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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12.05.12 - What's in my Bag? IIIBeCa Bag

This is my tentative Black Friday-reward purchase. 

What the heck do I mean? Tentative because I'm still unsure about this bag. It's beautiful and I do like it a lot but.... I'm unsure about it.

When I say Black Friday-reward purchase, I mean it. After all the crazy hours and etc of the week of Black Friday I wanted to get something as a treat for myself. And of course, it had to be a bag >_<; Mostly because the one I was using for awhile... decided to break ;__; (the black Ted Baker bag I loved and used until it's death <--one of the straps got caught  and tore X_x; )

Don't get mad at me for saying this... I really wanted to a Louis Vuitton Berkeley bag in the Damier Ebene print. But because it's ginormously spendy, I found some *cough* *cough* >__>;;; knockoffs on a site and tried purchasing it... Yeah I said TRIED. Let's just say the seller took my money and ran. Good thing I used paypal and filed a claim. So, yeah... that's what I get for doing that. Lol! So... I'm still waiting on that... It was $39 (shipping included)

So, I had been looking at this bag on Nordstrom's site and wanted to see it in person. My local Nordstrom's is a bit of a ways (30 minutes away) and I find that most of the time whenever I want to check something out from their site in person, they usually don't have it ;( 

But, I saw it!!! And I was like RAWR! The problem was... which color!? I, originally, planned on getting the black one but the Aqua Sky one caught my eye. Though, honestly, it doesn't look blue at all. It looks more of a mint green color. 

Since my point and shoot camera is being charged, I decided to use my SONY NEX-3 for these photos. I didn't edit any of these pix, so none of the coloring/brightness has been changed. I should've -_-; It's been a dreary day... :P

 IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson 'North Moore' Satchel in Aqua Sky

It's a very stiff and structured bag...

 The front

 The back. There's actually a pocket right there...

Top handles... You can unbutton it to separate the handles...

 The logo on the side of the bag...

 The tab/snap-closure...

What I have shoved inside...

Now, I'm known to tote many things :P So I was happy to see that this fit my essentials...

 There's a removeable draw-string bag on the inside. It's held by two snaps on the sides. I didn't feel like removing it... so I kept it in...

First thing's first. Top-Bottom; L-R: My "pharmacy", Cortizone - 10 gel, and my Ted Baker wallet. 

The Cortizone - 10 is for my skin allergies. I've been getting a lot of rashes lately... a LOT! So I've been itchy like crazy. So, I thought I'd get something to temporarily relieve them. I haven't used it yet, so I can't say if it works well or not ;P

 Inside my wallet (yep, I flipped my DL around lol). 

 Inside my "pharmacy". This thing needs to be refilled, though honestly, I haven't been using it much. I brought a different thing with me to work on Black Friday...

Lol, the Benadryl allergy is for if I have an allergic reaction to some foods. I have a ton of allergies -_-; *sigh* I don't like that the Benadryl makes me super drowsy, but it works. 

 I've been wearing these TARTE LipSurgence pencils. The one I wear the most is in Glitzy (on the right) 

 Perky (one in pink)


Err... why is this photo all weird? 
Top-Bottom; L-R: The pink case holds my discount cards/gift cards/ credit cards I don't use as often, The clear Tuxedo Sam case houses my earbuds (I need new ones -_-; ) and my PO Box key, and the bottom thinger is a case that holds my Moo cards...though I keep forgetting I have them -_-;

 L-R: Flirt! Rock-N-Rebel my go-to scent which has about one spritz left; a random click-y pen, and some tissue. It's been raining a lot and I use the tissue to wipe my glasses as I've lost the cloth for my glasses X_x;

 My little pouch (it's so dirty, I need a new one)...

 Contains: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium, an EcoTools kabuki brush, and ... two random brushes?! O_O; Honestly, I have no idea. Lol.

Dumped everything back in... 

Not shown: keys and my iPod. I always leave my keys on my desk when I'm at home and my iPod is being charged right now. 

Anyway, as much as I like this bag, I'm still really unsure of it. Mostly because:
1) I don't like bags that have flaps. I think I'm just lazy... 
2) It's small
3) The long shoulder-strap isn't removeable :(
4) It's VERY stiff! Maybe with more wear, the leather will soften ?

Another reason... I saw THIS bag in person and it's gorgeous!!! And I think I really want it. X_x; It made me love rose gold again ;___; I had been eyeing this bag LONGER than the above bag. So... I don't know. Ahhh! Decisions! X_x; Anyway... that's all for now.

EDIT: I decided to return it ;__; Oh well :P

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