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Monday, March 12, 2012

03.12.12 - My day and BB Cream talk

Why the heck am I still up? O_o; 

After work last night, I PROMISED myself that I would make a new shade for my regular line. While I did that, I watched Sixteen Candles...
On MeepMoo, they were talking about a Sixteen Candles collection. I really loved this movie. I mean, I have it on VHS. Unfortunately, none of our TVs (recently) have a VCR... :/ So at work today, I got the dvd. Yay for employee discounts ;D

While I was looking for Sixteen Candles, I wandered off to the very neglected MUSICALS section. I didn't think I'd find this there...since the last time I checked our store was sold out and I didn't really want to order it online to pay for shipping. I mean, if I could get a discount on it at my store...I'm going to! Cuz this isn't cheap :P It's $30 (I believe) at regular price. It's not even 2 discs! X_x; Anyway, I was surprised to see that we actually had it in stock. It was the last one so I grabbed it quickstyle!

Anyway, when I got home that night...Mom told me she wanted to go to the farmer's market. So that meant I had to wake up earlier than I usually do on my day's off. I wake up at 10 am on my days off [Don't judge me ;P~] and since we had the "wonderful" time change... it was even less hours for me to sleep. I usually stay up really late anyway so... >__>

I woke up early today and my Mom took forever X_x; We ended up leaving at the time I usually wake up! Ugh! I woke up 2 1/2 hours earlier than I usually do :/ Mom was making her own vegetable she wanted to finish making those first. I did some of my laundry. As I was doing my laundry, she told me to call my aunt to see if she wanted to go. I wasn't surprised when she said she did. 

The SURPRISING thing was that my COUSIN wanted to go too! I was thinking "Ugh!". <--That makes me sound so mean :( But he drives me CRAZY X_x;;;

A lot of the stands were missing today. Probably because it looked like it was going to rain...and a lot of them come from all over California. So, I'm not surprised. [It never rained btw] After we went to the Farmer's Market, we went way across town to the Asian Market. We dropped off my cousin and aunt before we headed home. 

I did the rest of my laundry (so much fun ;P). I swatched the new shade I made the night before and realized that it wasn't duo-chromy enough. So I tweaked it some more. I ended up making wayyyyy too much since i had to tweak it a lot. 

After I finished tweaking the color, I wanted to make a new shade. So, I popped in the Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary dvd and decided to watch and mix... But... I ended up not even making a new shade. I was so enamored by POTO. I had a big smile all throughout the ...dvd(?). My face hurt from smiling. I was super excited and super happy about it. It's a billion times better than the movie with Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum. I mean, they did an amazing job with it but it's completely different! And I saw the live streaming of it in October (or was it November?) and this was completely different! I think the one I saw was the 2nd performance and this was the first performance. They had two shows for the 25th anniversary... and I heard that the DVD was the first one. 

Anyways, POTO took up half of my day! Okay 1/4 of it. It was almost 4 hours long :P I love it so much!!! I plan on making a POTO collection too. ^_^ 

I think I love POTO more than RENT. And if you know me, I'm a huge RENT fan :P~

Anyways! So my face has been extremely dry lately so my usual powder foundation was not cutting it. PLUS, I'm almost out. It's a grinding powder foundation...and it's really hard to grind it now which means that it's nearing it's life ;__;

So I decided I needed to use my BB Creams again. 

 The one I usually use is the Skin 79 Pink (I dont' know the actual name but that's what it's mostly known as). It may be a little gray but it changes to fit my skin tone perfectly. This one is very moisturizing...but... It seems a bit oily. :( Plus, I absolutely hate the scent!
I purchased this one a few months ago. (I don't really remember when) Like in the image, it came with a brush. The brush SUX ARSE! :P It streaks so badly! 

Unlike the Skin 79 one, this one is not in a tube but in a jar/tub. This one is an actual balm. This one is also a lot more pigmented and NOT gray at all. In fact, this one has medium - heavy coverage (I believe). It covered a lot of my skin imperfections (redness and hyperpigmentation). There is a slight scent but it's not as strong as the Skin 79 or the Missha ones. In fact, I really love this one. It's also not oily at all! It's still very moisturizing. I think I've found my new foundation :D Woot Woot! Lol

Okay, my eyes are STARTING to shut :D So I shall go now :) BYEEEE!

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