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Monday, November 14, 2011

11.14.11 - Mail day!

Since Im at work, I can't particularly show you what I received. But it was a lot of items! Orders from: eBay, etsy, and an indie makeup company. Also, received this month's Birchbox.

On eBay, I purchased a few face powders. I don't use much makeup... the things I use the most are: face powder/powder foundation and blush. I play with eyeshadows every now and then, but Im a face person :P

Anyway, the ones I purchase were from some Korean brands cuz I love Asian cosmetics. Plus, they fit my skin tone more :P those were from eBay

On etsy, I purchased a few indie comics and a few came in. Yay!

And the indie cosmetics company...I designed their label and the owner was having a fundraiser to help her friend's daughter who needed a complicated surgery done. And they didn't have the money. So the owner created a special shade for her and I purchased two of those and they came in today. Ill probably give away one of them.

On Saturday, when I called in sick... I spent some of it outdoors. I went to Barnes & Noble to look for CSI season 10. Every store I went to (including the one I work at) didn't have it. But Barnes & Noble did. I also checked out some of their books...then went home.

Yesterday, I spent it finishing up my Holiday collection (made the last three shades and finished the holiday drawing).

Don't know what else to talk about and I have to go back to work soon... boo!
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  1. I agree with StrawberryMilkMade :)

  2. @StrawberryMilkMade :P Hey hey hey :D No violence in my blog lol

    @SwatchFreak I will post when I get the chance :)