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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10.17.11 - Applebee's, new camera, moo cards!?

Last Friday (10.14.11), I looked in the ad in our store and saw that they had a digital camera on sale. (I think it's over now) And I was debating if I should get it or not.

My cousin decided he really wanted my camera (the one that's about to die :P)... so... I was like, Ah! What the heck! ^_^; The camera I got : Sony DSC-W570

They had 4 different color choices: Silver, Black, Purple, and Pink. I didn't want silver or black because those are quite boring and most people have a silver/black camera. I'm not much of a pink fan but it was my second choice. My number one choice....
 Ding ding ding dinnnng! The purple one! I'm also not much of a purple fan but this was so pretty, I couldn't resist! It's more of a lavender color (a lot lighter than the image shows). UNFORTUNATELY, they were out of stock! The sales person [lol! I'm talking about him like I don't know who it is, but I know who he is [since I know everyone in the store ;P] even went to the warehouse to check. There was one in stock...BUT it was returned because it was defective, so they were shipping it back to the manufacturer. 

I was quite bummed...But, I remembered my second choice!

 Sorry you have to deal with stock photos now, since I have nothing to take a pic of my camera of ;P The actual color is a tad lighter. It's so girly, but I still like it. Lol!

I've noticed many differences on my previous camera and the current camera... I will do a review later on (maybe in this post if I feel like it :P)

Literally, at the end of my shift, I decided that we [co-workers that were there at that time] should go out after work. Sandy, another supervisor, suggested we go to Applebee's. I was like "okay" since I didn't know what else was opened. Honestly, I wanted to go karaoke but that would be TOOOOOOOO expensive! :P

Most of the people that were going had closing shift, I had a I had to wait a few hours before we met up again. As I waited at home, I invited another co-worker (in a different department). We had all agreed to meet up at 10:10 pm. 

Stefanie (one I invited from a different dept) and I were the first to arrive. It was a warm night so we chatted outside their front door. About 20 minutes later, Louie and Lisa showed up. I didn't know they were invited, but oh well! Lol! Louie said that Sandy invited them. 20 minutes later after they arrived; Sandy, Kevin, Marsha, and Marsha's husband (I still forget his name!) arrived. They were late because one of the cashier's lost their key and they were all looking for it (still can't find it!).

Most of us weren't hungry and took this chance to hang out. According to Sandy, she was super tired but stayed because I never hang out and it was a rare moment to hang out outside of work. [Unfortunately, this is very true. I've learned not to mix up personal life and work... but I don't have much of a personal life lol]

Unfortunately for us, the service was sub-par! Okay, it was just HORRIBLE. I asked for a water and ...COME ON! 25 minutes to get my water?! It wasn't even that busy!!! :/ Even when we asked for our check! I understand that it'll take forever to separate our tickets...but from the angle of where I was sitting...our server kept letting people go ahead of him. It was like he didn't even want to serve us.

The worst part was the AUTOMATIC GRATUITY charge because when I was like "WTF!? Why are they charging us AUTOMATICALLY for a tip when they did NOTHING!?" They couldn't believe it. I told them that's what gratuity is... a tip! There was a line under that charge "Additional Tip". NO THANK YOU. 

You know, I like tipping my servers and etc. Most of the time, even if it's almost no service... I still tip because I know how hard it is to wait on tables/serve people. But THAT service sucked major ass! I didn't bother! Neither did anyone else. Marsha wanted to cross out the automatic gratuity charge, but it had already gone :/ Ugh!

Anyway, since we're still talking about Applebee's... I'll tell you something else! I'm an idiot ;) I've been allergic to mangoes for the longest time but I, absolutely, and completely love them! LOOOVE THEM! At Applebee's I ordered a mango banana smoothie. I assumed they would use imitation mango or something like that. 

Well, I had an allergic reaction. Okay this pic doesn't look very bad, but that's probably because I didn't have much of my drink. 
 My lips are blistering, swollen, EXTREMELY dry, cracked! ewww! And NO, they're not usually like this :P This only happens when I have mangoes. My lips are painful and feel like they're burning all the time! X_x; Now's a good time to test out lip balms! Lol! Right now, I'm using this random one I found at Rite Aid. I don't really like it :P Oh well, it's all I have, actually. Whenever my lips are swollen or super dry (from being sick), I like my minty lip balms. For daily use, I like fruity ones.

I was looking up some indie brand ones... but I don't know if I'll like them or not. Lol.

Anyway, All the photos you see in this post were taken with the new camera! If you care ;)

I've always wanted to do lipgloss swatches but my previous camera hated my lips and the daylight. I could never take pictures of my lips. This pic that you see above, was the first try! Awesome! So, I'm thinking of doing those lip swatches LOL

Anyway! My camera also didn't read too well when it came to daylight. It was confused all the time and made everything look weird. That previous camera loved the flash and night. I took pictures of awesome things at night.

The Sony that I got hates it's flash and night time. X_x; Although, I was playing with the settings this morning and I think everything's coming out well. The next pictures you see were done at night with no flash, which is pretty awesome :) 

The flash on the camera is too strong!! -_-; 

Anyway, onto the next topic ;D
One and a half weeks ago, I ordered some Moo cards. I designed them. I actually had the hardest time inputting text, but it came out good.

I got them today. They were packaged in a white bubbly mailer. I, also, purchased a holder. This image (above) shows how the actual products were packaged. L-R: Box where all the cards are in; The card holder came in this silver baggie thing. It has a sticker seal-thing that says "YAY!" which I thought was adorable :)

 The card holder...I already put some cards in them and put the ring into the hole (I don't know why I did, but I did lol)

 It slides open like the image above. This is one of the sides of the cards. This side shows my name, deviantart site, and youtube.

 The back of the card shows my etsy store (I need to update it to store envy) and my blog for my store.

So awesome! I really loved these cards!!!! They're extremely high quality, sturdy, and just all around nice! $19.99 for 100 cards! I have a 15% off coupon for first time buyers too. So if you'd like to order some, let me know and I'll give you a coupon ;)

I think that's about it. My eye is twitching (literally) for some sleep. 


  1. PURPLE CAMERA PRETTY. *stare* I like how my English diminishes when I see something too attractive.

    Pink is nice, too! Good choices! How sweet was the deal? My parents are thinking about getting a polaroid digicam. I was like... "I want a real polaroid camera."

    Anyway, I hope you're doing well! Lay off the mangoes! lol Give them to me. >:D

  2. I'm sad the purple was sold out! They knew I wanted it! :P

    You should talk to my cousin about polaroids. Though, he's into the vintage cameras :)

    That's just mean, I won't give you all my mangoes :D I'll die happily having mangoes ;D

  3. LOL When people uncover your tomb: "Why is she all puffy & with a smile on her face?!?