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Saturday, December 10, 2011

12.10.11 - I'm aliveeeeee!

I haven't died! I'm here!!!! Just been busy and super tired from work! Holiday hours at work have arrived, which means our store is open an hour later, which means when I close...I'm there later and get home later ;__; so very sad! I get home a little after midnight.

I was also using up all my free time packing up my Tragic Tuesday orders and I've finally finished. I hit some snags along the way (mostly concerning shipping). What happened was... when I finally finished packing and packaging them all up, I went and shipped out the ones located in the U.S. first. I did that because I needed to get some customs forms for the international ones. Filling them out at home would be easier for my tiny little post office. (This is the closest one :/) When I went to ship them off, the lady at the counter who knows me (because I'm there often ;P) said "I hope you don't have any international orders to ship" O_O; Apparently, they were out of customs forms! WHAT!? X_x;

The other post office is about an hour away X_x; and since I go after work, by the time I get there... it'll be closed! x_X; The only other choice I had was to go to the UPS store (where my mail box is located) and ship from there. But they charge $2 extra for every USPS shipment -_-; And shipping UPS is quite expensive too. Ahhh! So I decided it was the only thing I could do and ship through the UPS store. Oh well! I wanted everyone to get their I didn't want to wait.

I know people will ask "Why didn't you just ship them online?" Because my printer hates me! X_x; It's why when I print out the flyers and such, I have to do stacks of them at my dad's printer, which is not located anywhere here! <--Another reason why I hand-write all my invoices

Haven't been posting also because I'm doing a swap on swap-bot (love this site) called "Journal your December". *nods* So that's what I've been doing.... It's quite fun! I've always wanted to do a journal swap.

Also been trying to take pix of my Black Friday and beyond hauls. Yes, I did some hauling @__@; *cough*. But the pix aren't coming out. I decided to not use my point and shoot camera any more and use my SLR. It's official, I don't like my point and shoot.

I mean, how can you not take pix of swatches or product pix properly? :/ I think I had it figured out before, but I hadn't used it for awhile...PLUS, my cousin was playing with my cameras and their settings (oh! It could be because of that!)

My cousin loves cameras. He loves regular film cameras though. And he likes the antique ones. The only film cameras I like are toycams! I really want one :P~ Anyway, he came over the other day and was looking at my SLR and said he really liked it. Apparently, (I didn't know) I have to update it though. I'll do that soon, I guess. Maybe tonight, when I come home. 

Anyway, I must run (time to leave for work! Boo)

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