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Monday, November 21, 2011

11.21.11 - First Swap-Bot!

Whomever invented swap-bot is a genius! I'm still trying to find some swaps to do (when I have the time). There are a few I'd LOVE to be able to do but because THIS was my first swap... they only wanted people who had like 10 or more swaps :/ boo!

Anyway, one of the groups I follow on Facebook had an indie eyeshadow swap. I joined it. Of course I did!

This is what I received :P 

My swap partner was the one and only Kimmie Karma. ^_^
She sent me this awesome card with a cute little note inside.

The swap was supposed to be for 5 indie eyeshadow samples. She went above and beyond! 

All swatches are done over TFSI
Samples from Dark Heart Designs 
L-R: Lime Light and Moon Child
L-R: Tan Line (Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics), Wicked (Brazen Cosmetics), and Fire Ant (Venomous Cosmetics).
L-R: Tan Line, Wicked, and Fire Ant (there are CHUNKS of red glitter in here)

All of these are from Linneaus Cosmetics (Top - Bottom; L-R): Charismatic, Hope, Astute, Zippy, and Kitsch

(L-R): Charismatic, Hope, Astute, Zippy, and Kitsch

Overall, this was a fun swap. I got to test out a bunch of companies that I've never tried but have wanted to try. If you like swapping things, you should check out Swap-Bot :)

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