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Friday, December 30, 2011

12.30.11 - What's in my bag!?

Don't you hate when you have a zit growing on your face but you don't feel it and when you get home and then you look in the mirror, you see it there and you're like "OMG! is that what people were staring at all day!?!?" X_x; Yeah, I hate it when that happens! Cuz it happened today X_x;

I was at Walgreens and found my fave chocolate of ALL time! I forgot that this is the only time it comes out ;__; I came across these when I was a kid and my cousin was selling them (fundraiser). Seriously love them. Last year, I bought like 3 of them lol! This year, I forgot and was looking around Walgreens for some hand-lotion and wandered around...and saw the last box *cries*. WHY!?!? 
Yummy goodnessessssss

Anyway! I was bored, so I decided to do a "what's in my bag" post ;P

The bag I've been using the last two days. I was using a different one before, but felt like switching...just cuz...

I hate how bigger bags (well this is a medium sized one) fall off your shoulder if there isn't much stuff in it, but when you have a bunch of stuff/makes the bag'll stay put! ;P Today, I shoved more things in my bag [see below]

My eye is twitching! X_x; Anyway! Here's the back of the bag and I unclasped the front ...clasp (duh). The  flap-thingy (yeah...I'm so very eloquent, I know) is covering up this scuff that I can't get rid of ;__; It makes me sad that it's scuffed up already. I've had this bag for almost two and a half years?

What's inside :P (lol I took this pic after I took a pic of what was in the smaller pockets, which is why you see some of it out of the bag [upper left])

Sorry for the blurry pic. I didn't realize it was blurry until I uploaded it on here. X_x; This is in the front left pocket. My tiny makeup pouch and a small notebook that someone gave me. 

In the makeup pouch, I just have a small EcoTools kabuki brush and a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (Medium) to touch up oily bits :P I have bad luck with face powders when bringing them to work. This is one of them...It doesn't showm but the stupid plastic part (with the MAC logo) has popped out like 5 times! X_x; 

 My "pharmacy" which I need to replenish! It houses: Tylenol, Motrin, Excedrin, Equate sinus meds (I get tons of sinus problems and the Wal-Mart brand, Equate, seems to work the best), and Dayquil. I used to have some Lactaid in it, but I used it all up. Though, when I went to SF a few weeks ago, I bought that big ol box of Lactaid... I should put some in there. I also have some lens wipes and some bandaids in there :) What can I say? I use it often!

Also showing (lol, sounds like a movie) is my mailbox key at the UPS store. ^_^; I usually keep it in a small card case, but when I switched bags, I didn't put it in there and just dumped the key in my bag ;P

 My scarf. I've had this for awhile. I have two scarves (;__;) this one [purchased from CLAIRE's? or was it ICING? lol] and this handmade one that we've had since the parents moved to the U.S. That scarf is GORGEOUS and I'm TERRIFIED of losing it! I've always loved that scarf (since I was little). It's peach colored and .... just pretty! I wore it to work once and I was scared of spilling stuff on it or staining it or whatever. So i try not to wear it? lol! My mom would only let me wear that scarf (when I was a kid) for special occasions (when it was cold).... so I think it's because of that that I associate that scarf to being only for special occassions? 

Since I have two opening shifts, it's been extremely cold in the morning so I wear my scarf :P And it's thin enough that I can shove it somewhere easily, unlike the peach one which is kinda thick :P

 Yes, this drawing was really in my bag. This was done by one of my co-workers. We're sharing an art table / selling art at a local anime convention that's going to happen in a few weeks. I told her we need some sample art so people would drop by and commission us. She goes to school full-time, works at the same place I do she didn't really have time to draw until her finals were over. 

So she finished a drawing and gave it to me to color. I told her I'm going to record myself coloring it (my camcorder's charging right now). 

My wallet. I love this wallet! I was super duper sad that I got some red ink on it. I had a pack of gel pens in my bag before and the red one EXPLODED ;___; It didn't get on much but SOME of it got on my wallet ;___; 

Why am I carrying these notebooks? The one on the left is a thick one and the one on the right isn't. Basically, I was working on my store items. The one on the left is where I write down all the recipes/ingredients for my products and include baggie samples of all of them too. The one on the right is just a regular notebook. BUT in it, I update my phonebook listing (in my cellphone) every 2 months. I change phones often and most of the time, they don't save the contacts! So instead of asking everyone for their info again, I just write them all down!

 Anyway, in that notebook on the right, I planned on making a list of ingredients that I need to purchase and writing out some ideas also ^_^;;;

I was surprised that the inside pouches didn't hold much except for these. A Little Twin Stars calculator and my Cortizone-10 anti-itch relief thingy. *nods*

Well, that's all that's in my bag this time! SHOW ME WHAT'S IN YOURS! I love reading/watching (videos) about them! I'm so nosy? :D Plus, I like seeing how people organize their bags. My bags are NEVER organized. I just throw junk in there lol

I'm really sleepy now :( 

I need to think up some New Year Resolutions...

Oh, I purchased a new planner. It's a Daily Moleskine Peanuts edition. It's small enough (and light!) to shove in my bag all the time! I chose a daily because I've noticed that because of my stores, I've had to write down more things than usual! ^_^; I love planners!

I really wasn't planning on getting a planner...HONEST! But it was calling to me. I wanted to get a Japanese / Korean one because they're so cute! And you know how I can't resist cute items! But this one is more practical since there's more things I can write in it :P

New Year's Eve is tomorrow and I don't have any plans except to listen to LOUD music. I have this stupid fear of loud noises. So, New Year's Eve/Day, Chinese New Year, Fourth of July FREAK ME OUT!!!! On those days, I would carry my walkman/discman/mp3 player and blast the music in my ears to drown out the fireworks/firecrackers/etc.

I'm also stuck at work. But we're closing early (on New Year's day too...but I don't even work that day lol). Lucky me, with the closing shift. But, really...I don't mind closing shift. I get to sleep in ;P

Anyway, I think that's all. I'm really sleepy for some odd reason.

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