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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

01.10.11 - What's in my bag?

Oh, nostalgia (not really ;P). About 2 1/2 years ago, I saved like a MOFO to get my first Juicy Couture bag. It took me about 4 months (lol!), cuz I did it slowly. I really wanted this bag. I saw it at Nordstrom but by the time I went to purchase it, it wasn't in the Nordstrom store any more. *cries* 
But, I went across the way where there's a Juicy Couture stand alone store and TAA DAAA!!! There it was! I was soooooo excited and soooooooooo happy.
My previous post (I think it was), made me want to whip out a Juicy Couture bag... Honestly, I had NEVER EVER used my bag even though it took me so long to save it! O_O; I know, right!? I was too scared to use it because I didn't want to ruin it ;( I know it's a stupid reason. But I really really love this bag. Even if it's smaller than the bags I normally use. 
Hanging it on my doorknob so it's easier to see. :P 

I kept it stored in a cabinet in the dust bag it came in. But unfortunately, something was ON it and created this permanent bend in the handle ;____; I can't re-bend it back into shape. Oh well...

Anyway, I ended up using my bag yesterday. I really love it, LOL! It does make me feel super girly because it's not a shoulder bag or a messenger bag... The straps aren't long enough for me to put on my shoulder. So it's literally, a handbag. :P

There are side zippy pockets. I only used one for my PO box key. You can see that I still have the Juicy Couture tag. Lol!

Here's the other side zippy pocket. I didn't use it. The crown charm you see there, I purchased it at ICING at the Vacaville Outlets my first time there (at the outlets). I thought it would look perfect on my bag. ^_^

Here's what I carried in my bag. It may be smaller than I usually use, but I still fit all this! I was quite surprised :P

The first thing I took out was this package. I checked my PO Box yesterday and got a package from StrawberryMilkMade!!! Which, I loved, btw!!! :D

My widdle makeup case and "pharmacy". I ALWAYS take these with me! :P I'm sure you've noticed!

In the makeup pouch: EcoTools mini kabuki brush and a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in medium.

You can see the package on the left, lol. Hey! When I got it, I was overly excited. I'm not going to preserve the packaging! ;P~ I was reading (again) this book "RETAIL HELL". I took off the dustcover. I love hardbound books and only have one -_-; and it's this one. Lol. There is a book I really want to get, but it's $30! X_x; ugh!

Since this is all in a jumble, I shall just list them off: package from StrawberryMilkMade, iPod Classic w/ portable JVC speaker, makeup pouch, "pharmacy", name badge (for work), and wallet.

The inside design/print of the bag.

For such a small bag, I'm thinking of switching to a smaller wallet. This wallet I got from my friend [she gave it to me on my last birthday] and haven't used it. It's kinda squashed since there were things laying on top of it and there are indents from said item. Lol :P Whoops. But this is shorter than my wallet above. :)

I spent today watching "what's in my bag" videos on youtube. I'm quite lame LOL.

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  1. How did I miss this? Thank you for the honorable mention! I laughed out loud at the torn packaging! xD Could you tell I was taking mental notes while we shopped? The bling bling you thought about getting to decorate your phone... etc. etc. I should've just bought a blind bag for you, too! Crud. NOW I think of it!