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Sunday, December 25, 2011


What are your plans for today? My family doesn't really celebrate Christmas, so... :P

The only thing we DO do (lol sounds like "doodoo") is if we have the days off, we'll visit my brother or he'll visit us. This year, my brother came up with my grandma (mom's mom). She wanted to visit my aunt and uncle [she's staying at their place]. 

Apparently, they're having a Christmas Dinner party. [in a few hours]
It's been mighty cold lately. Frosty, in fact!
 This was taken on December 24, 2011 @ 8am. The frost still hasn't melted off of anything! I usually see this frost when I have opening shifts... My car is covered in 1" thick ice! I had to throw cold water on it to melt it off THREE TIMES (was leaving to work at the moment)!!!

Anyway, other than the frigid weather... I liked the view. This is directly across the street (look! Our block's mailbox!) The empty lot is full of frost, there was mist and was an awesome sight in person...I couldn't take an awesome photo ;(

Anyway, after work yesterday, I raced to Rite Aid for some... *cough* female necessities and I kind of had this weird nagging feeling that the parents were expecting gifts. We don't really celebrate Christmas. But the last few years, we've gotten gifts for them. So I looked around the store (after locating my necessities X_x;) and found some items. I know they're not awesome, but they liked them:
For Dad - White Chocolate & Macademia Nut cookies (his fave)
For Mom - Ferro Rocher (however you spell that!) chocolates
For Bro - Set of Hot Cocoa (regular, Caramel Cream, and French Vanilla)

I was hoping no one would be home when I got there, so I could sneak them inside. But nope! They were all home. I snuck out at around 2am to retrieve them from my car ;P

Today, we invited my aunt, uncle, and grandma to go get some Dim Sum. My uncle suggested this new Dim Sum place that was a few blocks from another one. It was okay. Some of their food was good and some was just okay. The one thing I did notice that ALL of the Dim Sum places I've EVER been to (including SF) did NOT have [except for the one we went to] was a heater. This place had their heater on and it was warm! SHOCK!!!

We followed my uncle's van to a TINY Chinese market (TIIIINNYYY!!!) who was known for their BBQ Pork and Roast Pork. My uncle was getting some for their Christmas dinner party-thing. But we arrived too early and it wasn't ready yet. There were other customers waiting just for it too. I bet they made their money on that stuff because looking around... it was obvious they didn't sell much and they've been there for a LOOOONG time.

Anyway, we waited outside while the pork was still roasting/baking.... (we had 30 minutes to wait) and we came across this van ;P~~ Hilarious! I snapped a pic with my phone! lol! I HAD to! It was begging to be photographed!

Once we left there, we went to a house the aunt and uncle just bought (to rent out) and my dad lectured my bro and I about money and blah blah blah. The usual stuff. I was surprised he didn't yell at us... :/

We went home afterwards and ended up watching movies on Netflix. Okay, just one movie "DIE HARD" (first one). lol!

Suddenly, we were called to their house O_o; Apparently the dinner was ready! Man, the day went by super fast!
 I had heard it was a party with some other people but apparently it was just us. :P This is my dad and my aunt having soup.

 My uncle and my bro having soup...

My grandma and my mom having soup ;P

 Here's all the food. My aunt and uncle cooked it all (except for the Roast Pork and BBQ pork)

More shots of the food. Nom nom. All so very yummy! My uncle caught the fish. His latest hobby is fishing. He goes everyday (except for the past few days, apparently). He catches a ton of fish and gives us half!

My parents stayed at their house for awhile longer, my brother and I got bored as they gossiped and came home. We watched ELF on dvd until they came home. Then I posted this online ;)

This was how my Christmas was. Lol! How was yours?

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