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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10.12.11 - One day...

One day, my eyeshadows will be as awesome as Fyrinnae's!!!! 

I received my order today and was so deeply jealous and in awe of how they formulated their eyeshadows ;__; I mean, look how gorgeous these are!

 w/o flash L-R: Fire Opal, Conjuror, Ashes, and Purgatory.

Do you know how awesome they are? Fire Opal was swatched on my bare hand! I ran out of room when I swatched the other three ;P (Stupid brush is too big) The other three were swatched over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy which for most mineral makeup a must!

w/ flash; L-R: Fire Opal, Conjuror, Ashes, and Purgatory.

SO PRETTY! I didn't want to take them off ;D~

You have no idea HOW happy I was when KimmieKarmaLove said that my formula was like Fyrinnae's and Aromaleigh's (another popular indie makeup brand; but they've just switched owners and are starting all over again)

One day... I'll be as popular as them! One day, I'll be able to quit my job because of my eyeshadows! *nods* I'm determined!!!

If not, we can still work on our stationery, right Strawberry Milk? :D


  1. Ooooooh. Conjuror & Purgatory! *starry eyed*

    No! You can't give up! LOL I like your makeup & getting it from someone I know & trust!! Go, Lineday, go!!! xD

  2. *jaw drops* I LOVE THE PHOTOS IN THE REVIEW!!!!!! ... Need... must... buy more of your eye shadows!!!

    Recommend any good brushes/applicators?

    Really, I'm a man learning how to be a woman. Or that's how I feel!

  3. I WON'T give up! RAWRRRR!

    If you don't want the expensive brushes ;P (though they're still going to be a BIT expensive), go for some ecotools brushes (VEGAN). OR Sonia Kashuk (at Target only) ones. :)

    You'll need a primer too because if you want them to last/show up more vibrant, you use a primer.

    When you use them, instead of swiping the eyeshadow, it's best to PAT on the eyeshadow :) and blending out is when you swipe lol.

  4. You know, when I worked at an art store in Studio City a lot of makeup artists came in & bought artist brushes, broke them up & shoved them in their make up bags or stuck them directly into their makeup kids. I was like, "Uh... those are for oil painting?" They said the brushes are better quality AND cheaper than makeup brushes!

    I totally forgot about that until now. Schwing!

    Thank you so much for the primer tip! Buttah.... How do you use primer? Do you mix it together or put the primer first and then brush in the eyeshadow? :D *I'm aglow with the word n00b on my forehead, aren't I?!*

    Pat.... swipe... Never knew that!!!!

  5. (._.) That sounded kinda... sexxxual. hahaha pat swipe!!

  6. <---either has the mind of a 3rd grader or needs a boyfriend very, very badly.