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Thursday, November 17, 2011

11.17.11 - Makeup VS Art (snuh!?)

Taking a break from working on my shop... Worked on it since I got home.

It was super slow at work today. A few of the cashiers and I started talking about makeup. I don't know why, but we did. Lol! I had fun talking about it. The weird thing is, when I used to talk about art supplies... I didn't have as much fun. I dunno... it's just a strange thing?

I've been having some extreme sinus pains lately. So much that it's been wrecking havoc on my concentration. I can usually multi-task but for some reason, these last few days I've had the hardest time concentrating on ONE task. Like right now, I want to write this but my dad's on the phone with my bro talking really loud X_x; And it's really distracting me... I've already lost my train of thought x___X;; WTF was I saying? :P

Anyway, I'll post up my mail that I've gotten recently. I signed up for Jewelmint 6 months ago and have only purchased ONE of their items since. Anyway, every now and then, they give out credits to "purchase" items. Two months ago, I got a credit and I got this awesome zipper bracelet (for free because of the credit! I didn't even have to pay for shipping). [OMG I wish he wouldn't talk so loudly on the phone!]

Anyway, recently, I got another credit ♥. I wasn't interested in a lot of the items, and then I saw this bracelet! I hurriedly ordered it. Is it ordering if it doesn't cost anything? O_o; 

 It came packaged like this. It was in a black velvet drawstring bag underneath this foamy black...foam (duh :P).
 What it looks like... I thought this wouldn't fit my big ol' wrist, but it actually does, I was surprised and quite happy about it! It's pretty small. O_o; 

 A few weeks ago (?), Vee from Glamour Doll Eyes posted a video about a limited edition eyeshadow she created to help one of her friends' daughters. I purchased two. Glamour Doll Eyes was the company I did that label contest for and won. You can see the label (on top of the jar) in this pic. 

Here's the pile of (okay it's not really a pile, it's just 3. One is a flyer ;P indie comics... :)

 Here's the Korean cosmetics. Two pressed powders and a highlighter. I don't know why but this looks like a boob ;P [I'm sooo mature] 

 Inside of the compact. This was kind of hard to open... It was super stiff ;P

 Packaging of the other pressed powder (left) and the highlighter (right)

 The pressed powder. Isn't it bootiful? :D

 Inside...comes with a mirror, a puff, and ..a (plastic cover) for the powder. Unlike us here, there's an actual cover instead of this plastic film we usually toss out.

I know you probably can't see this but there are strawberries pressed into the powder :)

Here's the highlighter. It's a rose shape. So pretty :)

Okay, that's all yay? I must package up some orders, then sleep!

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