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Sunday, October 9, 2011


How sad, this is the last of my collection ;__; Here are ALLL of my stickers! It's kind of scary how much I have -_-;

 One of the sticker flake sacks I forgot to post in the sticker flake post ;P

I don't knwo why but I love these.  

 The one on the left has a 3-d effect. The one on the right is the last of my Marmalade Boy stickers

 The one on the right is a double ^__^;

These are some of the first "stickers" I ever bought. Except they're not stickers but rub-on transfers 

 Rainbow stars and kawaii girlies

 The kitten stickers were one of the first sticker sheets I ever bought :)

 My friend gave me the ones on the left :)

 These are kind of poofy and I don't know why but I love goldfish stickers

 Planner/Organizer stickers!


 and MORE! These Doreamon were also one of the first stickers I ever purchased :)

 Man, I told you I liked these! I have doubles and triples! (no, I think doubles)

 The one on the left is also one of the first sticker sheets I ever purchased

 Whoops! This should've been in my anime stationery post. Oh well! Another Digi Charat sticker :)

 Planner stickers!

 My friend gave me these!

 Most recent stickers! I bought this sheet about 5 months ago?

The one on the left includes a cute little stamper

 The one on the right is reflective of light. So you're supposed to put them on things where people can see you when you're walking at night (a bike, your backpack, etc?)

 I love goldfishes cuz they're so delicious! (that sounds so wrong)


 Yummy cakes :D
 I think I purchased this on etsy?

OMFG!? WHAT!?!? That's all!?!?! :D Yep, that's all! I don't know if I'll be getting any more since I have a billion! 


  1. Holy smokes! The motherload!

    I love star stickers, too. Especially tiny ones!

    & you know we share the love of cute girl designs! Swoon on the right!

    If you ever sell/let go of the Hot Apple Pie, plmk!

    Same for either of these, especially the one on the left. *eyes burning a hole through my monitor* lol

    These are AWESOME!

    I kind of feel like we lived in the Golden Age for stationery back in the 90's & early 2000's. They're pretty good now, (especially the Fairytale line), but they were AWESOME 5-10 years ago!

  2. aaand 2nd on the goldfish stickers! Japanese fish stickers are irresistable!

  3. Ah... I used to know all the brands but now they keep coming out with more and since I haven't looked/obsessed over stationery, I have no idea what they are now. Unless they're all the same, then my comment was completely unnecessary ;)

    Yes, I believe the 90's and early 2000's were the GOLDEN AGE of stationery :D~ It could also be because that's when we wrote a ton of letters XD~

    We'll see about selling my stickers ;D~ I've had em for too long lol