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Thursday, November 24, 2011

11.23.11 - Lame


You get to spend it with your family... spend it at home... etc.

As for me, every family knows that I work on Black Friday (since I've worked there) so they plan trips and go without me. Once, it was to China. The past few's been to L.A. I've only been there ONCE and that was when I was a toddler (do you really think I would remember that?)

Not like it would matter if they were home anyway since this year they decided to make us work at 11pm ON Thanksgiving! :/

My plan had been to stay up (since I got home from work yesterday) until today 2pm. Umm... I don't know if this blog will post the time but it's past that. I could only stay up until 4am. I was really suffering it at around 2am. So, I found some of my favorite 80's shows on youtube and watched them until my head (it was pounding) couldn't take it any more. So, I went to sleep. 

It's almost 4pm and I HAVE TO FORCE MYSELF to sleep otherwise I'd be dead tired by tomorrow 11pm. :/ Because that's when I'm supposed to go home! UGhhh!!!!

Anyway, when I woke up today, I was trying to figure out what to do to kill some time. So, I packed up an order I got (yay!) and decided to pack up some jars in case I have a high volume of orders for my Tragic Tuesday sale. I packed up some jars and some sample baggies (for some reason, baggies are super hard to pack up X_x; ).

I'm kind of sad that the sample baggies I ordered were completely different from my previous ones. I had ordered them some place else (since they were cheaper. It stated it was the same size... :/ but it really wasn't *sigh*. It can still hold my product but... I don't think people will be happy about it. The sad thing is... I ordered 1000!!!! X_x; AND they sent me an extra 100!!!! So I have 1100!!!!!!

Also, took a photo of my jars because I was bored. It kept coming out ugly. This was the best one I had so... I editted it (added my logo and text).

I can't wait for my orders to arrive. I wanted to order some more things but then I decided, "dude, I just got paid. I can't spend it ALL already!" :P

Okay, I really really and TRULY have to try and fall asleep now. 

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