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Monday, January 2, 2012

01.02.11 - New Year's stuff?

The last post (not the one with the cactus :P) I did, I was being distracted from watching "Size Does Matter" (lol! This stupid show cracks me up!), so I didn't get to whine about what happened! It's also the reason I started to watch that show...cuz I needed a funny.

New Year's Eve, Linda C. was going through paperwork to file. She came across the vacation, paid time off, time off forms that people had filled out and were approved/denied, etc. 

WELL! Apparently, I had turned in a Holiday paid day off form (Holiday paid days can be used 7 days before or after the actual holiday) and it was approved. So, I wasn't supposed to work on January 4, 2012. But on my schedule,... it showed that I AM working! I was confused. Linda C. was too. 

Usually, I put in the days off I request [because I always do it MONTHS ahead of time] but because my phone's been acting up and switching phones... I forgot about it and it's not in my calender. But there it was, in my writing and approved by the store manager AND my dept manager.

I texted my manager and he said "Whoops, I must've accidentally let that go through. None of the supervisors are supposed to be approved for time off." O____O; Umm... WHAT!?!?!? :/

This place is pissing me more and more off. It was bad enough being left alone on one of the busiest days... but having these days you're supposed to use and having them NOT approve them just because? :/ Dude, January 4th is a NOTHING DAY! I was just trying to use up my days!! :/ WTF!?!?!


*sigh* Anyway, I think on that day I'm just going to have a movie day. There are two movies I want to see:
Mission-Impossible: Ghost Protocol (dumb name, if you ask me :P)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011). I have the book, but I haven't read it yet. 

Yesterday, I had all this stuff planned out. Okay, it wasn't a TON of stuff... But I ended up not doing it. Lol! Lazy much? No, actually...

Black Friday and beyond...there were a bunch of sales / new products out from all these indie companies and I was supporting them. *cough* Maybe a little too much. LOL! I was swatching like a mofo the whole day until the sun went down! X_x; I didn't think they would take THAT long! But they did! X_x;

Anyway, that's all for now. The parents are supposed to return today *cries*

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