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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12.27.11 - Stupid Ol' Me ^_^;

Yesterday, I was extremely out of it. I had three moments which I was an extreme idiot ;D Lol! 

Scenario 1 - I went to take a shower, got in the shower and shirt was still on ;D~ 

Scenario 2 - I usually spray my room with air freshener (from Bath & Body Works! ♥) so when I come home, my room smells loverly ;P and I pressed the button and I'm like "why doesn't it smell yummy?" ;__; I looked down and I sprayed a lotion LOL!!! ahh... I'm so smart

Scenario 3 - At work. There was a problem with the cash pull log (messed up by Pao) and Colin (another sup) and I were figuring it out when one of the cashiers was calling for a supervisor for help. So I went over there. Turns out he needed to do a void. Once I did the void, I went to log it in... IN THE CASH PULL LOG!!! I was wondering why Colin and Pao were there going over the [what I thought was the VOID log] log X___x;;;; and then I realized and I ran away shame-faced, while they stared at me like I was nuts


I know USPS is screwing up but this is ridiculous. My bills came in... and they're due next week. Umm.. what? I usually have a 3 week lee-way (is that how you spell that word?) but I will have to blame it on the holiday season. *nods* Luckily, I haven't spent that much this month :D I was surprised about the SF trip. I HONESTLY thought I would spend so much that I'd be broke. But I think the truth is...when I went to Japantown by myself that Monday and was choosing the surprise bags... I was tired of shopping by then and my arms were killing me cuz those things are pretty heavy :D <--aka I'm a puny weakling. ^__^;

I think I'm doing well with my "Journal your December". I wanted to write more but I got busy and sleepy lol so I couldn't write in it every day ;_; and it's kind of boring. No awesome decorations or anything. But the swap said it's okay because it's just a journal. But I want my journals to be fanciful!

Maybe I'll join up the January one too? I dunno ;D Nah, it kinda takes up a lot of time.

When I had my "Tragic Tuesday" sale, I spoiled myself with a Nintendo 3ds. I told myself that once a Mario game comes out... I'll get it!
Anyway! When I can't sleep (which is quite often), I play the Mario game. It's quite difficult o_o; I don't like how the game kinda of helps you "cheat". I say that because I noticed that when you keep jumping off cliffs (aka dying lol), a special power up pops up for you to use. It's the white tanuki suit which practically makes you invincible (hey! I said practically). There's also the p-wing, which in previous Marios...just keeps you flying...but this one, flies you directly to the goal :/ Boo

Btw, why can't you fly (I haven't played it all the way through yet) in this game?!? :/ Boo! 

I'm also the type of person that plays through the levels to pass them. Once I've completed the game, I go back to gather up all the things: powerups, coins, etc. But NOOOOO! Because I didn't get enough dragon coins (i think those are what they are in this one), I can't go onto the next level ;/// Now i have to get 30 more of those coins before I can go to the next one! That's quite lame! BOO!!!!

^__^; I noticed the last thing last night. When I was like "yes! I can go on to the next one now!" <--it's a LIE! 

I wanted to go watch a movie today...but I'm kinda feeling lazy. I'd rather stay home. I feel like I haven't been home for awhile. 

This is a long and random post! I'm going to see if there are any more awesome swaps for me to join :D

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