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Sunday, February 5, 2012

02.25.12 - youtube contest rant

A little over two months ago, I was asked to judge a youtube art contest. I agreed to do it and thought that she would post it right up since she had posted up the prizes. But she didn't... 

She posted up the video a month later... It was a themed contest. The theme, historical costumes. (or something to do with a historical theme and costumes) I messaged her telling her that because she posted the contest at that time, I would be quite busy because it was during the holiday season and I was stuck at work and was always too tired to do anything. Plus, I was working on my innocent+twisted stuff. 

In December, she sent me all the contestants' entries and 90% of them didn't even follow the theme. :/ So, I narrowed it down to the ones that DID follow the theme because I thought it wouldn't be fair. Most of the artists' were very amateur-ish but there was one that was almost a pro. I had a very sick feeling... The one that had the "pro" art didn't follow the theme either.

I emailed her telling her my decision and WHY I chose them. 

She emailed me a week ago asking who I decided on..if I had any DIFFERENT choices (from the ones I did). I told her no, because they followed the theme. She messages me back saying "I'm very lenient on the theme" O_o;;


Well, her words are "I'm really relaxed about the theme, and more interested in the actual quality of the artwork". 

Anyway, she just posted up the results and the people she chose... only ONE followed the theme :/ *sigh* And of course she chose the art that was "pro". Of course. 

I find that completely unfair :/ But it's true that it IS her contest...*sigh* RAWR

The most IRRITATING thing is she messaged me asking for the people I chose. I GAVE THEM TO YOUUUUU!!! Then she posted an announcement on her page saying that she's sorry for taking so long with the contest because she's having "problems" with a judge. X_x; Suddenly, I'm getting a bunch of RUDE messages from people DEMANDING that I, HURRY UP AND CHOOSE! :/ And are you asking the other judges that too? Did they give out my screenname so that they would SPAM me?! WTF!?


I need to do more videos X_x; 

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