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Saturday, March 10, 2012

03.10.12 - I need to blog again XD

I've been lazy or not? LOL! 

When I had my Leap Year sale, I had enough jars. After my sale, the first thing I did was write out all my invoices and counted up how many full sized jars I needed, how many clamshells, and etc. After that I started labelling them. STUPID ME forgot that a LOT of them were special labels and stuck on my regular glitter labels X__x; So I was like "oh, okay... Let me see if I have enough jars to account for all the special labelled ones"... :/ NOPE! 

So I found a site that sold them for cheaper but they had black lids instead but they're $0.25 (each) cheaper than the ones I use. Another STUPID ME moment! I should've placed a RUSH on them. :/ I didn't and they're supposed to arrive today (I placed the order over a week ago). I was freaking out over my TAT (turnaround time) since I HATE to be late! 

A few days ago, I ordered a FEW jars from the place I usually order from :/ And I did a rush on them. I ordered from them because I know they'll get here fast since they're only a few hours away from me. I got them the next day. 

I filled and packed jars for 7 hours before I had to pass out (since I had an opening shift the next day). Most of it was done...I only had 4 more to do. That's what I did this morning. Now, they're all done. I just need to ship out the four packages.

Unfortunately, Paypal decides to be a butt and not update shipping statuses or let me add tracking numbers. So I had to email everyone individually and let them know their packages have been shipped and here's your tracking #. 


I was stupid and didn't handle this sale well :( It makes me really sad. 

But now that I've got this sale out of the way, I can work on new shades again and hopefully see if I can re-stock my other colors. I plan on reformulating my old shades from the regular line (#001-009). 

Onto other thingies...
After I got my iPhone ... I was wondering what games to download or whatever. I'm not much of a gamer (on the phone). The only games I LOVE playing are time management games (think: Diner Dash, Sally's Salon, Cake Mania...). I downloaded this one called "DELICIOUS". I've been playing that non-stop and I just downloaded Cake Mania (one of my faves)

Anyway, Sandy was playing with my phone at work and suggested I play DrawSomething. I was like wtf is that? So I did download it and OMG I'm addicted. Right now, I'm playing 12 people O_O; 
 People at work continue to add me so that number will go up. I'm also playing 2 random people. It used to be 5 random people because I accidentally pressed "Create Game" 5 times. *cough* :D~ I didn't know how to delete I just kept them. Now that I do, I only play 2 randoms. 

But yeah, it's like Pictionary. You get a list of words and you have to draw it and have them guess. It's fun to play. I had to draw a fart yesterday :D~~~ LOL!

I was watching my fave videos on youtube. You know... "What's in my bag?" videos. (duh! :P!) I mainly like watching them to see how they organize their bags. Someone put their earphones in a little pouch! I was like OMFG! I need to do that. So... I just started doing that :D~

Lol! Anyway, that's all I think. I don't really know what else to write ;D BYE

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