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Sunday, October 2, 2011

10.02.11 - Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary! ♥

 A week ago, I had seen a trailer for the 25th Anniversary for the live show. I knew I HAD to see it. Luckily, October 2nd was my day off! ^_-

I checked the show times and theaters and I was THRILLED when I found out they showed it in my theater! I reminded myself DAILY [have you checked my facebook statuses? lol!] on it because I was scared I'd miss it ;(

After a super long day of crazy work, I went to bed early and woke earlier than I usually do. I drove off to the theater and wasn't sure it was showing at my theater any more since they had no signage on it @_@; But the two ladies in front of me were going to see it too. And yes, they did have it.

I arrived 30 minutes early and when I got into the theater they were showing recordings of Andrew Lloyd Webber and a bunch of the different creators talking about the show. Truthfully, I thought I was going to be the only one there and those other two ladies. ^_^; I was quite wrong. There were about... 20? people there. 

Unfortunately, we started noticing something wrong with the sound. Sure it was just the recordings but we had hoped that it wouldn't go through the live performance. But, that was not the case...the theater manager came in and told us they were trying to fix the problem as the satellite beamed a "will start in 5 minutes". 

It wasn't fixed. It started... :/ We were all disappointed. The sound skipped and finally went out right when Raoul started to sing... That was when the manager came in again and directed us to a different room, where it was re-wound for us to watch. 

IT WAS... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^__^! Like a few of the others I thought it was kind of just a concert...but it was a full-blown production musical! There was even an intermission (thank goodness! I had to book it to the bathroom! :P). 

Also, I didn't think it would be that long...but it was about 3 hours? (I think). It was totally and completely worth it and I desperately want to see it again! When it ended and the cast appeared and bowed, I stayed a bit afterwards and good thing I did.

Andrew Lloyd Webber made a speech and there were special guests, including Sarah Brightman, Michael Crawford, and a bunch of the London cast's Phantoms. ^_^; The best thing was when they all sang (except for Michael Crawford, I wonder why O_o; )! :D

Past and Present Christine Daae and Phantom; L-R: Sarah Brightman, Michael Crawford, Sierra Boggess, and Ramin Karimloo.

L-R: Sarah Brightman, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Michael Crawford, Sierra Boggess, and Ramin Karimloo. (All images in this post were found via google; I don't know who the original owners were ;__;)

There's another showing on Wednesday and I really want to see it. But it's at 730pm. I'm thinking about going... Tickets were $22. I'll think about it, I have a few more days ;D

I, literally, have the songs stuck in my mind right now. Or as Christine sings...

"...the Angel of Music sings songs in my head. The Angel of Music sings songs in my head..."

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