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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

02.01.12 - Yippee? It's Feb!

I'm sleepy! X_x; 

On my day off yesterday, I planned to work on innocent+twisted items. But I had to do some things for my dad first!

The first thing I had to do was find a process server in Sunnyvale so we could get someone to "serve" papers. Found some online...great! They accept attachments...great! Went to scan the documents....and my scanner made a horrific noise like it was going to explode.

Though, it's been making that noise the last few times I've used it. The last time I used it, it wouldn't scan properly and took SIX passes for it to scan a proper picture. Now, it doesn't even move :/ 

Anyway! I was panicking a bit about that too because I had planned on doing some label art for the other 3 of my latest collection. [If I'm not making sense, it's cuz I'm trying so hard to stay awake...] but since I can't scan anything...I don't know what to do... :P

Then I remembered my OLD I rushed off to try and use that one...NOPE! It's missing a cable! :/  WTF?!?! So I found the fax number and decided to fax them the documents. Everything's going perfectly fine until the LAST MINUTE of it screeching at me...basically, it wouldn't fax out the documents :/ 

So that's what happened most of the day. I was trying to fix my scanner (and my broken scanner and old scanner's cables don't fit... :/)

Another thing I had to do was drive off some blueprints to one of my dad's clients. [is that what they're called? clients?] It's located downtown. Have I ever told you how much I HATE driving downtown!?!?!?! 

I used the broken GPS [it still works...just not in the heat]. And that thing is garbage! It's too slow. I'm passing the exit before it says "please take the exit to your right" or whatever. Ugh! Plus, on the blueprint the name of the place was "Taiwan ...something" (lol i don't remember). So I was looking for that place too...but couldn't find it. I circled the block FIVE TIMES! I finally found it after the guy waved me down LOL! My dad wasn't there. His client was. I apologized and handed him the blueprints. They laughed at me -_-; YAY ME!

I went to TARGET right after since it was located a few blocks away. I was just looking around. I didn't buy anything lol! I was looking for... damn, what was I looking for? Well, they didn't have it anyway. I forgot what it was lol! X____x; it's going to drive me crazy now that I can't remember...

I was starving when I got home... I had some yogurt which gave me some tummy pains but that's cuz it has dairy :D~ YAY ME!

Then, I tried working on things. I ended up making labels for the Sanctity of Solitude jars...I made them even though I was impatiently waiting for the ones I ordered ($3 a sheet)... I wanted them so I could take photos of them. I also made bottom jar labels for the same set. It was such a pain aligning the text.

I started taking photos of the set so I could use them (the pix) to sell my eyeshadows. I was starting to swatch them when my cousin came over *sigh*. WHY!?!?!?! ;( He stayed over for over an hour babbling about nonsense. I could tell the parents were irritated with him as much as I was. 

Finally, I was swatching them and some came out great and some didn't come out as well as I would've liked. I think it's better in daylight. :P But there hasn't been any sunny days'd be quite difficult to swatch.

I added the ingredients listings to my current ingredient listing flyer. I changed some things around so the set would fit the front page along with the others. 

Started listing the new set but for some reason, all the information I typed in the info box disappeared. By then it was 12:23 am...and I had to get some sleep otherwise I would've woken up today like a zombie (still a zombie LOL)


Work was dull today. We finally got our new supervisor on Monday. She's not new, she was promoted from a cashier. I was sad I couldn't train her. Plus, Linda C's on vacation so I had to take over her job since I'm the only one that knows how to train the new hires, do their paperwork, and etc. Her new hires are quite horrible. X_x; They all look like they're going to kill me X_x; Especially one of them! 

I had more fun training the new supervisor than the new hires. That's quite sad... 

I have a few orders to pack up today. After I pack up the orders, I'm going to try and finish up the rest of the labels for the rest of the new collections.

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