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Friday, October 7, 2011


Okay, I'm not a big Sanrio fan. Especially since I discovered San-X, Kamio Japan, CRUX, Q-Lia, and etc. But something about Sanrio brings out nostalgia.

My favorite Sanrio characters were Little Twin Stars and My Melody. If I had to choose, Little Twin Stars would definitely win over My Melody. You'll see in this collection, that it's MOSTLY Little Twin Stars.

All of these were purchased the most recent (from 4 years to a few months ago) because there's a store 20 minutes away. It's not a big store...but oh well :P
There was a set that included this tote bag, stickers, autograph book, sticker, pen, button, and a coin purse. 
 Letter sets

Stationery set that was in that tote bag set

 Other items in that tote bag set. The item next to the button is a coin purse

The paper gift bag on top was in the tote bag set

 I don't know about you but my favorite ballpoint pens are from Sanrio. I love how they write! The pen on the right was in the tote bag set

 Stickers! The large sticker on the top left was in the tote bag set

 More stickers!

MOOOORE stickers :D

Yep, that is all I have for Sanrio.


  1. I have that tote bag!!!! BUT I DIDN'T GET ALL THAT SWAG IN IT!!! (T_T) I... feel so jipped... I love Little Twin Stars!! Stupid rip off store in Redondo Beach!! *runs away crying*

  2. When I got the tote bag, it was sold as a set (which included all those). Maybe it's just the store? My store here is a TINY store.

  3. I wanna go there! xD May I ask how much the bag was? What a loot!