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Saturday, October 8, 2011

10.08.11 - I don't want to go to work today! -_-;

Too bad since I missed yesterday and today I have a closing shift with another supervisor. I can't leave him by himself (though I wish I could). Right now, I've got a headache but it's not ginormous enough for me to call in. 

I texted Sandy to see what days I had off next week and she said Tuesday and Wednesday. *sigh* That means my schedule was changed....AGAIN!!! :/ We'll see how horrible it'll be. X_x; I know next week is inventory week, which is also why I'm not surprised my schedule has changed. 

I can't believe I spent MOST of yesterday taking pictures <--mostly of my stationery collection ;D~ 

I took a break from taking pictures and went to see "REAL STEEL" (lame title). It was cool. When I came back the sun was starting to set and that made me sad. I raced home and whipped out my SONY NEX-3 and drove to the nearby park (a few blocks away) and started taking pix. I wanted to take pix by the man-made lake with the sunset, but by then the sun was mostly down. :( So I just stayed in the park/playground.

The pix are out of order, you'll see the difference because of the color of the sky :)

 This was my fave one. It's by the man-made lake...

When I took this pic, I was startled when some random guy greeted me from behind. Scared the bejeezus out of me. What was worse was he was being a total creeper and bothering me and was just being creepy by following me EVERYWHERE X_x;;;; and wouldn't leave me alone!!!! Unfortunately, I think he lives in this area because he was telling me things around the area X_x;

He kept trying to get me to hang with him...Then he rushed off...

I really liked this one :)

This was the last one I took and that strange weirdo appeared again trying to get me to hang with him X_x; I ran off this time. Lol X_x;

The first one I took... 

Anyways once I got home...made some fried rice (Why was it sweet?! I found out today when I must've switched the sugar and salt canister [they look alike but are labelled...they were probably turned around]) and finished taking pictures of my stationery...all into the night @_@

It's almost time for me to go to work (LAME!!!). So, I must be ending this. I shall post more of my statio collection when I get home :)

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