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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10.26.11 - I never know what to title these things

I've spent the whole day whining and complaining about T-Mobile. Guess what!? I'm STILL whining and complaining about them! I've been with them for 10 years and they treat me like crap! -_-; Ugh! 

Spent the day wondering which cellphone provider to go with. I think my choice is going to be with Sprint. My bro has it. He gets a discount on it. If we do a family plan it'll be about $65 (must add tax to that and I have no idea how much that'll be ;P). 

I know I don't need a smartphone and etc. Sadly, I do need it. I check my dad's email every 10 minutes. My dad loves clicking on every little thing! That's how we ended up with viruses on our desktop and spyware and etc. Also, since I've opened up my store(s)... I've been getting a lot of email! And it helps to know if I've received any orders, so I won't slack off once I get home from work. 

Text messages are a must also. I barely call anyone anymore XD For work, I have to text my manager and store managers ALL THE TIME! X_x; (Unfortunately, they don't pay for them! Which is quite unfortunate!)

They should just have a phone plan that's just text messaging and data @__@; That's it! No phone calls! XD I think a LOT of people would go for it! Though, I admit I use about 100 minutes a month. 

Anyway! During my lunchbreak, I called T-Mobile's customer service line and the lady, Joanna, told me that "the representative you talked to last month didn't do anything to your account. It DOES say they talked to you about the over-charges, but they didn't do anything about it. I'll go ahead and credit that for you." I'm thinking, "That's what they said before! What makes you think I'll believe you again!?!"

I'm so fed up with them! :(

Lol! It's the next day from above :) My dad went to SF and stayed over (maybe even for a few days). I wish Mom had gone too. Then I would have the freedom to do whatever. Now, Mom's just going to nag and nag. Isn't that what they do? ;)

Anyway, the reason Dad went back was because the crazy grandma was a little crazy (again). The parents were away for a month to re-do our SF house so they could rent it out. The last few tenants that we rented out to left because of the crazy grandma. The last one too.

So they've re-done it and they've put ads in the paper (Chinese paper, of course ;P) and people have been calling to take a look at it. When they arrive, the crazy grandma would NOT let them in!!!! :/

Which made the parents quite mad. Renting out downstairs is my parents only income! Another thing she had done in the past was lower the rent without telling us! X__x; WTF!?!

Anyway...that's why my Dad went back.

At work yesterday, all the supervisors (including me) were in a panic. Supposedly today until Friday...we're having our corporate office visit (inspection). So we've been busy getting our things in order. I've finished most of my stuff (I didn't say I was completely finished). The sad thing is...throughout working on these items... the day was SUPER SLOWWWWWWW!!!! Usually if I keep busy, the day goes by really fast. @_@;

I want to buy a tabletop grill. I want some grilled chicken. I don't really like the sauteed/stir-fry chicken we always make. I don't know why I love grilled chicken, but I do. ^_^; I'll probably get one soon. They're not that expensive. (at least the cheap ones)

According to my tracking number from USPS, my supply order for my eyeshadows are in. I ordered some new ingredients for some upcoming holiday collections and some for my regular colors ;P

Lalalala! I want some cute pens XD Totally random! Ooh, I'm going to check out atseoul and shopkawaii for some. Oh no...I have a feeling money will be spent ;)

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