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Sunday, October 2, 2011

10.01.11 - My eyes hurt!

My eyes hurt only because they're tired. I seem to like blogging late into the night. Plus, I just came home an hour ago.... 

When I arrived at work, I noticed complete and utter CHAOS!!!! X_x;;; The line was HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE, it seemed as if there was only ONE supervisor (Noe) there. After I ran off to password some people, Noe threw the safe (not literally, of course) at me. Then he left. I was like O_O;; WTF!? I had no idea what was going on, I didn't know if they had called in more people to ring up... etc. 

Luckily, Sandy (another supervisor) came up and told me what was going on. Basically, our manager messed up (and the other managers too) our schedules! Apparently, from the time the store opened (which was directly after the awards' ceremony) until 10 am (2 hours?), the systems were down. So the line was backing up... then, they realized that NOBODY WAS SCHEDULED TO COME IN...until.... 6PM!!!!!!! WHAT?!

Lucky me, I came in at the most "PERFECT!" time! When the line was at it's longest and people were leaving to go home/lunch, etc. We, literally had 5 cashiers (the department can hold over 46 registers) and 1 merchandiser (they're backup cashiers). I was surprised that there were no pissed off customers. They were all quite patient. 

A bunch of the managers (including store manager) kept seeing the line in the security cameras and kept calling over the overhead speakers for all of our backup cashiers to help out. The thing was...we had NONE! So when the line was at it's longest, the store manager came over and demanded to know what was going and why there was no one around. I told him the truth, because nobody was scheduled. All the people that were in my department at that time were the only people that were scheduled at that time. Everybody else came in 3 hours later! 

I guess that didn't sit well with the store manager and he kept texting my department manager, who, lucky for him, did not work that day. My department manager called 20 minutes later and he asked what was going on and why the store manager kept texting him about the insanely long line. So I told him what happened and I told him that all the supervisors were ringing and all the backup cashiers (only 1 lol) were ringing too. There really was nothing I could do and he agreed. He said for me to do the best I could. 

Amazingly, we all got through it. 

Today was a completely energy draining day! X_x; Right now, I can barely keep my eyes opened. 

Anyway, it's time for me to go to sleep.

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