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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10.11.11 - Ahh! I forgot!

I forgot to post my sticker flake collection! The worst part is, I thought I I deleted all the photos from my folder -_-; That just means I have to do it all over again. I'll have to do it in a bit though...

The parents are back *grumbles*. They've been here for 2 days *grumbles more*. They were gone for a month with occasional visits, but my bro would always warn me ahead of time. They were supposed to leave yesterday but the weather *sigh*, oh, the weather!

Because of this WONDERFUL weather we've been having... I've been getting crazy headaches and a ton of people are getting sick. It would be: super warm, super cold and rainy, super warm, rainy, warm, rainy, HOT, rainy, HOT, STORM!!!!! X_x; Today, it's warm! Yesterday it was storming like crazy!!!

I was seriously hoping they wouldn't be here on my day off. Truthfully, I think they decided to stay today because they found out it was my day off. And yes, my schedule this week is different...AGAIN! :/ I don't think I've had a normal work schedule in a year! -_-;

My etsy store seems to be getitng a TON of views. I really have NO idea why/how. I haven't really advertised it. I don't think I've been featured anywhere, and if I was...WHY ISN'T ANYONE TELLING ME!? :P I've sent my stuff to a few people to review and that upped my views a TEENY TINY BIT. 

I used to get 1-5 views a day. Now, I get 50 a day X_x; I'm like WOAH! What happened? I really want to know O_o;

I blame this on Strawberry Milk! I want to make my own stationery again! It used to be so much fun. Stationery things I've always wanted to make:
-Letter sets (duhhh!)
-Stickers (duhh! ;P)
-Planners (uh, what?)
-Calenders (O_O; for real?)
-Cash book (wtf is that? lol)

I think it'd be fun.

My friend told me that she referred me to one of her friends. They wanted help on their Halloween/Birthday theme party. Their party is going to be a dark Alice in Wonderland theme (awesome!). Totally up my alley. She wanted to commission me to draw a ...thingy for her cupcakes (I don't even know what it is) and if I had any ideas for her decorations and such. ^_^; Since I had to work yesterday, I couldn't really work on it but gave her some ideas for decorations... it's such an awesome idea! :D I wish I knew enough people [okay, I wish I LIKED enough people] to do one too.

So, I need to be working on that and my Halloween drawing which I keep putting off :P

Gawds, this headache needs to GO AWAY ;__;

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  1. I knooow! ME, TOO!!! Statio set! Do it do it!

    And yeah... I was wondering what you were talking about in the post before this when you said "sticker sack post"!! lol