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Friday, October 7, 2011

10.07.11 - ♥ STATIONERY COLLECTION PART I: Memo pads & misc items ♥

I've been having some major female pains. I usually don't get them but for some reason they're pretty bad. So bad that I called in to work -_-; Bad, I know. But you must understand that on Fridays and Saturdays the other supervisors (I'm a supervisor) at work are EXTREMELY lazy because our department manager has his days off on these days. So, that means [I'M not lazy because I can't be!] I have to run around the whole department and our department is not small. :/ I didn't want to have to deal with that so... I called in.

I was talking to my friend Strawberry Milk and I was thinking about doing a kawaii stationery collection. I don't know if she's going to do it but I thought I would ;) 

I have a lot of stationery. That's because when I was in high school, I started to penpal. I had over 100 penpals and I didn't like writing on regular boring paper. I found kawaii stationery and started collecting them! So my collection is 10+ years old. Most of them were purchased when I moved to Chico. Chico is 3 hours away from where I used to live (we still have a house there) and my kawaii stationery mecca. I had no entertainment in Chico. I didn't drink, we didn't have TV, no internet, nothing. So, I wrote letters. I used to get 5 letters a week :) It was so much fun. I swapped FB's too. etc.... 

Anyway, whenever we would go to SF (to visit family or whatnot), I would stock up on stationery. Soon, my penpals started dwindling down and I would have no one to write to. So, I still have all that stationery @__@; *cough* 

OKAY! Let me go on with the collection. I'm going to start off with my memo pad collection. I don't really like memo pads/notebooks because I get bored of them easily. :P These were purchased about 7 years ago

Box o' memos
 Want to see bigger images? Click on the image! ♥
 This is actually not in the box above. I found this in my deco tape/sticker flake box @_@; The front of it. 


 These were 'recent' purchases made at the local Sanrio store. 

What the pages look like...

The rest of the memos I didn't take pix of the insides of. Each of them had 4-8 page designs...

Out of all the memos, the medium sized ones are my fave. You'll see a theme here... I like certain designs when it comes to stationery. You'll see it throughout my collection too :P
Creamy Girls (that sounds so wrong LOL)

L-R: Skeleton World and Cake...Fashions (I've had this one for 7 years and I had 8 of these. I've used em all up and this is the last one! ;__; ) 

A and Power Girls. These were also purchased at the same time as Cake...Fashions (above) but only got one of each. 

 Brown Sugar (in a tin that looks like a shoujo manga :D) and Purimaji Friends (in a cardboard box that has a frame on top)
 The back of the above memos

 Top-Bottom L-R: Detective Conan (my friend from Japan sent this to me) and Happy Sun memo pads. When Happy Sun first came out, I wanted all the different products they had but they discontinued it ;___; So these are all I have of Happy Sun

 Something in a very silvery/reflective cover with a girl on it (lol). Have you noticed some of my fave themes? I love kawaii little girl stationery! (Why does that sound so wrong!?)

I also love cellphone stationery! X_x; It's weird, right? @___@;

 I have a strange love for planners. Right now, I'm using the Hello Kitty one you see on the left. I got the Alphonse Mucha one 2 years ago and am terrified of using it. 

 I love cash planners/cash books. All of the cashbooks you see in this post were purchased at the same. They were having a sale ;P 

 I'm using the one on the left, right now. More cash planners...

My pencil case. I take this baby with me if I want to draw on the go. This is my mini-art supply case. ^__^

Alright, that's all for now... Will post up more later on. I wonder how I'm going to take pix of my lettersets and sticker sheets. I've got a MILLION of those! X__x;


  1. Loooove!

    *stares at the memos* ... *stares at Linda*

    I need to take photos, TOO!!!!

    I love your pencil case!!! Mine is from China, but it says, "How are you today? I'm excellent!" I love the answer! It reminds me to have an excellent day! xD

  2. I loved Happy Sun, TOO! But I only have pencil caps of him. The pho... Seriously... San-X does not let us take any of their characters for granted! :( I still like Mikan Bouya! That sassy little orange!

  3. The Happy Pure Girl is the same (inside). So if you would like one, let me know :D (Blue or pink?)

    I think you were the one that gave me a Happy Sun memo pad! I think it was the one with the big sun (on the right of the photo above) and that's how I had discovered it. But then it ran away ;__;

  4. No waaaay! Really?! Pink! I love the blue one, too!!! But I'll take pink. hehe THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHH!