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Sunday, November 11, 2012

11.11.12 - Oatmeal baths?

I think it's kind of funny that no one likes the new supervisor. I think she's okay. I think the other supervisors don't like her either because she's not going to close, ever. Which isn't fair. We, also, found out how she got promoted before me and the other supervisor that applied. Basically, favoritism and not from our side...but on the corporate side. Oh well...

Last week was kind of a bad week. I had a paid day off, but didn't get to have any fun because of my car. My car decided it didn't want to work on Monday. I had orders to ship off and was planning to go to the nearby "post office" (a tiny counter in the Bel-Air market a few blocks away). I planned on getting some almond milk too,  but my car didn't start. I tried a few times and it still didn't work.

I didn't know what to do, so I called the only person I knew that knew about cars. Edgar, my co-worker. I don't like people knowing where I live and now he does. Oh well... He came and checked it out and he said it sounded like something with my battery. He said it might have died. 

I didn't know what to do about work because I had to close that day... Edgar came to my rescue again. He drove me to and from work. As a thank you, I made him some fried rice. 

We decided to try to get it working on my paid day off (the next day). After standing in the hot sun... we still couldn't start it. We tried jumpstarting...and that didn't work. He called and texted his friends to see if he could borrow tools but most of them were at work/school. 

He decided to help me run my errands, so I shipped off my orders and a return [I ordered something and returned it cuz it's defective] and came back home. His friend came over to check out my car too. I said to Edgar, as his friend tried to start my car, "Wouldn't it be funny if he started it?" And right when I said that, my car started ... well, it chugged then started.

We left it on for a few minutes then turned it off. We chatted for a few minutes and started it again. Oh, it works again! Yay!

Anyway, ever since then... I've been praying every single time when I start my car... ;__;


 Woke up super duper early today (only had 3 hours of sleep) and had plans to get a smog check on my car but the place I planned on going is closed on Sundays. Bah. I wanted to go to the mall too, but... well.. since I wasn't going to go out, I decided not to. 

But I did need to go to the nearby drugstore (in this case, Walgreens) and went at around 3pm. I needed some female necessities (Not in pics :P). 

Anyway, onto some recent things. I've been getting rashes again. One's located on a very inconvenient place >_< so I was complaining about it to another co-worker and she told me I should take an oatmeal bath or whatever. I don't take baths, I take showers... So I saw this and thought I could try it out and hopefully, it'll work. I, also, go the Cortizone gel thing because I had been itching REALLY bad at work. So, I'm thinking of just leaving it at work whenever my skin gets irritated (often!). 

I went into the office supply section and looked for a sharpener. The one I use stopped sharpening :( Well, that's not entirely true, It would cut off the wood but didn't do anything to the lead, so my lead just kept getting longer and more blunt because I couldn't sharpen it. I don't like using mechanical pencils to draw... 

Of course, I headed to their beauty department. I wandered around for awhile (mostly to kill time). I saw this cheap copper liner, I've always wanted a copper pencil liner ^_^.

 I, also, found 2 out of 3 of the limited edition 8-pan Wet N Wild eyeshadows. 

 This is the second one. 

They were also on sale. Buy 1, get 1 50% off.

I, also, got this one because mine was shattered completely :(

Right now, I'm waiting for it to be 9pm (it's 742pm, right now), so I can meet up with co-workers at Arigatou's which is a sushi place, that's about 20 minutes away. 

Me, and co-workers: Nicole, Edgar, and Gow (and sometimes April) have been going out once a week to dinner together. Most of the time the places are: Arigatou's or IHOP. IHOP because it opens late. Sometimes we end up staying there for HOURS!

Anyway, I guess I'm going to watch some more CSI... to kill some time.

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