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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12.13.11 - Where did my day go!??! O_o;

I've never been allergic to seafood. But as of the past two years, I noticed that whenever I have something with seafood in it... I get rashes. It's led to some mild eczema! I've got this prescription ointment cream thinger that I use and it does help...

Yesterday, Dad was celebrating getting a big job offer (renovating a restaurant!) and got some crab. Btw, I don't even like seafood much... Anyway, he cooked it for dinner cuz he was overly excited. (lol) My parents don't believe I have an allergy to seafood (BUT I DOOOOOOOOOO DAMNIT!) and they kept bugging me to "try a little crab". Until they just put a teeny tiny amount on my rice. X_x; 

In two hours, I got soooooooo itchy and the rashes all appeared. X_x; So I used up (yes USED IT ALL UP. not like there was much left) my ointment and some medicated lotions... 

Today, I'm still itchy. My skin is raw and pink because I was scratching (so bad, I know). So,  I took some allergy meds and omg I passed out for 4 hours! 

It's sad because that was my day off! I spent it sleeping :( I really didn't want to sleep. I was planning on working on my "Journal Your December" journal... 

Next topic! I've been playing my 3ds (Mario 3ds) and I have come to the conclusion that this game is too hard on my poor widdle brain! X_x;;; :P Maybe I should've gotten Mario Kart for 3ds instead. LOL!

When we had dinner yesterday [wow this blog post is all over the place ;D But that's how my brain is], mom and I were making fun of my dad. My dad RARELY cooks at home. He'll only cook if he has to cook for our restaurant. But when it comes to "HOME" cooking, he RARELY does. 

Mom and I were making fun of him because he didn't know where anything was when he was cooking the crab. But the funny part was this conversation:
Dad: I know how to do EVERYTHING! What DON'T I know how to do?
Me (replying promptly): You can't understand English!
Mom nearly choked on her food and Dad started laughing and glaring at me :D~


Dad = 0 points!
Linda = 5 points!


I'm gonna try and talk my manager into letting me have Monday off of next week so I can go to SF for Sunday and Monday. Maybe he'll give me a closing shift on Tuesday too and I can stay on Tuesday too. Mwahahah! I want some Japanese fashion magazines and ... I just want some kawaii stuff! And OMG XD I want purikura and I want to meet up with StrawberryMilkMade and MOWIE!!! (she deserves exclamation marks :D)

Okay, I should probably work on my journal journal... lalalala


  1. We wanna see yoooou!!! January????????? AFTER Christmas?!!!!

    LOL Nice family moment!!!!