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Thursday, November 10, 2011

11.10.11 - Oh noes!

I'm sick!

I knew it too! 

I get sick sooo easily, since I moved up here. :/ 

Stefanie had been fighting a cold for days. She works in the Audit Dept. Unfortunately for me, I had to be in close quarters with her because I had opening shift yesterday AND today. After my lunch break was when I started to feel it. My throat started to hurt...pretty badly. It still hurts really bad. I'm hoping it's not strep throat :/ I've only had that ONCE and that was quite horrific. But it hurts pretty badly now...

I'm also feeling the fever. Even Mom was like O_o; damn woman! You've got a fever (of course she didn't say it THAT way ;P). Then she shoved some soup and meds down my throat.

The meds are really kicking in right now. I'm falling asleep and I really don't want to. It's still quite early.

I've lost my voice already too -_-; WTF!? 

I'm wondering if I should call in tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe I'll be better tomorrow? I doubt it, but I'm just saying ;D

Yay! Got paid today. I needed the money to get some labels for my eyeshadows. Unfortunately, because I'm sick, I can't work on the eyeshadows. Cuz that's just of gross, working on them when sick? EWWWW!

I tried to finish up my Holiday drawing/label for them but I got drowsy XD And here I am (excuses, I know).

Random thought: I want a Moleskine sketchbook XD I have one but I've found that I'm just taking notes in that thing and not really drawing in it.

But I want one to draw in... I know I should use the one I have (to draw) but...I just want one?


  1. haha I mentioned getting a Moleskin sketchbook in the manga group. They're nice, but not my favorite.

  2. I hope you get well soon. It's good that your mother is taking care of you.

  3. @StrawberryMilkMade it's because of you I wanted the Moleskine sketchbook. I saw that post ;D It's not my fave either but there's something about it that makes me want it ;D