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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10.26.11 - The what? O_o;

Mom and I were hanging out my laundry to dry [the wind was our obstacle! It was crazy windy!!!!] and my Mom started telling me something that surprised all of us!

My Dad JUST received a call from his uncle saying that my grandparents were moving out of our SF house. They already rented a place in Chinatown for $750. He was surprised that my Dad didn't know, as they are his parents. 

My parents believe that they're moving out cuz they're miserable living in our SF house. MY Dad had run them out. [I'm sorry to say but that's no surprise because my Dad's an ass] And they wanted to take control of their lives. I don't know how it is for the crazy grandma but I believe that's how my grandpa felt.

They were tired of being blamed for "running off our tenants". So, they decided to just leave and not tell us. They're supposed to move in on Halloween.

About 20 minutes later (after all laundry was hung out), I texted my bro and asked him if he knew anything. He did NOT. 

A few hours later...Mom, my aunt, and I went to go grocery shopping. We were in the checkout when my Dad called saying "I've returned." I assumed he meant he had come back home. So I asked him "Did you come home?" He said "yes". @__@; So I was like WTF? My Mom was like "O_O; Why are you home!? You should be in SF."

I guess my Dad wanted to come home. He was bored in SF and irritated at the grandparents. My Mom told him to stay in SF. My Dad was trying to get my Mom to go there (I think he was lonely, truthfully) but my Mom said "So you could waste gas!? You don't need me there!"

Anyway! A few hours ago, my bro texted me telling me what I had said was true. I guess the grandparents and Dad got in an argument about it. So now, my bro's going to live in the SF house by himself. I'm sure he's extremely happy about it. BUT!!! Dad is pressuring him EVEN MORE to get married. He'd already been pressuring him for the past 3 years (esp these past 2 years). I don't understand why they won't let us get married on our own. They've been trying to fix up my brother for the past 3 years and my brother ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY HATES IT!

It's another thing my Dad wants to control. 

My Dad is trying to get me to work in another place. He's tried for so long. He's tried MAKING me be: a nurse, real estate agent, highway patrol officer, nurse, real estate agent, loan officer, real estate, contractor. nurse, real estate, etc. But I refuse! 

He tried controlling my brother with careers also. He did the same thing to him. He forced my brother to quit 3 of his jobs because they weren't good enough and forced him to take real estate classes which he LOATHED. He made my brother move to Chico for a few months and my brother HATED it too! 

Then we moved here and he did the same. Now he's pressuring him to get married. My parents will be like "Meet this girl and be her FRIEND." Apparently, their meaning of "friend" is "GET MARRIED TO HER NOW!". 

Apparently all our friends of the opposite sex are our marriage candidates. I had a really good male friend (FRIEND DAMNIT) in Chico and they asked about him and why we aren't married. O_o; Umm.. WTF!??!!?

*sigh* I would love to get married. Just to get the fuck away from them. I would love to move out...if I had the money! I'd probably do the same as the grandparents. Find a place and leave. 

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  1. No no marrying just anyone is not the answer!!! Trust me. It could just get much worse.

    Think you could afford to get a roommate & rent an apartment with a friend??

    I think that would be really good for you. I know your parents depend on you for the mortgage, but why don't they just move to SF if they OWN that house? No mortgage to pay that way. You can take your paycheck & move out.

    Well, just a thought.

    I feel sorry for your grandparents & about the whole situation. I hope they'll be happier with their own home. It's pretty sad that they have to rent at their age, though. Have they checked out senior citizen rentals? They are usually discounted & they might make friends their own age to socialize with.

    Don't worry about getting married, you or your brother. It's tough to ignore outside pressure, but have you tried telling them, "No, please do not bring it up any more. I will marry when it is right for me. When you pressure me, it stresses me out and I shouldn't worry about something that will happen naturally." ??? I don't know if reasoning would help...

    Well, good luck, Linda...

    Oh! Please try the book by Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements. It helps me a lot.

    Lots of love to you!