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Saturday, October 1, 2011

10.1.11 - 1st Post, WOOO?!?! :D

Yay! First post! favicon I decided I'm going to do a daily blog now, just cuz...well, I love writing. I have a traditional journal which I used to be so diligent in keeping; but because I've found myself on my laptop more and more and MORE... I thought this would be good too ^_^;  Hee hee...Especially since I can also post on the go (phone).

Today, our workplace had their annual award ceremony and breakfast. It means we have to get up SUPER early for lukewarm food that usually tastes bad. (From what I heard, the food was better this year) At least we got paid for it ;P Usually we have a talent show (if you could call it that *cough* :P) so the awards ceremony would last about 2 hours. This year it lasted for an hour and a half. Most of that time was spent trying to get everyone to eat the catered food.

A lot of us didn't eat the food because we had all planned a birthday breakfast for one of our co-workers, Rida. [or as I call her, Ridan] She had a birthday dinner tonight but most of the people that went to the breakfast (I think 16 of us?) couldn't make it to the dinner. [Like me! I wanted to go, but I have a closing shift tonight; I leave in an hour boo!] 

Once the awards ceremony was over, we clocked out and were about to leave when Pao gathered us up (all the people in our dept) to take a picture -_-; Luckily, I'm short and was standing behind some people that were taller than me ;D~ Heehee!
[Yoinked this photo from Pao's facebook ;D I would name everyone BUT X_x; that would be too hard to do. LOL. Aww...darn, you can see me -_-; I was hoping not. :D]

Then, we headed off to IHOP which was a block away(?). The people in IHOP looked like they wanted to kill us because of how many people we had :/ But they did well. They didn't mess up (except ONCE when they gave me a large orange juice when I wanted a small one). I was quite sad because no one wanted to sit near me... and after I whined "Wahh, no one wants to sit near me." They all scooted over. Gee...thanks. X_x; I'd like to not whine and have people sit near me.

 Irum saying PEACE ;P Marsha's Husband is next to her. They couldn't seat us all at one table, so the table in the back is also with us. These photos were taken with my phone ;P

 My goal was to take unsuspecting pictures ;D It worked but it didn't too ;__;

Sandy and Jiasee staring directly at my camera ;__; See? Unsuspecting camera fail! lol

 Kevin on his iPhone, as usual.
 Julian wayyyyyyyyyyy in the back posing cuz he knew I was taking a pic @_@; Dominic and April staring at me
My stupid finger got in the way :P

Unfortunately, people started leaving because they had to work (some did). Most of us had closing shifts, but since people started leaving...we left too. X_x; Truthfully, it looked like the IHOP people were ushering us out X_x; Oh well. I was trying to figure out what to do once I got home. Most of the people declared they were going back to sleep. Lol.

When I got home I noticed some of our front yard's flowers blooming. So I whipped out my SONY NEX-3 camera and took some photos! Speaking of my camera, I felt bad because Ridan really wanted me to bring that camera but I said no because I don't have a proper lens on it. I have macro and closeup lenses (I'm sure you'll notice in my photos below). 

None of the photos were adjusted :D They're so pretty. The lighting was perfect (kind of dreary, actually)
A week ago, my cousin purchased this voodoo doll-thing and I always wanted to take a picture of it in this plant we have ;P 

 This is my favorite photo of all that I did. It's a cactus I bought 2 months ago? It has this cute little flower on top. (My neighbors thought I stuck the flower in it lol) The flower had been fuschia but now it's this weird red? Maybe cuz it's older?

 Pretty lillies! :D

 My little voodoo doll-thing in that plant I wanted to take a pic of it in :P

 A single rose that bloomed.

The rose from a profile (kind of profile?)

Once I took the photos, I realized that I was tired and took a two hour nap. I dreamed that I was in my SF house and for some reason the backdoor led to the beach. It was a sunny day and I was going to take some pictures of birds. So I'm outside and I see some seagulls and cute birds and headed towards them and suddenly, some random guy chased after them and all the birds flew away. I was like NOOOOOOOO X_x; So I went back to the SF house and lay in my bed ...and I woke up in my bed HERE. LOL! And when I woke up I was like "Where am I?" O_o;;;;; I was so confused X_x;

So I woke up and sewed up a pocket in my work pants (they tore ;___; ) and started a new blog because I was thinking about it for a month but didn't know if I should. Since I had so many hours before I leave for work, I decided to. So,...TAA DAAAAAA! :D

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