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Monday, January 9, 2012

01.09.11 - *sneeze* X_x;

My "titles" for posts are awesome. I need to start "tagging" my posts now too... so it's easier to go through. I think...

I'm being lazy right now. I was filling out my planner, but I was like... I want to blog instead ;D I'll probably do it after this post. 

After work on Saturday, I wasn't tired at all. So I stayed up until ...3AM!!!!!!!!!! Watching a bunch of IMPROV EVERYWHERE's MP3 experiments! [<--Click for example] Those were awesome. I don't know why I never watched those. That's not true, I watched one (I think their first one) and I was deathly bored. But the most recent ones are pretty awesome. So awesome that I want to participate in one! Lol!. I love IMPROV EVERYWHERE btw. I follow their youtube and blog. Anyway, I woke up late (I always wake up late on my days off, but I meant that I woke up later than usual) yesterday... and after I showered and such, I was pumped to do what I planned on doing. 

Coloring April's drawing. April is a co-worker and her and I are sharing an art table at the local anime convention that's happening this coming weekend. [That is...if someone will switch with me! Ugh! I keep asking :/ But no one's replied]

I decided I wanted to use my NEOPIKO markers since DELETER [people who make NEOPIKO] were going to be there. I know, total product placement ;D~ April told me she used the same pens I use to ink [Sakura Microns]... and when I started to color... I was HORRIFIED to see that NEOPIKOs smudge like a mofo with Microns! At first I was like "nah! It's probably cuz it's a new formula or whatever" and I tried to give every excuse I could think of... but no. My beloved NEOPIKOs don't work with Microns. The COPICs do.... 

 Here's the full drawing. I was recording as I was coloring it (so I'd finally have a video to upload). I always start coloring the skin first. But then the inks started to bleed and I was horrified! 

 Closeup of the bleeding ink ;/ [my camera did a flash and there goes my shadow ;P]
Another closeup. I was texting April and she was kind of panicking. I told her that maybe it was just the reformulation of the Neopikos and not COPICs. So I told her I'd test out the COPICs too. The blue (for the jeans) is the COPIC. I went OVER the line over and over and OVER again, but the COPIC didn't smudge/bleed/smear. 

I remember I had wanted to do a pen comparison video. I think it's time to start it up again. I DID do it before, but I lost all the footage and papers :/ (I smart). I'll have to do it again...more for my reference than anyone else's :P

After I colored, I was sad. I hadn't colored in a long time... and I was hoping to get all into coloring again [weird, right?] But I couldn't. I got discouraged. So I went to BEL-AIR (lol!) and got some soup. <--LOL! No, really, I did. I got a bunch of canned soup since I was craving for soup and didn't want to make my own (not like I know how. I know there's youtube...but I doubt I had any ingredients). I made lunch and just surfed the internet.

Whenever I'm bored, I always look through blogs, youtube, and... online-window-shop. 

I ended up looking at bags. -_-; I've always wanted a Juicy Couture Daydreamer bag. I found a site that sells them for $50. Either they're fake, or they're on extreme clearance! I like the size of the bags. 
One of my co-workers has one. I wanted the same color she has which is this gray one.
Somehow I ended up looking at Balenciaga bags. If I had the money or if money was no object, I'd totally get one (or two? LOL!). If I ever get rich *dreamy look*, the third thing I would get would be a Balenciaga bag. [First thing would be a car; then a house/apt <--move out]. I don't like the color (okay I do but I wouldn't want it for my bag], but this is the Balenciaga First. It's a small sized one... it's so cute!

Now this size is the one I want to SPLURGE on if I had a ton of money or money is no object. This is the Balenciaga Giant Day Rose Gold Hardware. [I think]. I think the rose gold hardware ones and giant hardware are the more expensive ones O_o; I just think this looks awesome. :P Actually, I think the one I want is a Part Time or a City [sizes]. I don't know what the difference is except they're bigger than the First and something about the shape. :P 

I think this is a fake Balenciaga bag. I think. I just googled the words and picked it out. Lol! 

They're so pretty. I could stare at them all day. Lol! 

I've been getting a ton of sinus pain lately. I'm wondering if that means I'm getting sick :/ Noooo!


  1. Cute bags! Err yeah I've had that happen with markers/pens. Always good to test first. (Who does that?! WHO?!!!)

    I haven't found any fancy pants bags that I *love* yet. Idk why... I like BPN & BSSB & Angelic Pretty & all that, but LOVE? Yeah, no.

  2. I take it back! I think Angeli Pretty has the best bags. Hands down.




    When are we going to SF again?? Oh, I forgot, I have to go this Sunday to return the kitties. (T_T)

    Going to take Mowie to AP!

  5. I got a message from DELETER on facebook and they said it's best to use the markers on COPIES!!! o_o; Umm... what!? Why would I do that? I like coloring on my originals!

    That is a cute bag!!!

    Dunno when I'll be going to SF... I'd like to go when I can spend money, LOL. So, that won't be the case for the next two months *sigh*. (So in mid-March?)