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Friday, October 21, 2011

10.21.11 - Gawd my parents are awesome

"You HAVE to lose weight or you won't have any friends" - said by my Dad.

They finally came home on Wednesday. Why must they come home on my days off? ALWAYS! People say that it's because they want to spend time with me. My brother and I say it's because they want to make sure I won't have any "fun". 

They've been away for over a month fixing our SF house. But they would come back for "supplies". They always came back on my days off. I had only ONE day off (from them and work) because I called in sick. 

When they came home, they didn't ask how I was. They didn't worry about me. No, they demanded things. They were mad at me. They criticized me. They were mean to me! W.T.F!? 

Since they've been back, I feel that dread coming back and anger.


  1. :( Is it bad that that is typical of Asian families? Like the... from Asia, Asian families. (Or some of my friends & cousins & I are under that impression from our experiences.) Don't take it to heart. They're blunt because they "care." It's messed up, but it's their problem, not yours. (Read The 4 Agreements! *Please!!!*)

  2. YOUR VLOG MAKES ME MISS YOU. (T_T) want. to. hang. OUT!!!

    Hey, what the heck, am I not a friend?!!

  3. PS My first reaction to this post was: WTF? Do your parents NOT know how awesome you are?!!!!

    But I didn't think that would be good to post. Meh. Whatever.

  4. Most of the time I ignore them because in their sick mind, they think it's "for the best". But some of the time it's like "wahhhhhhh *cries waterfalls*" :P This is one of those times where I ignore them :) Cuz I know I've got awesome friends!

    And no, my parents don't think I'm awesome at all. They think I'm a total loser :P <--totally being serious.

    vchat = video chat? I have no cam (webcam, i should say)

  5. Good, good. I know, it's like... you can only take so much, right? :/

    They SHOULD know how lucky they are!!!

    whaaa how do you record your youtube talking self? Mo was excited when she watched you talking about anime! It made me miss you so much!