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Saturday, October 22, 2011

10.21.11 - I wanna spoil myself!!!

I haven't been in the gothic-lolita craze in a few years. I think it really died down when we moved into this house. Sure, I would still get the Gothic Lolita mooks every now and then; but I really haven't been very into it in a long time.

Anyway! Today, Strawberry Milk mentioned Black Peace Now in one of my comments and it brought me back to it. ^_^;

I remembered this one site and I had wanted to order some stuff from them. Here are the some of the things I MAINLY wanted from them!

All images belong to them, not me :D
This BAG is SO DAMNED CUTE XD!!! I want one! But not really XD If you read on, you'll see the thing I really really REALLY want :D

This VEST is HOT! I even like the color when I usually don't like browns XD I think it's funny how the perfect color can make it seem perfect. If you picture this in black or gray, it won't look right. 

The number one thing I've been lemming over for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS!!!! This JACKET !!! OMFG I want it! I'm thinking after I pay this month's (next month's? I mean?) house bill, I'm planning on getting it! The best part is...I need a jacket :D The one I have is tearing (literally)! So I'm excited to get it. Mwahahha! This is also good enough to wear inside. <--I know that makes no sense to you but at work we have a dress code :/ BOOO FOR DRESS CODES. So when I say it's good enough to wear inside, I mean that I can wear it indoors at work. Unless they decide to turn on the heater. *sigh*

Speaking of,... The first few years I started working there, during the winter they would turn up the heater until you were sweating (but customers didn't mind). I hated it cuz I really don't like heat. The past few years, they've kept the heater OFF and because it's a warehouse's FREEZING inside! X_x; 

Anyway, I babbled :D

I've got a giant migraine. I took some MOTRIN for it but that was like 6 hours ago and now my head is starting to ache again. -_-; Anyway, this was a totally random post. :D


  1. CUUUUUTE. After I'm working, let's go shopping together at BPN/everywhere! *sigh* I love GothLoli! I just want touches of it in my everyday wear & some days... to just go all out BPN. I have a couple of cute outfits from 2 years ago. I should take photos! With the shoes! (They have PADLOCKS on them. xD)

  2. I want to make/buy this!

  3. AHHH! THIS IS SO PRETTY & it's on SALE.

    :3 I love sales.

  4. @StrawberryMilk OMG right? I want gothloli in my everyday wear too! :D I seriously love that stuff ;D Ooh, that patch thingy is nice. I'd want one too! WE COULD BE TWINS lol!

    @Himitsu Your icon is soooooo damned cute I think I'm going to yoink it! LOl! And that Rider outfit thingy...makes me definitely think of someone riding a horse XD The color makes it awesome too :D