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Thursday, December 1, 2011

12.01.11 - New hires...

We've had a huge influx of new hires lately. It's obviously because it's the holiday season. Most of the new hires arrived the week of Black Friday. I understand because it was a crazy week, they weren't trained very well. 

But the person that hires people in our a total and complete idiot. I can say this and compare because I used to be the one that hired everyone in our store. I did it for two years. My hires are STILL working there and are supervisors now. The people that SHE has hired has all gotten fired except for a handful.

I don't know how she chooses these people or trains these people. My newbies would be able to understand everything after the third day. Her new hires have been here for 2 months and they STILL don't understand anything. <--Unfortunately, this is NOT an exaggeration!

Most of the managers don't like her hiring methods either. They would always come to me "Why can't you be 'coach' [what we call the hiring manager] any more?" <--Because I got promoted!

Anyway! On Monday was the start of the newbie's DERP questions. Apparently, the people that were hired on the week of Black Friday, think we're their baby-sitters. They would ask us things that THEY should know themselves and not US!

I've gotten more than a few people (and the same person -_-; ) asking about their schedules. 
Newb #1: What time do I go to lunch?
Me: Umm.. I don't know.
Newb #1: But aren't you my supervisor? Shouldn't you know?
Me: It's on the coverage [attedance sheet] and you should've memorized your schedule.
Newb #1: Oh, I thought YOU supervisors would've memorized it for me!
*falls over!*

I don't know. These newbies just seem awful. They can't the screen. When it says "please push any key", they'll call for a supervisor and ask "What do I do now?" X_x; I tell them to read the screen...

Anyway! I was actually planning on posting about this yesterday but I completely forgot my other examples. But there is one more thing I remembered...

Yesterday, I got a call from our Call Center asking for the Hiring Manager. I told her that our Hiring Manager comes in at 230pm. She asks if I could take a message for her and I said it's okay and to transfer him over.

Me: Thank you for choosing ________, may I help you?
Man: I was calling to see if I had an interview today and MAKING sure that there IS an interview FOR ME. [He's speaking int he most rude, loud, condescending tone...]
Me: The hiring manager isn't in right now but---
Man: I was there for an interview before and when I got there I sat for TWO hours and was told the person that was interviewing me was on lunch! I don't want to have to waste my TIME or my GAS! I want to make sure that I have an interview!
Me: (thinking I want to punch this guy in the face already) Can I get your name and number please? And I'll have them call you back?
Man: My name and number is ___________________. You better make sure I don't waste my gas or my time!!!!!
Me: Okay...
Man (slams phone down).

Me: are going in the NFI pile! [NFI = No further interest]

I mainly got his name and number so that I could NFI him. Why would you speak to a potential employer like that?

I found out that he was being interviewed by the Computer Dept. So when they came to our dept to get their interview packets, I warned the supervisors about him. He was on the list at 11:45am.

They hoped he would show up so they could see who it was :P

I was on my lunch when one of the Computer Dept supervisors told me that the guy showed up. He had the nerve to tell the Computer Dept Manager...
Man: You need to re-train your new hires. They can't speak well on the phone, they weren't loud enough. Well, you need to re-train all your hires!
Computer Dept Mgr: .... Get out! We don't need to interview you any more.



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  1. Aaaaand that's why he's unemployed.

    Whelp, off to bed now that I helped solve that mystery.