. But they charge $2 extra for every USPS shipment -_-; And shipping UPS is quite expensive too. Ahhh! So I decided it was the only thing I could do and ship through the UPS store. Oh well! I wanted everyone to get their I didn't want to wait.

I know people will ask "Why didn't you just ship them online?" Because my printer hates me! X_x; It's why when I print out the flyers and such, I have to do stacks of them at my dad's printer, which is not located anywhere here! <--Another reason why I hand-write all my invoices

Haven't been posting also because I'm doing a swap on swap-bot (love this site) called "Journal your December". *nods* So that's what I've been doing.... It's quite fun! I've always wanted to do a journal swap.

Also been trying to take pix of my Black Friday and beyond hauls. Yes, I did some hauling @__@; *cough*. But the pix aren't coming out. I decided to not use my point and shoot camera any more and use my SLR. It's official, I don't like my point and shoot.

I mean, how can you not take pix of swatches or product pix properly? :/ I think I had it figured out before, but I hadn't used it for awhile...PLUS, my cousin was playing with my cameras and their settings (oh! It could be because of that!)

My cousin loves cameras. He loves regular film cameras though. And he likes the antique ones. The only film cameras I like are toycams! I really want one :P~ Anyway, he came over the other day and was looking at my SLR and said he really liked it. Apparently, (I didn't know) I have to update it though. I'll do that soon, I guess. Maybe tonight, when I come home. 

Anyway, I must run (time to leave for work! Boo)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

12.01.11 - New hires...

We've had a huge influx of new hires lately. It's obviously because it's the holiday season. Most of the new hires arrived the week of Black Friday. I understand because it was a crazy week, they weren't trained very well. 

But the person that hires people in our a total and complete idiot. I can say this and compare because I used to be the one that hired everyone in our store. I did it for two years. My hires are STILL working there and are supervisors now. The people that SHE has hired has all gotten fired except for a handful.

I don't know how she chooses these people or trains these people. My newbies would be able to understand everything after the third day. Her new hires have been here for 2 months and they STILL don't understand anything. <--Unfortunately, this is NOT an exaggeration!

Most of the managers don't like her hiring methods either. They would always come to me "Why can't you be 'coach' [what we call the hiring manager] any more?" <--Because I got promoted!

Anyway! On Monday was the start of the newbie's DERP questions. Apparently, the people that were hired on the week of Black Friday, think we're their baby-sitters. They would ask us things that THEY should know themselves and not US!

I've gotten more than a few people (and the same person -_-; ) asking about their schedules. 
Newb #1: What time do I go to lunch?
Me: Umm.. I don't know.
Newb #1: But aren't you my supervisor? Shouldn't you know?
Me: It's on the coverage [attedance sheet] and you should've memorized your schedule.
Newb #1: Oh, I thought YOU supervisors would've memorized it for me!
*falls over!*

I don't know. These newbies just seem awful. They can't the screen. When it says "please push any key", they'll call for a supervisor and ask "What do I do now?" X_x; I tell them to read the screen...

Anyway! I was actually planning on posting about this yesterday but I completely forgot my other examples. But there is one more thing I remembered...

Yesterday, I got a call from our Call Center asking for the Hiring Manager. I told her that our Hiring Manager comes in at 230pm. She asks if I could take a message for her and I said it's okay and to transfer him over.

Me: Thank you for choosing ________, may I help you?
Man: I was calling to see if I had an interview today and MAKING sure that there IS an interview FOR ME. [He's speaking int he most rude, loud, condescending tone...]
Me: The hiring manager isn't in right now but---
Man: I was there for an interview before and when I got there I sat for TWO hours and was told the person that was interviewing me was on lunch! I don't want to have to waste my TIME or my GAS! I want to make sure that I have an interview!
Me: (thinking I want to punch this guy in the face already) Can I get your name and number please? And I'll have them call you back?
Man: My name and number is ___________________. You better make sure I don't waste my gas or my time!!!!!
Me: Okay...
Man (slams phone down).

Me: are going in the NFI pile! [NFI = No further interest]

I mainly got his name and number so that I could NFI him. Why would you speak to a potential employer like that?

I found out that he was being interviewed by the Computer Dept. So when they came to our dept to get their interview packets, I warned the supervisors about him. He was on the list at 11:45am.

They hoped he would show up so they could see who it was :P

I was on my lunch when one of the Computer Dept supervisors told me that the guy showed up. He had the nerve to tell the Computer Dept Manager...
Man: You need to re-train your new hires. They can't speak well on the phone, they weren't loud enough. Well, you need to re-train all your hires!
Computer Dept Mgr: .... Get out! We don't need to interview you any more.