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Thursday, December 15, 2011

12.15.11 - It's NOT the end of the world! OMG -__-;

When I found out that Deleter was having kind of an art show thinger in Japantown...I wanted to go! But... it's located in SF. If I go to SF, I'd like to go for more than a day. And of course, everything happens on the weekend. In this case 12/17-12/18 OR 12/23-12/24. I wouldn't be able to make the latter since I have to work those days (big sale days). So I decided to try and make the 12/17-12/18 one.

And try I did.... I needed to find someone to switch schedules with me for 12/17. I usually have Sundays off so that was no problem... but all the people that DID have Saturdays off couldn't switch because they were going out of town or had something important to do. *sigh* After debating with myself of my co-workers, Kevin, told me to just go on Sunday and stay over on Monday but to find someone to switch with me on Monday.

I wasn't able to do it. Monday = opening shift because Sandy called in and I had to open. My manager didn't show up until closing shift which is when I went home. Tuesday = day off. Yesterday and today: opening shifts. On Wednesday, my manager had a split shift. He would open and come in for the managers' meeting then leave  until 6pm and close for the rest of the night. Today was the last day I could get him to change it. Thursdays, he makes the schedules. 

Anyway! So this is what happened! When I came back from lunch, my manager was looking for me. But he wasn't around...about an hour later, he shows up and calls me into the Audit Dept's office. I thought I was in trouble X___x;; I wasn't, thankfully. But there was a problem!

Background information! --> A co-worker and I had been thinking of getting an art table at a local anime convention (SacAnime). We finally decided to do it! We paid for our table and we have it. If you look HERE, her name's on it! (April Hurtado)

We told each other that once we get our tables FOR SURE (cuz they sell out FAST!) we'll request time off! Which we did.... This was in OCTOBER!!! The convention is in January 2012!

Back to the present! --> My manager tells me there's a problem with my vacation form. I'm like O_o; Problem? Usually, if you haven't heard anything within two weeks, it means it was approved. So I assumed it was approved!

There were two problems,...
1) Because I requested a week off...but I did it in separate weeks [Thursday - Thursday], I had to fill out a new form for the second week.
2) My vacation might be denied because the days I REALLY needed...was also during our Inventory week. :/ 

He asked if I really needed those days off and if we could change to a different week. I said no because the table was paid for already. :/ But I did notice that April was approved for her weekend off. It could also be because I'm a supervisor and she's a cashier.

So, I was sad about it... Then I remembered that I needed to ask him if I could switch my days off the following week. Just for that week. 

He said it would be difficult, but he pulled up next week's WIP schedule and checked it out. He said that he could try and switch me and Sandy's Mondays. [She works my closing and I work her Tuesday]. Honestly, I thought he was going to ask her first...but he just did it in the computer. He said it's done. 

So, I went to Sandy, who was gossiping (as usual) to Phillip (another supervisor) and Kayla (cashier)... I didn't do this to GLOAT or to BRAG. I was INFORMING her!
Me: Sandy! You're working my Monday next week!
Sandy: O_O;;; WHAT!?!??!?! NO!!!
Me: O_o; But Robert switched it...
Sandy: NO! I have PLANS!!! You can't do that!!! I don't want to close on Monday!!!!!
Me: ...

I must say that I NEVER EVER ASK ANYONE TO SWITCH schedules with me! NEVER EVER! Everyone usually switches with me! I don't ever ask! This ONE time that I'm asking and she threw a HUGE hissy fit.

I walked away. She was fuming and throwing things around (literally). I was mad too because She asked me to work her Monday [I heard she wasn't sick] and I did...and she didn't even show up for MY shift!

So, I worked [zoned my area] while she ranted at people. LOUDLY! People around me and around her were getting irritated because everyone knows I can't leave my house often and I don't really ask people for anything. So the one time I do...she throws a fit!

I also wanted to use the days to hang with my brother and possibly, StrawberryMilkMade. I hadn't seen my brother in months and I hadn't seen StrawberryMilkMade in YEARS!

One of the cashiers (her good friend) told me not to worry. She said that "Sandy uses Mondays to see her kids and her BF[which btw is Kevin!]".

I wasn't worried. The funny thing is, I got an eyelash in my eye and everyone thought that I was crying because Sandy was being a meanie! NO PEOPLE! THERE, LITERALLY, WAS SOMETHING IN MY EYE! X_x; 

Anyway, I went home. I forgot about it...until Kayla popped up on my Facebook Chat and said that once I left, she ranted non-stop to her and Phillip about me taking her Monday away. X_x;;; SERIOUSLY? 


Btw, don't EVER ask me to switch schedules with you again!

At around 6pm, Sandy texted me and apologized...but immediately, it was followed by a bitchy comment. She wasn't sorry at all! Because she was still pissed! Throughout this whole thing, I'm starting to see how incredibly funny this situation is. 

She was like "how dare you not consult with me first!" Umm... Shouldn't I ask the MANAGER first!? Rank-wise, I'm higher-up than she is! <--not that this matters XD But why is she acting all superior?!

Anyway... I get to see her tomorrow and the day after. Can't wait for all the cold-shoulder, whispering behind my back, insulting me etc. <--she's been doing this to me already but stopped recently. But I can't wait for this to happen again :D Yay!!!!

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  1. She's immature. Ignore her & she doesn't deserve any of your free thought time. No more switchies for her! >:P