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Monday, November 28, 2011

11.28.11 - Black Friday & weekend

I've already prepared for my Tragic Tuesday sale. I think it's funny how people think Tragic Tuesday is an actual "day" (like Cyber Monday). I say that because on Facebook, there were a few people that have discussed Tragic Tuesday "Are there any other sales on Tragic Tuesday?", when in fact, I made it up myself ;)

Anyway! After work on Wednesday (opening shift), I tried staying up as much as possible. When I told people to do the same, they couldn't understand why. I was up for 24 hours (woke up at 5am and slept at 5am; cuz I started getting headaches)... but woke up again. 

To force myself to stay awake (again) on Thanksgiving Day, I decided to prep for my Tragic Tuesday sale and packaged up some jars and baggies. By then, it was 4pm and I decided it was time for me to sleep. Like I said, people couldn't understand why I did that. I told them it was because if you try to sleep in the afternoon it's impossible to sleep. So you force yourself to be super tired...And that's what I did. It helped. According to everyone, I was the only one that slept (yay me?). 

It was a light sleep though because my neighbors were having a big party and kept banging on things X_x;

But, I did sleep.

I had set my alarm to wake me up at 9pm. I showered, got ready and etc...made some din which was fried rice. (fast and simple). I didn't eat all day either until then :P After din, I left the house. I went to get some gas (had no more boo) and was surprised to see so many cars on the road. Then I remembered it was only 1030pm ;P

By the time I got off the freeway, I realized that I was an idiot and came in too early! I was scheduled for the later schedule (30 minutes later than everyone else because I'm a closer). So I spent it in the locker room where others were and we complained and whined about being there for so long ;P

Soon, it was time to go to work X_x; Honestly, I didn't think anyone would show up. But when I arrived to the store there was a GINORMOUS line wrapped all the way to the back. 

It was busy and lasted until around 2 am, when my first 30 minute break was.... 

Then there was the lull ... because it was the time when everyone was sleeping (WHERE WE SHOULD'VE BEEN!) 230am - 530am SLOW!!!!!!! 

Colin and Phillip were in charge of the dept that day (and the safe). It was supposed to be me, but Colin kicked me off that "duties" list. <--bastard. If I was at the safe all day, my feet wouldn't have hurt as they do now. He called me over and told me that my next break was going to be a 3 hour break. I mean, my team:
ME: Okay, but does that mean I have to go on the 3 hour break too? 
Colin: Yes, you're with your team right? So you HAVE TO also!
ME: Are you sure? Usually when they give the longer breaks the supervisors have to still stick to the schedule (30 min breaks)
Colin: Hey! I'm in CHARGE, and YOU HAVE TO GO ON THE 3 HOUR BREAK!!!!

I was super pissed because I wanted the hours. I ranted to people and they all knew I was pissed about it. So when it was time to go on the break, I decided to go home. My phone had died (stupid phone)... So I ended up taking a small nap (15 minutes) and I was online checking email and such. I was on Facebook and I saw one of the cashiers online. I messaged her "Are you on break? 30 min or 3 hour?" She said she was on a 30 min break. Apparently, MY team was the one to get a 3 hour break first. [Also found out that the laziest supervisors got the 30 minute break and the ones that work got the 3 hour breaks <--the ones that needed the money more]

Then she told me that I was in trouble because I was supposed to be back because it was a 30 minute break. I was like WTF!? Then she called me and told me what happened. She was sitting with one of the supervisors and Sandy (sup) told me what happened.

I was FURIOUS!!!!!!!! So I raced back and was soooo pissed I was crying. Everyone saw how pissed I was and stayed out of my way. I went to rant to Linda C (sup) and Colin was there too. Apparently my manager was looking for me because of the blunder. I snapped at Colin that HE was the one who told me to go on the 3 hour break and I didn't even want to! And he denied it "Hey! I didn't say anything! I told you only your TEAM to go!" <--JERKFACE ASSHOLE!!!! 

Luckily, nobody believed him. Linda C told Robert (my mgr) what happened and he didn't come talk to me about my schedule... *sigh*

The rest of the day dragged on... Honestly, it was quite busy after the lull. There was a line all day. It was a million times better than the last 3 Black Fridays. 

By the end of the night, everyone was in pain. My calves, my back, and my feet were on FIRE! X_x; I was definitely feeling my age.

It took FOREVER to close and I ended up getting the most overtime/double time because of it (yay?). Once I got home, I passed out! Unfortunately, I had to get up again for what was supposed to be an 11 hour shift. It turned out to be a 13 hour one.

I was in the worst pain! I wore different shoes... and it didn't help. I also had a headache. I took some pain killers and that helped everything for awhile. The funny thing was that Saturday...the day went by SUPER DUPER FAST!

But it was also an incredibly frustrating day! No one listened to ANYTHING I said. :/ It kept pissing me off. The only good things about Saturday: day went by fast; had two LONG breaks (1 1/2 hours <--separately. So it was one 30 min break and later on an hour break). I had lunch with a few people like Linda C. (though she had her hour when I had my 30 and she had a 30 when I had my hour ;P). On my first break, Linda C treated me to lunch. She went to the nearby chinese food place and by the time she got back, 30 was over. But I saved the rest for my hour break. YUMYUM! :D~

Unfortunately, most of the people that closed on Saturday were newbies. Because of this and the fact that it was getting slow at around 9pm, I pulled them out for them to count out. It's a known fact that on average; new hires take 45 minutes to an hour to count out. 

But remember, it was the day that nobody listened to me. When I told them to pull out, only 2 people did. I asked others repeatedly to pull out. :/ Finally, someone had to go and do it for me. To make a long story short, it kept happening throughout the night when I tried pulling people out every 15 minutes. And they took FOREVER to count out. It does NOT take 2 freakin hours to count out!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the store was closed and everyone had pulled out... I noticed no one was buying change from me. So I yelled "WHO NEEDS CHANGE?" reply. So I yelled it 3 more times right after. No reply...

So I said "Okay I'm going to count the safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I'm halfway counting out the safe when... "I need change" OMFG!!!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!??! I was SOOO PISSED I slammed my clipboard down and scared everyone. 

Marsha (cashier) had seen ALL of this all day... and she was just as frustrated as me because she was the one that helped me yell at people to pull out or etc. 

So I gave the last person change. Marsha SCREAMED "WHO NEEDS CHANGE!??!?" <--she wanted to go home and was getting just as irritated as me.

I went off to the side to calm down and bawl my eyes out.

Finally, I counted out the safe. Closing...took FOREVER. We were supposed to be out by 11pm. We ended up leaving at 12 am :/  <--more overtime for me

Sunday(yesterday) was deathly slow. This whole weekend, I had NO time to recover my tired feet. Yesterday, my feet were in the WORST pain!!!! Saturday I closed. Sunday I opened. :/ 

Luckily, I open today so I had MANY hours to recover. My feet feel okay right now. No pain, no sore muscles....

*sigh* One more day and I'll finally have my day off :/


  1. D: Sounds HELLISH. I hope the paycheck will make it all better!

  2. @StrawberryMilkMade Just received our paychecks.... and NO ONE IS HAPPY!!!! Prob have to text you about it :/