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Sunday, October 9, 2011


OMG! It's going to be the Letter Set entry!!! When I took these pictures, I was like...Didn't I used to have more? Yeah, USED to! I just remembered I sold/gave some away! X_x; Here we go!!! :P

As usual, if you want to see bigger pix, click on the image :)
The box I keep them in. It used to be FILLLLLEDDDDD until it was overflowing. Now it's just... almost full. Lol! On the left is my anime stationery AND BISEN. I wanted to take a pic of the regular letter sets and they got in the picture! tsk tsk! I think they wanted some attention too ;P 

 Totally not a letter set. It's a letter pad...I had 4 of these, but I used them all up and this is the last one. I don't know why but I love images of meowing kittens. I think they look hilarious ;D~ And I'm a cat person (even though I don't have one *cries*)

Like I said, you'll notice a theme when you look through my collection. I like certain things:
Skulls, super fancy shmancy stuff, lolita/dark stuff, rainbow, stars, cutesy foods, fairy tales, cell phones, cute drawn girls, umm... yeah! lol That's all I can think of (for now)

The back of the above letter sets, showing the different designs.

RAINBOWS! :D It's cuz I love colors! What better way to show colors than through rainbows? :)

 The back of the camo-letter set, showing the different designs

Kitties! And super cute buildings. Even though the buildings one isn't one of my fave themes, I think it's going to be one of my faves because I've found some other adorable building themes.

Winter! and iridescent dolphins! Wooo!


 The apples were super cute and so were the rainbows :D

 I love this set :)
 The back of the set, showing the different designs

 Both of these envelopes are metallic. The one on the right: I think that's the only "metallic" envelope. The others are plain. 

 The back of the sets, showing the different designs

 I seriously don't know why I got this. Lol XD
 My most recent letter sets. Recent meaning about... 5 months ago?

Back with their designs

These two are one of my faves! I don't know if you can see, the one on the left has glitter lines :D

 So cute :D

 I think I was on a camo-phase when I got this and the above :P


Next posts are going to be STICKERS!!! THE HORROR! lol! I'll have to separate the posts from the Japanese brands and Korean brands. :)


  1. I had that first memo pad!!! But I used it all up! I wish I got FOUR like you! lol

    I love that FairyTale line! LOOOOOVE IT!

  2. I think the first time I saw Baby Jam was from YOU! Then I saw that letterset...somewhere (online?) and I was like OMFGS! MUST HAVE!!! :D~

  3. No way! I love her to BITS! I had no idea I exposed you. hahaha