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Monday, February 6, 2012

02.06.12 - Blush fiend

Lancome's newest blush is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PRETTY!!! I mean, look at it! But it's like a bazillion dollars X_x; One thing I love to wear is BLUSH mwahah!

Stila's Love at First Blush is also super duper pretty! :) And really cute! It's $14 (compared to Lancome's $42 or was it $40?)

I haven't been sleeping well so my days go by in a blur. I don't remember them. I think I didn't do anything yesterday. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN installing my new scanner but I don't know why I didn't. I know I went grocery shopping and typed up my recipes for my latest i+t shades. And I know I watched the latest dvd set I have of CSI (season 10; the first 3 eps). But that's all. When I went grocery shopping, it took like an hour. 

I'm kind of excited today (KIND OF) because our new supervisor from work is closing with me! *dances* Which means.... I'LL BE TRAINING HER!!! ANNNND!!! She'll be opening with me on Wednesday!!! Which means,... I'LL BE TRAINING HER!!!! Take that you useless supervisors! <--I think I mentioned that we were all vying to train her. But her first week (last week), I think was used to get her used to being a supervisor and learning SOME of the things. 

This week, she'll be learning the IMPORTANT things like taking the safe and being the supervisor in charge, closing duties, opening duties. I kinda feel important that Robert (mgr) chose me to train her. *dances* Cuz I always feel like I'm doing things wrong. 

But there's also a downside and it's an EXTREME downside. It's another thing of high-school-like drama. One of the cashiers who also applied to be a sup got denied from the store manager because of a DUMB mistake that SHE did. Though, she blames other people. 

When she applied to be a supervisor, I immediately thought OH NO -_-; She's going to be a shitty ass supervisor. 

Anyway, she's TICKED that this new one got it instead of her. And she's throwing hissy fits about it and constantly saying "i'm going to quit i hate this place!" The worst part is, she now opens with me on Thursdays (or Wednesdays) and she's been ranting to me about it UGHHHHH! AND she asks me if she thinks she can have another chance to be a supervisor. Dude, if the store manager denied you I highly doubt it ESPECIALLY since they were going to FIRE HER ASS! And stop bugging me! I'm getting HIGHLY irritated.

I'm excited that I'm closing with the new sup, and when I went to tell some of the Monday closers she made a face and said "I'm going to change my Mondays so I don't have to close." <--she used to be good friends with her too but because she got that position, she's being so damned spiteful it's just UGH!

Anyway, I think the new sup is doing good. She's not like Linda C and she won't be power-hungry like that cashier will OBVIOUSLY be. 

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